• Kanary Tomato

  • Marbon Tomato


    Marbon Tomato

    Marbon tomato is a canning and slicing variety. Bright red fruits weigh between 3-6 ounces and are relatively blemish-free. These are very uniformed and taste pretty good. Out grow-outs produced fruits that had mild acidity with more sweetness. Overall, this variety is on the mild side. Plants have a determinate habit and are between 2.5 and 3.5 feet. They begin to ripen their fruits about 65 days after transplant, so they're pretty early. Marbon is also a nice market variety because fruits are clean fruits and have good taste too. Try making some stewed tomatoes with these. I did, they were good! Seed Source: (Gaterslben USA, LYC 1219)
  • Santori Tomato


    Santori Tomato

    A wonderful little tomato that grows on a determinate bush. Plants are short and produce a lot of  large cherries/ping pong sized fruits that have many great uses. Very good taste but on the tart side. These are great canners, for cooking, snacking, market sales, very good for salsa and more. Ours started ripening around 70 days from transplant.
  • Oakley Park Tomato


    Oakley Park Tomato

    Oakley Park tomato is a hard working, reliable, multi-purpose variety. Five feet tall plants are high producing and early. Fruits are very tasty, slightly acidic, yet with  good balanced. Fruit size averages around 3-4 ounces. These have a softish feel but not mushy. Very useful for cooking, canning, juicing etc. These are very early. Ours started ripening around 62 days from transplant. Early to bloom and reliable variety. Try these if you are seeking a good multi-purpose type! Seed Source: Centre For Genetic Resource 2008 Netherlands, CGN 24224
  • 85 Days. Mortgage Lifter Yellow tomato is a totally different tomato than its pink cousin Mortgage Lifter. The yellow version is milder and , to me, have more fruitiness. One pound fruits ripen to a canary yellow and are very pretty. Our vines were about 5 feet tall and prone a good amount of fruits. We had our first ripened fruits about 85 days after transplant. Vines continued producing all the way till frost. This is a very nice sandwich tomato that can double as an effective sauce maker. Try it you'll be pleased!
  • Marmande Tomato

    75 Days. Marmande is a French slicer that has an excellent slightly tangy taste. Red, slightly flattened fruits weigh between 4-8 ounces. prolific vines have excellent disease resistance for us and begin to ripen fruits about 75 days after transplant.This is a great market tomato that is also perfect for canning, tomato juice and slicing.
  • Dolenjski Tomato

  • Paw Tomato


    Paw Tomato

    Paw Tomato is a rear slicing variety. Three to five ounce fruits are uniformed and generally blemish-free. Plants are tall and have good disease resistance. Our plants were prolific and vibrant. This is a mid-season variety that produces sweeter but slightly mild and delicious fruits, delivering a really good tomato experience. Expect your first ripened fruits between 75-80 days from transplant. I am so happy that I grew these! Seed Source: Gatersleben, #LYC 1781   
  • Cherokee Red Tiger is a dwarf variety. Its plants are about 3 feet tall and foliage is bright lime colored. These are very tasty fruits with lots of juice. Ours were on the sweet side and had a slight bit of fruitiness. Pants were not too productive. It was totally worth growing this variety because of its taste and uniqueness of plants. This is a great container variety! As a plant vendor, you would do good with these!
  • Thai Dragon Pepper.

    I use peppers in everything I cook at home. Flakes, sauces and powders are all in my daily culinary affairs. So I am constantly looking for new flavors and different levels of heat in my peppers. The one variety that I  always use is Thai Dragon. I make flakes and powder, which I use in all of my cooked dishes. I love dumping some dehydrated ones in my soups. Thai Dragon pepper has to be in my kitchen at all times. Perfect for traditional Chinese, hispanic and Caribbean cuisine, this is a very useful pepper. Not too hot, but hot enough to be recognized and appreciated.  Heavy producing plants. Caution. If you are not used to chili peppers this one can be out of your league, so please be careful.
  • I grew out Kaleidoscope Jewel Tomato in 2018 and was pleased with it's results. I really loved that they were prolific and had relatively good disease resistance. Plants are about 5-6 feet tall and produce beautiful antho fruits of red and black. In our garden, they began  ripening their fruits about 75 days after transplant. As far as taste, these were milder and earthy, with some sweetness. They are very juicy.  Very good, but not excellent! They certainly made great fresh salsa. Which was my primary purpose, along with juicing, for growing them. They make fantastic tomato juice They are also a great market variety for anyone wanting them primarily for garnishing. All in all, a good tomato!
  • Dvorcovij Tomato



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