• Yellow Stone Tomato

    I am not sure that I have ever grown a tomato with the physical characteristics of Yellow Stone tomato. Very tasty fruits seem flatter than I have experienced before. With that said, it's a solid tomato with nice fruity flavor. To me, this is more like a tropical fruit. It's mild juiciness will suck you right in. Regular leafed plants are about 6 inches tall and productive. About 75 days after transplant, you will begin to harvest red and yellow bi-colored ripened fruits that are around 6-10 ounces. They will keep coming through your growing season. A very satisfying fruit, a very nice find for me. Try these!
  • Yellow Taste Tomato

    Here is another fantastic variety from Fred Hempel. Yellow Taste tomato is a salad lover's dream. Like many of Fred's creations, Yellow Taste vines are not too tall, vibrant and prolific. Ours were about 4 feet. They produced 1-2 inch, elongated fruits, that were sweet, fruity and satisfying, all season long. Additionally, they performed very well in hotter, extended drought periods. The highlight for us was at the market, where they attracted many return customers week after week. These are perfect for salads, snacking, garnishing, cooking and more. Try dehydrating some, then you could experience the true intensity of this worthwhile little plum shaped fruit!
  • Yoder's German Yellow Tomato

    Yoder's German Yellow tomato is perhaps the best yellow tomato that we have grown in many years. It certainly was a standout for us in 2017. A very good producer. This workhorse will produce up to 24 ounce tomatoes all season long. It is not bothered by extreme heat. Tomatoes begin to ripen about 85 days after transplant. It is sweet, rich, meaty, and balanced. Perfect for sandwiches! See it on YouTube!
  • If production, disease resistance and taste are what you are after, Yubileyny Tarasenko tomato is for you! I have grown a lot of tomatoes from the Tarasenko series and I love them all. But this one is perhaps the most prolific! Five feet tall vines produce huge clusters of pretty, red fruits, that are a bit larger than average cherry size. Fruits have nipples on their blossom end. That's pretty common with Mr Tarasenko's tomatoes. These are well balanced, juicy (but not too much), aromatic and really tasty. Great for snacking, salads, drying, sauces, cooking, canning and so much more! Nice shelf life!
  • Yukon Quest is a very nice slicing dwarf tomato that grows on 3 feet tree-like plants. Fruits grows in bunches of 3-5 and are about the size of a tennis ball. They are sweeter with a tinge of acidity and very juicy. These are perfect for containers. When growing in containers, I usually use 5 gallon containers and have great success. Our plants were sprayed with Coper Sulfate and stood up well to diseases. Fruits begin to ripen about 75 days after transplant. Some staking may be necessary.
  • Zapotec Tomato


    Zapotec Tomato

    75 Days. After years of growing pleated tomatoes, I now know that they mostly have one thing in common, SAUCE! With that said, Zapotec tomato is another sauce specialist! Very tall plants produce many 4-12 ounce, heavily pleated fruits that ripen after about 75 days. Plants also have good disease resistance and do excellently during the hotter and dryer months.This variety have many similarities to Yellow Accordion tomato, which is another great sauce tomato. Zapotec is also a good market variety, if you could protect them from getting squashed before you get there. My customers just love them! Fruits are on the sweet side with not too much juice. It's a great garnish and cooking tomato too!
  • Zebra Ezel Tomato


    Zebra Ezel Tomato

    Looking for a really pretty and tasty tomato for garnish, sauces, market sales and more? Zebra Ezel tomato will definitely work. This delicious variety will turn heads every time in your garden. It will also be a great conversation starter. Very prolific plants are hardy and  produce bunches of about 4-5 fruits, that begin to ripen about 75 days after transplant.  When ripened, bi-colored fruits are blends of green with light streaks of orange. Plants are tall so early and effective staking would help. Zebra Ezel has an earthy taste that is complex. It veers on the mild side, but not too much. Just the rich amount of tartness. Very nice taste on this one! 75 days to ripen from transplant. Click Here to see it on YouTube.
  • Zinnia Flower Possibilities Mix

    Zinnia Flower Possibilities Mix comprises of 20 colors or more, different sizes, varieties and flavors all mixed together. Colors were very complimentary and lit up every aspect of our summer! Visitors included honeybees, many types of butterflies, pollinators, hummingbirds and more! This flower garden was busy all season long! I decided to call it the Possibilities Mix because everyone's garden is going to be different and anything is possible. Light up your flower garden with this special mix! Blooms came 6 weeks after planting. A very beautiful mix!
  • Zlatava Tomato


    Zlatava Tomato

    75 Days. Zlatava tomato is a ping pong ball sized tomato that would surprise you. From the outside it seems like your average yellow tomato. When sliced, it changes to a beautiful ruby color which it reminds me of a ruby red grapefruit. Added to that, it is a really good tasting fruit. I have grown these for a few years and will continue to do so.  Short plants are not tall, have good disease resistance and produce a good amount of fruits that that have a straight forward flavor. The just love the hotter days of summer. Primarily it's on the sweet and mild side. Have a good look at the images, just beautiful. This is a great garnishing tomato if fruity and milder is what you are in search of! Dehydrate some too!  Click Here to see it on YouTube.
  • Zluta Kytice Tomato


    Zluta Kytice Tomato

    A multi-flora variety, Zluta Kytice tomato packs nice flavor. Four to five feet tall plants are so prolific that you will have a tough time harvesting them. Sweet and fruity, yellow cherries, are not more than one inch long. They are produced on bunches of sometimes more than 50. Plant are study and early ripening, coming in at around 70 days. Nice disease resistance, good hardiness. These will quickly become one of your favorites! Perfect market variety! Great too for deserts, salads, canning and so much more! Zluta Kyrice is a wonderful, never-ending snack!
  • Zolotoi Vek Tomato

    Zolotoi Vek tomato is a very sweet yellow with beautiful outer glow. Regular leafed plants are about 6 feet tall and high producing for such large fruits. Ours produced up to one pound fruits. This is a very worthy slicer that will work perfect for sandwiches.  It stayed strong even during heavy rains, deep humidity and intense lengthy periods of heat. Our plants still have their tops and a few blooms, even in mid October. If you want a nice yellow for your sandwiches, try these!
  • Zore's Big Red Tomato is truly a sauce and paste specialist. Large red oxhearts have a delicious aroma when fully ripened. Fruits can reach two pounds although most of ours were between the 1-1.5 pound range. Tall wispy leafed plants are good producers of almost perfectly shaped oxhearts that will make you some excellent sauce. Not many seeds, nice and meaty. I tried one of these on a sandwich, very very good. I also made exceptional fresh salsa with these. A really nice selection for the farmers market too. You can't lose with Zore's
  • Zuckerklein Fruchti is a nickel sized red cherry that is sweet and fruity. There is a tinge of acidity that gives it a nice balance. Vines are between 5 to 6 feet tall and produce clusters of 5 to 7 fruits that ripen about 72 days after transplant. Good disease resistance. Great in salads, for cooking and canning, and fresh eating. A good choice for any cherry lover!


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