• BrandyFred Dwarf Tomato

    Limited Seeds. One order per customer Please! BrandyFred Dwarf tomato is a rugose leafed variety. Tree type plants grow to about 4 feet tall and produce big crops of 10-16 ounce fruits that ripen about 80 days after transplant. This variety is proof that large sized fruits do grow on dwarf plants. Stake well! One taste and you will experience the richness of a true old fashioned tomato. It's on the sweet side and well balanced. This is a perfect sandwich tomato. BrandyFred tomato would also do well in containers. Try them 3 gallons or larger!  Consider growing white a few plant if you are a market vendor. They are big hits with our customers! Feel free to visit our other dwarf tomato varieties HERE!    See it on YouTube!
  • Little Red Riding Micro Dwarf

    Little Red Riding Hood Micro Dwarf tomato is short micro plant that produces tons of bright red, average sized cherry tomatoes. One of the first to ripen, ours come in at 65 days after transplant. That's almost as early as some of the earliest micro varieties Micro Tom and Baby. These are sweeter with a tinge of tang, but overall milder. This, along with Vilma, Pinocchio, Yellow Canary and a few more, is one of my favorites. Production is good! Perfect for snacking and salads.  Grows best in 3/4 to 1 gallon container!  New for 2019/2020. Available From April 9th 2019.
  • Hahms Gelbe micro dwarf tomato is my favorite to look at when it's ripening its fruits. 8-10 inch plants produce regular sized, pale yellow tomatoes that are so beautiful that you just don't want to eat them. Fruits are sweeter and mild with a lot of good juice! Our plants begin to ripen their fruits about 70 days after we transplanted them. Like all of our micro dwarf varieties, we successfully grew these in 3/4 gallon containers. These had to be staked because they were so loaded and top-heavy. chopsticks worked excellently. Perfect for salads and snacking! Kids love them!
  • Monetka Micro Dwarf Tomato

    One of the best tasting Micro varieties, Monetka Micro Dwarf tomato is perfect for growing in one gallon or 3/4 gallon sized containers. Heavy producing, these will provide you with sweeter and flavorful cherries, that have a medium firm texture. Perfect for salads, canning whole and just snacking. Plants are about 8 inches tall and begin to ripen their fruits about 65 days after transplant. Pale yellow fruits turn into beautiful canary yellow and ripens quickly once they start. These also have a very nice aroma when sliced. Try staggering some plants about 2 weeks apart and you will have a continual supply of some of the best tasting micro dwarfs. Promise!
  • Inkspot Micro Dwarf Tomato is a pretty interesting micro cherry variety. Fruits are small like one of its parents Pinocchio Orange. This is possibly the best tasting micro to date. When reading up on some of Inkspot's plant description I found some that said their plants grew to about 12 inches, well none of my 10 plants were that short. In fact for me they were more like 15 inches, while still  producing nicely in 6 inch containers. Additionally, it was listed as a determinate variety. Well my plants seemed more like semi determinate. It's October 29th here and I still have one plant in my greenhouse that's producing, growing and getting taller. So for me these are not determinate at all. With that said, it does have many micro dwarf habits. Small plant, early producing and does well in just six inch pots and under light. As far as taste, this to me is very, very good! These are very dark and very beautiful. Check out my pictures. Definitely worth growing again and again. I would also recommend 1 gallon containers.
  • Vilma mico dwarf tomato is one of my favorite micros. Eight inch plants produce nickel-sized, deep red cherry cherries that are fruity, sweeter and rich. Overall, Vilma is a very balanced tomato that kids would love. Plants produce clusters of 5-7 fruits that begin to ripen in about 65 days after transplant. 1/2 to 1 gallon containers work excellently for this wonderful little gem!  
  • Orange Hat Micro Dwarf Tomato

    Orange Hat micro dwarf tomato is very similar to Pinocchio Yellow, in taste, size and color. They are different as far as growing habit and production time. Unlike Pinocchio, Orange Hat has a more upright growing habit and does not send out as many suckers. For comparison purposes, I grew them both side by side and found that Pinocchio was six days earlier to ripen. Orange Hat is very tasty, mildly fruity and soft. It has a high aroma and tender skin. Plants are about 6-8 inches depending on your light source. This tomato is a fruit in the true sense. Perfect for snacking and salads. Jams and jellies would certainly shine with these, also. 3/4 to 1 gallon containers would work great!
  • Goatbag Tomato


    Goatbag Tomato

    Welcome to Renaissance Farms special strain of Goatbag tomato. Originally selected form smaller fruits, we have worked about 14 years, by intentionally selecting the absolute biggest fruits for saving seeds. The result is a fruit that is now consistently more than doubled it's original size but with the same huge flavor. We first got our original seeds from an old farmer at our local Farmers' Market. He promised a great tasting tomato and he was correct. Since then, all that we have done is select for size. Great taste! Perfect for sauces, sandwiches, cooking, paste and more! A must have!  
  • Rosy Finch Micro Dwarf Tomato

    Looking for a new micro dwarf tomato for your collection? Try Rosy Finch Micro dwarf tomato. These can be grown in 3/4 to 1 gallon. The prettiest of pinks that you will ever see on a tomato, Rosy Finch is sweetish and milder with really good overall flavor. When well ripened, cherry sized fruits have the perfect texture and taste to make an excellent snack. Plants are about 8-10 inches tall and produce plenty. These are not very seedy.  Can be grown indoors under lights or outdoors in small containers, or perhaps in raised beds around plants of similar sizes. A great addition to any micro dwarf tomato collection!
  • Curtis Cheek Tomato


    Curtis Cheek Tomato

    Perhaps the best tomato that I have ever tasted. Beautiful, large beefsteaks that are so delicious your eyes would pop put.. Read the story below about how I got this awesome variety!!
  • Bonsai Micro Dwarf Tomato

    Another huge producer of nice fat cherries, Bonsai Micro Dwarf tomato has quickly become one of my favorites varieties.  Approximately 8 inch plants, are bushy and create a nice cover for their fruits. Most of our Bonsai plants produced really plump fruits. Two plants out of ten, produced smaller(but not tiny) sized fruits. Taste was the same on all plants. These were juicy, medium firm, milder and on the sweet side. I am really happy that I grew these out. performed excellently in 3/4 gallon containers, but I would try one gallon next time, just for the experience. I'll report back.
  • Alices Dream Tomato


    Alice's Dream Tomato

    80 days. Alice's Dream tomato is one of the prettiest tomatoes that you will ever grow. Fruits of this antho variety even turn heads before they ripen. Beautiful yellow and orange, bi-color fruits turn darker on the top side with blushes of yellow, orange and reds on other parts of the fruit. Tomatoes are sweet and earthy with very upfront fruitiness. Vines are relatively hardy, prolific and tall. Stake well. See it on YouTube!
  • Delicious Hunt Strain Tomato

    Delicious (Hunt Strain) tomato is a beefsteak lover's dream. This tomato is so large, meaty and good that you would need nothing more if these were the only beefsteaks you grew. Strong, disease resistant vines, produce plenty of huge beefsteaks that often cross 2 pounds. I have been saving seeds only from the biggest and everything is over 2 pounds. These are the same seeds that I offer on our website. Fruits are balanced and full flavored. Just the best! Check out our images. Do with these whatever you want!! PS: I have a difficult time selling these at the market because they are so large. They sell better towards the end of the season when they are smaller and around 1 pound.
  • Black Beauty Tomato

    If you ever want a tomato that can be used in a million ways, this would be one of them. Black beauty tomato is a pretty tomato that belongs to the anthology family. Averaging about 6 ounces, Black Beauty has mostly black on the top and fades into a pretty reddish purple on the bottom end. What a sight to see! Antho tomatoes on the same plant can vary in color intensity, so watch out for some very interesting variations!! Black beauty tomato is earthy, sweetish and has a little bit of tang. Its taste is generally richer than some many other antho varieties . Perfect for sandwiches, slicing, garnish and cooking and market sales. So if you are a vendor, your booth will be busy if you sell these! Grown using organic methods. See it on YouTube!
  • Mohamed Micro Dwarf Tomato (Back In Stock)

    Without a doubt, Mohamed micro dwarf tomato is my favorite variety as far as production. This awesome variety is a workhorse. Before I continue, allow me to say that it is also a winner as it pertains to taste. Sweetish, juicy, forward and satisfying, would be the perfect description.  Ours grew to about 7 inches tall and were so loaded that they needed early staking. We use chopsticks for staking. They work excellently. You can expect ripened fruits about 72 days after transplant. 3/4 to 1 gallon containers work excellently!
  • Pinocchio is the reason that I got into micro dwarf tomatoes. I could hardly believe that this short plant could produce tomatoes with such excellent flavor. Pinocchio micro dwarf is a great tomato for jams and jellies, providing that you could keep yourself from eating them off of the plant. They are sweet, juicy, soft and fruity with thin skin. Plants mature at about 7 inches and send out a few very useful suckers that are anxious to also produce fruits. Ours do excellently in 3/4 gallon containers. about 70 days to ripen after transplant!


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