Our primary purpose here at Renaissance Farms is to bring Love, peace and healing to world through our garden projects. Preserving the diversity of tomato seeds for future generations is the heart of our mission. Our focus is to bring you the highest quality heirloom and open-pollinated tomato seeds grown with the best organic practices possible. Our seeds are meticulously processed and cared for. We value our Earth and joyfully sing to our plants while we work to infuse love in every packet of seeds you receive!

Hi, my name is Curtis. I started Renaissance Farms because of my passion for growing. I grow just about anything food-wise, but tomatoes are my passion. When I was about seven years old I would collect tomato seeds from my neighbor’s ditch drain. I would then germinate them and grow out a few plants. I remember doing this at least a few times.

Later, when we moved to another area in Trinidad, my stepfather and mom purchased some land and we began to grow much more food. Each Saturday and sometimes on Sunday, we would go to the garden from early morning for about 5-6 hours. I totally loved gardening but didn’t do very well being told how to do it. After about three seasons, I rebelled. I stayed away from the garden for one season and really missed it. Growing was under my skin. I really loved the nature aspect of it all! I spent lots of time gazing at the birds, butterflies, weeds and insects I couldn’t even describe. I especially loved the smell of our garden and soil. Most of all, I loved the calmness that I felt while I was there.

As a young budding song-writer, I always left the garden with a new tune! Since that time, and even after migrating to the USA, I can only remember not growing tomatoes for about 3-4 seasons all together. Even when I lived in the Bronx NYC, I grew a garden. I moved to Indiana in 2002, especially for the purpose of having the opportunity to share my music and grow a BIG garden. It has morphed into Renaissance Farms

I hope that my mission will bring more joy to your life than you’ve ever experienced! I pray that you will pay it forward, especially to the younger generations. This website is yours as it is mine. We are extensions of each other and I love you!