• Aji Fantasy Pepper

    To me, Aji Fantasy pepper is one of the most useful peppers that I have grown in years. It's has perfect heat and flavor for a multiplicity of things.  I use these a lot for seasoning and cooking. This canary yellow fruit has an interesting shape which I have hardships describing, so I will leave that up to you. Plants are super productive so you will get many many fruits. Also a perfect variety for vendors. Nice mild to medium heat with sweetish flesh and super aroma. nice pickling variety. Great for mild sauces, flakes and powders. A real find if you are pepper lover!
  • Python Pepper

    By its name you would think that Python is a super hot pepper. If fact, it's not. Python (Piton) is a tasty sweet pepper that is most commonly used for drying, then making flakes or powder for incorporating with soups, pizza etc. It has a very strikingly intense flavor, especially when dehydrated. About 2.5 feet tall plants produce 6 inch or longer fruits that ripens from green to red and curl and twirl like a python. These are early and heavy producing. Real eye-catcher this one is. Use them whole when fresh for sprucing up your dishes, or chop them up for toppings in soups, meats etc, what a treat!
  • Trinidad 7 Pot Yellow pepper is another favorite of Caribbean cooks. As a Trinidad native, I have many stories I could tell about this one. For one thing, I cut my pepper teeth on 7 Pot. Once my uncle showed me how to bite tiny pieces of with each mouthful of food, there was no turning back. This pepper has good heat and even though back in the day I thought it was very hot, it's not the hottest thing out there, especially since my heat tolerance has increased . 7 Pot pepper has some fruitiness, is ideal for flavorful hot sauce, cooking, seasoning and more. Productive 3 feet tall plants light up with yellow fruits around late August. So about 85-90 days to begin ripening. Great for pickled hot peppers, flakes, powders...  
  • Mulato Isleno Pepper


    Mulato Isleno Pepper

    Mulato Isleno Pepper is an open pollinated variety  that measures about 1,00-1,500 SHU. This makes it not a very hot pepper and much lighter on the heat than jalapenos. These are chocolate brown, shiny and beautiful when fully ripened. Similar to the Ancho pepper, but longer, fatter and sweeter. Typically used for frying, stuffing, mild fresh salsas, grilling etc. But you can use it for anything cooking. Plants are productive.
  • Aji Limon Pepper


    Aji Limon Pepper

    Here is a pepper that you can use for so many things. It has a very fruity flavor and good heat but not overwhelming. Aji Limon is possibly the most prolific variety that I have ever grown. It's so productive that I actually made gallons of hot, seasoning sauce with just a few plants. These should do great in containers, where they may not do do well as in-the-ground, but because they are so prolific, there'll still be plenty to go around. Thin skinned, great for flakes, powder, cooking, fresh salsa and tons more. Medium heat. A favorite of mine.
  • Lopatinskie Tomato

    Lopatinskie tomato is a really nice beefsteak that is productive and consistent. Taste is sweetish and full flavored and kind of old fashion. Perfect for slicing and sandwiches. Plants are tall heavy producers and regular leafed. Ours did quite well with diseases. The came through the intense summer weather with flying colors. Stake these well as production is heavy. Get you bushel baskets ready plenty tomatoes are coming!
  • Variegated rugose leaves of green and white is what you will experience when you grow out Dwarf Elsie's Fancy tomato plants. I never really got a chance to take pictures of plants but they are very beautiful and unique. Fruits are smooth and tasty, with hints of the tropics. I loved its production in 2021 and found it to be a very good little slicer. Taste is sweet, fruity with some acids in there too. For us, this wasn't a very mild tomato and it was very, very good. Our 3feet tall plants had an indeterminate growth habit and produced nicely all season long and until first frost. These will work wonderfully in containers too. NOTE: You must grow these and check out the beautiful green and white leaves!
  • Purple Coneflower

    Also known as Echinacea, I first discovered Purple Cone Flower about 20 years ago when I moved to Indiana. Since then, it's been a part of my gardens. A hardy perennial, this beauty comes alive around mid June, just about two months after last frost. Apart from its burst of color in mid spring/early summer, parts of this plant also has very significant medicinal uses. Among the biggest uses is as a pain reliever. When started from seed, you can expect these to bloom in their second year, with a larger core of plants each year. This is not a heavy reseeding variety, but each you will notice a difference that your main plants are increasing in diameter and amount of blooms they put out. Very nice and effective cut flower. Beautiful in any garden!
  • Cherokee Lime Stripes Tomato

    Deriving form a selection by Mr Bill Jeffers, Cherokee Lime Stripes tomato is a very visually appealing variety with fabulous taste too. Striking green and pinkish/purple bi colored fruits are usually about 6-8 ounces and are borne on heavy producing plants. These never stop coming all season long. These are sweeter with some acidic tones but very satisfying. Not a complex tomato. Great choice for Market sales, garnish, tomato preserves, slicing and more.
  • Dice's Mystery Black Tomato

    Dice's Mystery Black tomato is a sweeter black variety with low acidity. It is said that a stray plant grew out of a pack of seeds of another variety. Regular leafed plants are high producers of 5-8 ounce fruits. You can expect your fruits around Mid-season.
  • Purple Light Tomato


    Purple Light Tomato

    Purple Light tomato is a rare heirloom with very good flavor. True to the black/purple family of tomatoes, this one has balanced flavors of sweets and acids. Plants are indeterminate and regular leafed. This one has a memorable taste that can keep you hooked. Expect heavy production and fruits that are between 10-16 ounces. If you love great tasting black tomatoes, try this one!
  • D.B. Cooper Tomato


    D.B. Cooper Tomato

    A Millard Murdock tomato, D.B. Cooper tomato is a cross between Marianna's Peace tomato, (one of my favorites) and an unknown black variety. Flattened beefsteak fruits can reach one pound and are generally in the 12-16 ounce range. Expect slight ribbing with slightly green shoulders. Rich and satisfying flavor with some smoky undertones. Try these!!  
  • Bali Tomato


    Bali Tomato

    Bali tomato is a heavy producing Indonesian cultivar. Indeterminate 3.5 - 5 feet tall plants have regular leaves. They produce large clusters of fruits all summer long. Fruits have heavy ribbing and are raspberry pink when fully ripened and have very nice aroma. On the acidic side. A pleasure!
  • Dwarf Desert Star Tomato

    Dwarf Desert Star is a pretty little cherry variety that has sweeter and balanced flavor. These grow on 3.5 feet tall plants that have rugose potato leaves. Production is excellent and early. These will work well in containers too. Perfect for salads and snacking, especially in the garden. Fruits are clean, crack-free and round. nice for canning also!
  • Mission Giant Yellow Marigold Mission Giant Yellow Marigold is a 3 feet tall variety that produces beautiful yellow blooms from about mid summer. This heirloom will light up your world with its multiplicity of stunning flowers. Great for borders or as a stand alone colony. Will bloom from mid summer till frost. Try these where you need a burst of long lasting color!
  • Indiana Paw Paw

    WILL NOT SHIP OUTSIDE OF THE USA. As a Caribbean man, I appreciate a good fruit. Indiana Paw Paw certainly reminds me of the Caribbean. This very delicious 3-8 ounce and more fruit is creamy and smooth. Plants can reach 20 feet tall but always with skinny trunks. Recommended zones 5-9. My grove is 6 years old and started producing last year at 5 years old.  This year 2021, they really produced a lot and would have done so even more if a late frost hadn't destroyed many blooms. Indiana Paw Paw reminds me of a banana and mango mixed. Some say that it reminds them of banana and pineapple mix. I don't get the pineapple part. Nevertheless, this is an outstanding fruit that is best when eaten fresh or used in baked goods, breads, cakes, cookies and even puddings etc . My favorite is Paw Paw ice cream!! Shelf life of this fruit is poor, perhaps 3-days after harvest.  Seeds are stratified and ready to grow for you this spring. Start a grove like I did, you wouldn't regret it.


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