• 100 Pudov Tomato

    100 Pudov tomato is a very unique that is perfect, smaller slicer for many applications. Its name means 100 pounds. It's sweeter and mild. Vines are vigorous, produce a good amount, hardy and ripen their fruits in about 80 days after transplant. ours showed no signs of diseases at any time. This is a great market variety! I happen to think that this is a very under-rated tomato. Other than taste, another thing I like about is that is has a really good shelf life. I had some that easily lasted 3 weeks on my kitchen table. It's a great tomato for market sales, salsa, fresh eating, cooking and canning.  
  • 1884 Tomato


    1884 Tomato

    If you are looking for a really consistent, large variety, then 1884 is one that you should consider. When I grew these, I wasn't sure what to expect. But what I got was a tomato that deserves to be in any garden. If you love large tomatoes, try this one. 1884 is sweetish, with really good old and classic tomato taste. Texture is medium firm and perfect for sandwiches. Our biggest have been around 1.5 pounds. Vines produce well for such a large variety. Ours begin to ripen about 82 days after transplant. Good disease resistance. Strong vigorous vines. Great for slicing and fresh eating too.  
  • 7 Pot Douglah Chocolate Pepper

    When I made my hot sauce this year, one of my best batches was made with 7 Pot Douglah chocolate pepper. Also known as Chocolate Lightning pepper, these lent themselves so well with my other ingredients, that my sauce came out perfect! A very hot variety, and originating in my home country (Trinidad), this baby measures about 923,889 – 1,853,986 on the Scoville heat scale. That's HOT! As a point of reference, Jalapeños measure about 5,000 on the same scale. Prolific plants will be loaded with ripened chocolate colored peppers late in the season, but they can be used at any point (green) for making sauce or flakes. These are not for the novice pepper eater so please be careful! 
  • A very fine little tomato for us this year. I have noticed that this tomato has some long keeper qualities. A Grapoli d'Inverno tomato is an old Italian variety that dates back to the early 1900s. Our plants were loaded with deep red plum shaped fruits that never stopped coming once they began to ripen. These were relatively early! Great caning and dehydrating tomato. May also make good sauce and you will have plenty if you wanna go that route. Taste is forward and old fashioned with some sweetness. This is a nice little tomato.
  • Abbittista Tomato

    Perhaps the biggest and fattest sauce tomato that I have grown, Abbittista tomato has  certainly won a place in my heart. Similar to Polish Linguisa, this beautiful, red fruit, is elongated and can reach 4 inches long. Plants for us were prolific and started ripening their fruits around 80 days after transplant. I especially loved that they displayed good disease resistance, even in a bad tomato year. I also liked that it taste very good when eaten fresh. When I made sauce with Abbittista, I was blown away. Rich, thick sauce, was naturally on the sweeter side. I did not have to do much with it to make it perfect for serving. This tomato will also work well for ketchup. See it on YouTube!
  • Abe Lincoln Tomato


    Abe Lincoln Tomato

    Abe Lincoln tomato is a variety I have been grown for many years. It's one of my favorites because of its good taste, reliability, clean fruits and disease resistance. When I wand a nice looking and tasty fruit for market sales, this is one that I always turn to. Short plants produce 6-12 ounce fruits that are blemish free and aromatic. These are great slicers, especially for sandwiches and fresh eating. Ripening to a deep red, it has well balanced old fashion tomato taste. You can expect your first ripened fruits between 75 and 80 days. Indeterminate.
  • Abraham Green Tomato

    Abraham Green Tomato is a very fine specimen. I believe it's the sister tomato to Abraham brown because they share almost every characteristic except for color. These are sweet and very smooth and very enjoyable!. A perfect tomato lovers tomato, if you are willing to try a green when ripened variety. These come in a little bit late, around 80-90 days from transplant, but they are absolutely worth. Plants are very vibrant and hard working. Production is good! Try these!
  • I wanted to try Accordion Orange tomato because of it's unique looks and also on a recommendation that it had good taste. Both were correct. It certainly was unique in it's look, but it also made some fantastic tomato sauce. I like that it is not too juicy, so dehydrating was easy. Dehydrated bits were so flavorful that it will be one of my go-to varieties for this purpose. Fruits have hollow cavities that may be perfect for stuffing. When eaten fresh, this variety is mild and sweetish. It also keeps well, much better than many varieties considered to be keepers. This is a great variety for a multiplicity of applications. Worth Growing!
  • Are you are looking for a dwarf variety that has look appeal and great taste? Adelaide Festival would work well. Sweet and smoky fruits will blow you away with their richness and balance! These beautiful, bi-color fruits grow on 3 foot plants. Fruits begin to ripen about 80 days after transplant. Adelaide Festival Dwarf tomato is rich and juicy with good sweetness. I have had lots of success growing these in containers too! Heavily laden plants would need some help standing upright. Tomato cages work excellently in ground or in containers. Great sandwich, garnish, tomato and cooking tomato. This variety showed really good resistance to diseases! See it on YouTube!
  • African Beefsteak Tomato

    A true taster, African Beefsteak tomato is a full flavored variety that veers on the sweeter side. More mild than strong, this variety would be a great addition to any beefsteak garden. Fruits are 10-16 ounces. Plants produce plenty, but not prolifically. Disease resistance is very good and plants are about five to six feet tall.. These make great sandwiches and slicing tomatoes. A nice selection for market sales also. Stake well and early and you will be well rewarded!
  • African Queen Tomato


    African Queen Tomato

    Just so you would know, out of about 120 new varieties for 2020/2021, African Queen tomato is the very first listing. This is so because it is one of the most memorable varieties for our season. I love everything about this variety. 1-1.5 pound fruits grow on healthy potato leafed vines that can reach 6 feet. Production is fantastic and non-stop. One of the earliest large varieties to ripen for us. Our plants were loaded from the very bottom, all the way to the very top. Excellent disease resistance. Taste is very balanced and memorable. Not too sweet or acidic. Texture is superb, just waiting for you to bite into. Excellent choice for sandwiches, market sales and a lot more. Perfect as a main crop. You must grow this one!!  
  • African Vining Tomato

    2018 was the first year that we grew African Vining tomato. I was very pleased with the outcome! What we got was a very good sauce tomato that had nice stand-alone flavor.  It was softer and more aromatic than some other elongated varieties,  so it wasn't the best keeper. I especially loved sauce made from this variety, which was sweeter and thick. African Vining vines produce as many as most noted sauce and paste types ( Amish Paste, Abbittista, Jersey Devil). Vines are wispy and need early staking. Great too for canning, cooking and paste. Would be a great new addition to your sauce cultivars.
  • Easily one of the more beautiful anthos, I was glad that Afternoon delight also had good flavor. 4-10 ounce fruits were borne on 5.5 feet plants that produced heavily. Ours began ripening around 75 days from transplant. Plants were hardy and tough. These were in a waterlogged spot in our garden and made it through with flying colors when others succumbed. Fruits have very dark antho on the top side, which fades into a beautiful canary yellow on the blossom end. When sliced, Afternoon Delight tomato is beautifully bi colored, demonstrating yellows and deep pink/purplish. Taste is sweet and mild with fruity tones. This is a real beauty. Nice for slicing, garnish/plating, market sales and so much more. Try this delight in your garden this season!
  • AH Scorpii Tomato


    AH Scorpii Tomato

    It almost seems impossible how many huge tomatoes one AH Scorpii can produce. They are not prolific producers, but they produce plenty, considering the massive size of the fruits! Many of ours easily surpassed 2 pounds. With these you won't get too many small tomatoes on your vines. Everyone is large. When well ripened, AH Scorpii fruits are a nice pink color that is very appealing to the eye. The true surprise is in the taste. These full flavored fruits will keep you eating all day long. The thick rich meat is juicy and nicely textured. Not sweet or tart, just right. Sandwiches would love these! It's a keeper for me from now on!
  • I love peppers of all kinds and use a lot of peppers in most of my meals. Aji Cachucha Purple Splotched pepper is one of my new favorites! This pepper is not hot, it just smells and looks like it. In fact, on a hot scale of  1 to 10, it's only a 1. I have done a lot of cooking and garnishing with it. I have also dehydrated them and made pepper flakes. Using these as stuffing peppers creates the ultimate meal with flavorful hints in every bite. Starting out green, it eventually turns purple on top and finally, all red. What a sight to see! Prolific plants, 3 feet tall. If you like tasty cooking with no heat, this is it!
  • Aji Charapita Pepper

    Don't let the small size of  Aji Charapita Pepper fool you. This thing is pack full of heat, measuring about 30,000 to 50,000 Scoville heat units (SHU) ! The smallest pepper that I have ever grown, these are very nice for cooking and drying. When dried, they can be used as flakes, powder or whole. Just think that a Jalapeno pepper measures about 2,500-10,000 SHU. That means that one Charapita is almost 10-15 times hotter that one jalapeno. Ask me, I had to eat them to prove my point. They are hot! Great little pepper for garnish etc. It is said that they are very popular with chefs in South America. I am elated to have this variety on my website!
  • Aji Dulce Pepper

    I love eating all kinds of peppers! Hots, extra-hots, ghosts, scorpions, cayennes,  just name them, I eat them! I grew up eating all kinds and flavors of peppers. But my favorite all is Aji Dulce pepper.  I just can't get enough of them. This no heat habanero- flavored pepper, is something to behold! It's perfect for any type of cooking except if you need heat. Makes perfect pepper flakes for sprinkling on your foods. Season your meats and enjoy the exquisite flavor that chefs love. Aji Dulce is similar in taste to Habanada Pepper but I a little sweeter. Both are fantastic for gourmet cooking!  To me, Aji Dulce taste like bubble gum, but that's just me. You must grow this one!
  • Aji Fantasy Pepper

    To me, Aji Fantasy pepper is one of the most useful peppers that I have grown in years. It's has perfect heat and flavor for a multiplicity of things.  I use these a lot for seasoning and cooking. This canary yellow fruit has an interesting shape which I have hardships describing, so I will leave that up to you. Plants are super productive so you will get many many fruits. Also a perfect variety for vendors. Nice mild to medium heat with sweetish flesh and super aroma. nice pickling variety. Great for mild sauces, flakes and powders. A real find if you are pepper lover!
  • Aji Guyana Pepper


    Aji Guyana Pepper

    Aji Guyana Pepper is a very flavorful pepper that originates in Guyana, a southern island in the Caribbean. Being from the Caribbean myself, I am totally familiar with this pepper and have used it many, many times before. I make flakes, cook with, and dry these for making powder. Sometimes I just nibble on them from one end to the other while I am eating my meal. I can handle some heat, though! Very flavorful and not necessarily too hot!  Very beautiful. Shorter plants that are prolific! Scoville Heat Units: 1,177 – 75,000 SHU (or hotter)
  • Aji Limon Pepper


    Aji Limon Pepper

    Here is a pepper that you can use for so many things. It has a very fruity flavor and good heat but not overwhelming. Aji Limon is possibly the most prolific variety that I have ever grown. It's so productive that I actually made gallons of hot, seasoning sauce with just a few plants. These should do great in containers, where they may not do do well as in-the-ground, but because they are so prolific, there'll still be plenty to go around. Thin skinned, great for flakes, powder, cooking, fresh salsa and tons more. Medium heat. A favorite of mine.
  • Aji Pineapple Pepper


    Aji Pineapple Pepper

    20,000 Scoville Heat Units It's easy to see why Aji Pinapple pepper is a favorite of the Peruvian community. These 2.5 inch, light yellow things are bursting with tropical flavor. They are also not so hot that flavor is diminished in any way. For a spicy/hot pepper lover like me, frying and cooking are how I best utilize this pepper. It's delicious, fruity tones brings tremendous flavorings to my rice, soups and beans! A little spicier than a Jalapeno, flavor is what makes Aji Pineapple stand out. Short plants are prolific but a little later, so be patient! Great for drying for flakes and powder is highly recommended too!
  • Aker's West Virginia Tomato

    A really nice beefsteak, Aker's West Virginia tomato has it all. Its flavor, size, disease resistance and production will make this an easy draw for tomato gardeners . If you like large beefsteak tomatoes with great flavor, this is definitely one for you to try.. Tall, regular leafed plants produce plenty 10-20 ounce fruits that begin to ripen around mid-season. Texture is smooth, rich and old timey. This one makes a great sandwich companion. On the sweeter side too!
  • Al Kuffa Dwarf Tomato

    Al Kuffa Dwarf tomato is a mild fruit with plenty of good tomato taste. If you like red tomatoes but want less intensity this is a  good choice. Its plants are short (perhaps 2.5 to 3 feet tall), and are always loaded with golf ball sized fruits. You can expect your first ripened fruits about 75 days after transplant. Stake these well.
  • Alabama Red Okra

    I was introduced to Alabama Red Okra in 2018. The gifter of my seeds had really high reviews for the variety, so I decided to grow them out. I started seeds late and directly in the ground, around mid-June. By Mid September I already had harvested several times. I harvested many times more, until frosts filled the plants. Alabama Red is a very flavorful okra. What I like also, is that they remain soft for a much longer time than many varieties. So you can get maximum use. These okras have a nutty flavor. I enjoyed them fried and in some okra soup. I did not make gumbo but my friends tell me that's where they really shine!
  • Aladdin's Lamp Tomato

    Not only is Aladdin's Lamp tomato pretty, it's also very tasty. Sweet, smooth and aromatic, this tomato will blow you away with its beauty. Vines are very hardy and produce plenty of deep yellow, ruffled pear-shaped fruits that ripen in about 80 days after transplant. Think sauces and salsas. Try some right off of the vine too! Great for market sales.
  • Alexander B Tomato


    Alexander B Tomato

    Another on of my 2020 surprises, Alexander B, a rarely grown variety, was a true standout in our garden this year. Four to eight ounce fruits are very clean, blemish-free, tasty and satisfying. Seeds for these were shared with me by a friend, and I am so happy that she did.  Indeterminate 5-6 feet tall plants are prolific, have many clusters of 4-6 fruits and keep producing all season long. These are sweeter and exceptionally smooth, with good balance. Texture is superb and they make perfect slicers. Great for sandwiches and fresh eating. For me, this variety is a new go-to for market sales and so much more. This is one to love!
  • In our garden, Alfonsi's Big Pink Beefsteak tomato was my favorite beefsteak and perhaps tomato in 2018. It really took me by surprise because of it's green shoulders, but that just helped to intensify things. Alfonsi's is so balanced and tasty, it has made its way on my top tomato list. This, along with Texwine, Green Giant and about 5 or 6  other big beefsteaks were really impressive in 2018. It also reminded me of Dester, one of my favorite beefsteaks! Alfonsi's is smooth, not too sweet or tart, sort of fruity and has just the right amount of everything. Simply impressive. Stake well and expect plenty fruits. Good disease resistance all through the season! Seeds from a European friend! Fruits can reach 1.5 lbs. Green shoulders turn pink eventually but fruits taste great even with them!
  • Alices Dream Tomato


    Alice's Dream Tomato

    80 days. Alice's Dream tomato is one of the prettiest tomatoes that you will ever grow. Fruits of this antho variety even turn heads before they ripen. Beautiful yellow and orange, bi-color fruits turn darker on the top side with blushes of yellow, orange and reds on other parts of the fruit. Tomatoes are sweet and earthy with very upfront fruitiness. Vines are relatively hardy, prolific and tall. Stake well. See it on YouTube!
  • Our biggest surprise in 2021, Alleghany Sunset has earned its place in our forever garden. Prolific plants just kept pumping them out and we took all that we could get. This is a fruity and sweeter variety that will ripen a little later but is definitely worth the wait.  Bi-colored fruits of yellow and reds are produced on regular leafed plants that grow to about 6 feet tall. They demonstrated nice disease resistance and held on until season's end. A perfect choice for slicing, garnish/plating, markets, sweet sauce, sandwiches, dehydrating or just sinking your teeth into. Tomatoes weigh between 8 and 16 ounces and bursting with beauty! Try these, you'll love them!
  • Altai Orange Tomato

    Altai Orange Tomato has everything: taste, beauty, production and disease resistance are all there. This nice sized fruit can reach 1 pound. Most of ours were in the 10-16 ounce range. What I totally loved was that it was as early as many cherries. In fact, I can't remember anything, except Dwarf Lucky Leprechaun, ripening before this one. Our first ripened fruits came around 65-70 days after transplant. Fruits are the most beautiful, orange/yellow and grow in clusters of 3 to 5. Its texture is smooth, balanced and satisfying. Vines are around 6 feet tall and produce nonstop all season long. Altai Orange has easily moved up my list. It's one of my new favorites! See it on YouTube
  • Amana Orange Tomato


    Amana Orange Tomato

    75-80 days. Amana Orange tomato is a large beefsteak that turns bright orange when fully ripened. Discovered by Gary Staley of Florida, this fine tomato could take care of all of your tomato issues. It's meaty, sweet, rich and very balanced. A great sandwich tomato, this will also be good in nice yellow sauce, cooking, salsas and just eating off the vine. Vines are bushy and tall and would need good staking. Expect lots or nice beefsteaks from this heavy producer.  Good disease resistance!  Fruits can weigh as much as 1.5 pounds but the average for us is between 14 and 18 ounces! Fabulous market variety! Also see Barnes Mountain OrangeAmana Orange On YouTube!
  • Amateur's Dream Tomato

    What a wonderful find for us this year! Amateur's Dream tomato, along with 200 rare types, were gifted to me by a tomato loving friend. Many of these came without real histories, and it was difficult to find information on most. This Siberia variety  produces hardy and prolific plants. Ours easily survived  in extreme weather conditions.  Four to eight ounce fruits have solid old fashioned flavor and make great slicing tomatoes. These are surprisingly tasty for an early variety. They began to ripen about 68 days after transplant. Very nice texture on these, not mild. Good balance! Early staking would be beneficial as they begin producing not long after transplant. Very nice and early slicer tomato! Good for short season climates.
  • If you are searching for a very good tasting variety that ripens early and produces plenty all season long, then Amazon Chocolate tomato is the one! This dark colored, beautiful and blemish-free fruit will blow you away with its production. Plant are not too tall (perhaps 4-5 feet) and produce many clusters of 4 or 5 8-16 ounce fruits. Most fruits average around 10-12 ounces. This is a great tomato for a main crop, greenhouse growing and market sales where it will excel. Amazon Chocolate is full flavored with great texture and taste. Perfect sandwich tomato. Eat a few right off the vine and you will not stop. A very nice all purpose tomato! See it on YouTube!
  • Amber Keyes Tomato


    Amber Keyes Tomato

    A beautiful sight to see, Amber Keyes tomato plants produce huge clusters of the most beautifully colored, greenish/yellowish fruits! True to its multiflora genes, our plants produced many clusters of more than 50 fruits, that were sweet, inviting and juicy. I especially liked that they were relatively early producers. These were transplanted in early May and we got our first ripened fruits on July 7th. Get ready for tons and tons of pear shaped cherry sized fruits! You will be amazed! Plants were 5 feet tall and hard working. A great choice for snacking, preserves(I make jam), salads etc!  
  • American Ribbed Tomato

    85 days. Appropriately, American Ribbed tomato is named because of its ribbed appearance. For me, this tomato has some very specific purposes. It is slightly sweet with not too much juice. It is also a great sauce tomato because it's meaty and dense. Because of its unique ribbing, it is also great for garnish. Fruits can reach 14 ounces. A great market variety.
  • Amish Canning Tomato


    Amish Canning Tomato

    Absolutely satisfied! That's how I would describe my experience with Amish Canning Tomato. Make no mistake, this is an all purpose variety that can be used for sauces, canning, cooking/stews and so much more. High producing plants come on strong around 78 days from transplant and just keep producing. We had so many of these that I was overwhelmed! A wonderful variety for taking to the Farmers Market!  Plants are around 5.5 feet tall and need staking. Taste is juicy, balanced with some sweetness too! Just a really nice tomato experience! I will definitely be growing these again. These remind me somewhat of  Amish Paste. It's a much larger fruit though!
  • Amish Gold Slicer

    75 Days. One of our favorites in 2017, we definitely plan on growing Amish Gold Slicer from now on. Pretty 3-5 once tomatoes are so yellow that you could hardly Take your eyes off of them. Vines are prolific and hardy. Tomatoes are sweet and rich with a little tinge of acid. This is an excellent sauce tomato. I ate many right off the vine, mmm so good! Fantastic market variety!
  • Amish Paste Tomato


    Amish Paste Tomato

    If you have never made great tomato sauce, Amish Paste tomato will take care of that problem. There is NO way that your sauce could go wrong with these. They are in my top 5 sauce tomatoes of all time. Plants produce 3-5 ounce elongated fruits ripen bright red. There are many great sauce and paste tomatoes but this is one of the best!  It has the natural consistency for great tomato paste, also. Amish paste is sweet and fleshy and is also a great market, salsa, and cooking tomato. make some ketchup too! Vines are prolific and hardy. They require early and good staking. Click Here if you are looking for more sauce tomatoes.
  • Amos Coli Tomato

    All tomatoes are not made equally. Try as you may, not every tomato will make seamlessly great sauce. Amos Coli tomato, will stand up to the best of them when it comes to tomato sauce. Thick, 2-3 inch plums are ready to make some of the best accompaniment to your pasta, even for non-cooks. They have a naturally saucy feel, even when eaten fresh. I also made some great tomato stew with these, what a treat! Amos Coli vines are wispy leafed and produce plenty of fruits. Staking should be done early, as plants begin to hold fruits not long after transplant! For canning, snacking and more!
  • Amurskiy Tiger Tomato

    5 Days. Amurskiy Tiger tomato is a ping pong ball sized bi-color cherry tomato that is milder, juicy and balanced. Hard working and vigorous vines produce plenty of beautiful, blemish-free tomatoes. These may do well in larger containers using cages. Perfect for fresh eating, garnish and of course, salsa. Freshly packed seeds!
  • Ananas Bleue Tomato

    A nicely colored antho tomato, Ananas Bleue is a real head turner! Regular leafed, five-six feet tall plants produce abundantly and showed good disease resistance for us. Fruits are mild with some sweetness and overall, have a good flavor. Our first ripened fruits were about 70 days after transplant. These may do good in containers too with regular feeding. Try dehydrating these or using them on a pretty platter. Try a few in the garden too!
  • Ananas Noire Tomato


    Ananas Noire Tomato

    Also known as "Black Pineapple", I love everything about Ananas Noire. This bi -color fruits proudly wears it's bronze, green and purple colors outside and in. When sliced, Ananas is beautifully marbled and would totally blow you away. Vines are hard working and display good disease resistance. Its sweet, rich, fruity and juicy taste presents a great balance. You can expect ripened fruits in about 80-85 days.
  • Ananas Zebra Tomato


    Ananas Zebra Tomato

    Ananas Zebra tomato is a delicious variety. 6-10 ounce fruits are beautifully bi-colored inside and out. Our plants were prolific and showed nice disease resistance. We noticed our first ripened fruits around day 75 from transplant. They continued producing heavily throughout the season. These would be great as market tomatoes because the have nice flavor and texture and would hold up for market. Perfect choice for fresh salsa, garnish, cooking, slicing and fresh eating. Staking early would assist in a successful crop! Another nice addition to any bi-colored tomato garden!  
  • Ancho Poblano Pepper


    Ancho Poblano Pepper

    This is one of my favorite peppers in the world. I love growing Ancho Poblano pepper because it is such a versatile variety. Like so many stuffing peppers, you can do anything with these them. A native of Mexico, it is an easy pepper to grow. I use these to make my  favorite pepper dish, which is Chiles Rellenos. But I also get fancy and stuff them with many other things, like tuna salad, seasoned rice, meats, mac and cheese and tons more. The bonus is always the built in, mild heat, that has its own personality. A very tasty pepper that cannot be compared when it comes to versatility. Need a little more heat? Let them ripen before using.
  • Andrina micro dwarf tomato is a variety that produces larger red cherries that are similar in size to Florida Petite. Even though the fruits are larger, plants produce a nice amount of firm, sweet and juicy cherries. Plants are about 8-10 inches at maturity. But their production is good. They begin to ripen their fruits about 75 days after transplant. So get ready to eat! A little staking may be necessary. I use Chinese chopsticks and they work perfectly! We successfully grew them indoors and under lights. Using 3/4 gallon containers, we were able to fit about 12-15 plants under one 4 foot light fixture and all did exceptionally well. Andrina is my favorite red micro dwarf tomato!
  • Angelina's Heart is so good that it should be a lock for any serious tomato grower. We grew it in 2015, 16, and 17, and each time, it was one of the first tomatoes to ripen in the garden. It even ripened fruits more quickly than some cherry varieties. The two biggest qualities that I like about this fruit are that they are prolific, and of course, very tasty. Fruits are between 6 and 12 ounces. True to the oxheart family, vines are tall and have wispy leaves. Their skinny bases makes it imperative that they are staked early. They are just waiting for the first rain to topple over. Meaty, sweet, and smooth is how I would describe Angelina's Heart. It will give you a full flavored experience that is hard to forget. This is another oxheart winner.
  • 80 Days! Anna Banana Russian is a smaller, oxheart variety that packs fantastic taste. Plants produce heavy crops of perfect heart shaped, yellow fruits, that can reach 6-8 ounces. Tomatoes are medium-mild, sweet, juicy and mildly fruity. Vines are skinny, tall and have wispy leaves. Stake well and early. One of my favorite oxhearts!
  • Anna Russian Tomato

    80 Days! Anna Russian tomato is 6-8 ounce oxheart variety that packs fantastic taste. Plants produce heavy crops of perfect heart shaped, pink fruits. Tomatoes are forward tasting, sweet, juicy and mildly fruity with a medium fir texture. Vines are skinny, tall and have wispy leaves. Stake well and early. One of my favorite oxhearts! Perfect for anything that you wanna do! But  this is also a very good market tomato that always keep customers returning to your booth. Feel free to check out our beefsteak category for more awesome varieties, many of which are over one pound. Happy gardening to you!!
  • I am so happy that I discovered Anna's Kentucky tomato. This 8-18 ounce tomato ripens to a nice deep pink and packs surprisingly smooth and pleasant flavor. Plants are relatively tall and produce clusters of three to four fruits that begin to ripen around the 80 day mark after transplant. I also found that plants showed good disease resistance. In our gardens, they have produced well into fall. These are perfect for sandwiches, slicing, cooking and more. It would also recommend these as a main crop tomato, so they will do good for market sales.  This variety will always have a place in my garden! See it on YouTube!
  • Anna's Multiflora Tomato

    75- Days! I have grown Anna's Multiflora tomato many times over the last 7 years and it's still one of my go-to tomatoes. Perfectly balanced with a sweetish feel, this is a great sauce, paste, drying and even cooking variety, Anna's Multiflora is the perfect solution for many situations. Vines are about 5 feet tall and produce plenty of red, elongated fruits. this is also a great variety for canning!
  • NOT FOR THE NOVICE!! Packed with heat, Apocalypse Scorpion Chocolate pepper made me some of the best hot sauce in 2021. I planted 6 plants and they never stopped producing. Very prolific, so you will get many peppers if you take care of them. These bumpy chocolate beauties measure about  1,400,000 SHU. As a comparison, so you would know how hot these are, Jalapenos measure 5,000-10,000 SHU. So if you want fire, you've got it right here!  Apocalypse Scorpion Chocolate is not just heat. There's a very nice flavor behind the heat. If you can stand the burn then you will get to the flavor! Great for sauces, hot pepper flakes and powders. I have made so much sauce with these and shared much with my three sisters and mom. We are all fire-breathers! lol.
  • Apricot Brandywine Tomato

    In 2016 I remembered saying to myself that it had been a long time since I grew a good new yellow variety. After that I set out to grow more of them. Since Then I came up with quite a few.  This year I again hit the jackpot with Apricot Brandywine tomato and some others. I am very pleased to say that this is a super good tomato. Potato leaved plants  produce plenty pale yellow fruits that weigh between 8-16 ounces. Fruits begin to ripen about 80 days after transplant and keep going until later in the season. It's mid-September here and I still have some on my plants. These beefsteaks are fruity, with thick sweeter flesh. Perfect for sandwiches.  Great aroma too! Great choice for yellow market tomato as they are also blemish-free. 85 Days!
  • Argentina 1938 Tomato

    75 Days! Argentina 1938 is a pretty pink slicer tomato that weighs about 2-4 ounces. Tall, hardy, vines produce a very high quantity of fruits that can be in clusters of up to seven. Tomatoes are slightly fruity, balanced and milder. I love this tomato and has grown it 3 years in a row. perfect for slicing, fresh eating, slicing and cooking.
  • Aribibi Gusano Pepper


    Aribibi Gusano Pepper

    Aribibi Gusano Pepper is a very nice Chinese variety! Small white peppers with some heat will light up your world. Short plants are loaded with pretty, 1.5 inch, wrinkled, white peppers. A real treat in soups! Awesome flavor! Great for flakes, powder, drying, cooking!   One of my new favorites! 300,000 – 470,000 SHU  
  • Arkansas Traveler tomato is a very hardy and dependable varieties that exist. It's easily the easiest variety for me to describe. Our prolific vines have always displayed great disease resistance. Spotless fruits ripen to a nice rose pink color after about 75 days. It has a true old time rich flavor, which includes plenty of juice and aroma! These should be staked well and may do good in bigger containers! This has for a very long time been one of my most reliable varieties for me and farmers around the globe. Even in your very toughest years of too much heat, rain and humidity, these will produce for you. Don't let your garden fail you, try these!!
  • Armenian Tomato

    Armenian is a big bi-color tomato tomato that proudly displays it true colors inside and out! A very sweet variety, Armenian can weigh as much as 18 ounces and begin to ripen after 85 days. When sliced, you will experience some of the prettiest marbling of deep reds and yellows. Also fruity, meaty and very juicy. Great sandwich tomato! Perfect for the market!
  • Ashleigh Tomato

    One of our favorites here at Renaissance Farms, Ashleigh tomato is certainly a multi-purposed variety. Large red and meaty beefsteaks grow on thick, tall vines. They will delight you with good old fashioned, rich flavor! Tomatoes can weigh as much 24 ounces and begin to ripen around 80-85 days. Ashley is the perfect market tomato. Although it takes a little longer to ripen, you are certain to appreciate the wait. Vines produce thick, meaty and sandwich ready beauties, that are so good that you will bite your fingers! Ashley tomato is great for sauces too! You wouldn't be disappointed with this one! If you love large tomatoes check out these.
  • Astro Arugula


    Astro Arugula

    Astro Arugula is a nutty and slightly spicy variety. It has leaves that are less lobed than other varieties and baby leaves can be clipped as earl as 3 weeks after sowing. One of my personal varieties, I have tried this Astro in salads and sandwiches more times that I can remember! It loves cooler weather so seeds can be sowed directly into the garden in early spring. A beautiful addition to any herb garden. Try some again in early fall by planting seeds towards the middle to end of August. A beautiful treat, even on pizzas etc!
  • Aunt Eula's Rockhouse Yellow Tomato is a larger yellow variety with milder and sweet taste. These are great for anyone not liking too much acid in their tomatoes. A few of our fruits exceeded the 1 pound mark, but most were between 8 and 14 ounces. These make prefect sandwich companions and not too many seeds. If you like your tomatoes big yellow and sweeter, you may find this one appealing. 82 days to first ripened fruits. Indeterminate, productive vines produces until season's end.
  • Aunt Ginny's Purple Tomato

    There is so much that I can say about this German variety, but I will start with its dependability. If you need a tomato that's going to produce for you, even in tough conditions, Aunt Ginny's Purple tomato is a great choice! Ripened fruits are deep pink and can reach one pound. Ours averaged 10-14 ounces. Taste is rich, and sweeter, with excellent texture. Mildly acidic. I love these so much! Plants are potato leafed and about 6 feet tall. One of the last varieties to make it to first frost this year. There were still tons of green ones on the plants after frost.
  • Aunt Ruby's German Green tomato isn't just one of the best green when ripened tomatoes, for me, it's one of the best tomatoes period. An all time classic, this large beefsteak will fulfill your every tomato desire. Vines are foliage dense and thick. Fruits weigh between 10 and 20 ounce. When fully ripened, Aunt Rubys German Green is greenish with pink blushes on the bottom end.
  • Aunt Swarlo's Polish Plum Tomato

    A wonderful, large oxheart that can range from blunt to perfectly heart shaped. Fruits can weigh as much as 2 pounds. Sweet flesh that lends itself to sweet thick sauce and stew. Like Goatbag , Aunt Swarlo's Polish Plum tomato is a later variety, ripening its fruits around 90-95 days from  transplant. Plants have wispy leaves and  are are about 6 feet tall. Sweet, old-fashioned flavor with nice tasty meat! A true treat if you can wait!
  • Auranticum Tomato


    Auranticum Tomato

    Auranticum tomato was a standout for us in 2018. We are introducing seeds in 2019. Five feet tall, multiflora plants, produce more delicious cherry tomatoes than you could harvest. Fruits are produced in bunches of 20-50 or perhaps more. Taste is sweet and fruity with mild tang. These are perfect for salads, snacking, canning and so much more. A perfect treat for market vendors. Great if your need is less plants and more production!
  • Auria Dwarf Tomato

    75 Days. Auria Dwarf tomato plant is a short tree type plant with rugose, regular leaves. 2.5 feet tall plants produce a big crop of 2-3 inch long, elongated fruits, that are bright red when ripened. Tomatoes are firm, dry and sweet with few seeds. Auria is perfect for sauces. In fact I have made some of the best spaghetti sauce with these. Perfect for 4-5 gallon containers.
  • Aurora Blue Tomato

    Whether you love growing antho varieties, or trying them for the first time, Aurora Blue tomato will be a good selection for you. This year, 2018, I grew this variety for the first time and was pleased with its production and disease resistance. Indeterminate vines produced plenty fruits but were not excessively prolific. Fruits weighed between 6 and 14 ounces and were around until frosts. As far as taste, these are mild, with light sweetness and acidity. Perfect for sandwiches, salads and market sales. Stake these very early because they will begin blooming and holding fruits just weeks after transplant. 75 Days!  
  • Aurora Fire Marigold


    Aurora Fire Marigold

    Aurora Fire Marigold is among the prettiest of garden flowers. A great animal and insect repellant in the garden, Aurora Fire is short growing (perhaps 1-2 feet tall). Its blooms are about 2 inches wide. plant a row or intermingle them in your garden as a repellant to common critters. These will bloom all the way till frost.
  • Aztek Micro Dwarf Tomato

    Out Of Stock! Aztek micro dwarf tomato is a sweet, juicy and kind of fruity. It's really a lot of fun to grow! Plants grow to about 8 inches tall. They are loaded with beautiful fruits that are whitish when green.  You can expect your first ripened fruits about 65- 70 days after transplant. Once the plant begins to ripen its tomatoes, you will be blessed with an abundance of very tasty fruits. Sweet and firmest with good balance, Aztek is perfect for snacking on or salads, jams, jellies and canning. Like some other dwarf varieties, you may also be blessed with a second, smaller crop if you feed and water often. Ours have always been grown in 3/4 gallon containers and do exceptionally well. We grow both outdoors and under lights indoors during the winter. Many more awesome micro dwarf varieties awaiting you, Here!
  • B’Lev Tomato

    B'Lev oxheart is a variety that was sent to us by our European friend. It is a smooth, pretty fruit that grow on skinny, wispy leaved vines. B'Lev tomato packs superb flavor. It's meaty, dense and sweet with great overall balance. It's a perfect slicing variety. One of the best oxhearts that I have tasted in quite a while. Great for eating off the vine! Prolific and hardy vines.
  • Baby Aji Amarillo Pepper

    One of my favorite peppers in 2020. Baby Aji Amarillo is a very tasty pepper with medium heat! Productive, short plants produce what seems like hundreds of 2 inch long, canary yellow fruits that are perfect for cooking, drying and fresh salsa. Ours were started ripening around the end of July. We planted them in early May. Make some great tomato powder and flakes too. Really nice flavor and not overwhelmingly hot! Try bring up a few, green or ripened. Nice!
  • Growing to only about 3 inches, Baby micro dwarf  tomato is perhaps the smallest plant of all the micro dwarf varieties. But don't let the tiny plant size lull you to sleep. This is a very willing producer of pretty red cherry tomatoes. Fruits are tangy, juicy and mildly sweet. They keep very well after harvest. Grows perfectly in half gallon containers. In my opinion, there is no advantage to using a larger container.  Great in salads and eaten of of the plant.
  • Bali Tomato


    Bali Tomato

    Bali tomato is a heavy producing Indonesian cultivar. Indeterminate 3.5 - 5 feet tall plants have regular leaves. They produce large clusters of fruits all summer long. Fruits have heavy ribbing and are raspberry pink when fully ripened and have very nice aroma. On the acidic side. A pleasure!
  • Banana Legs Tomato

    Banana Legs tomato is a determinate variety that can out-produce anything. 2.5 feet tall plants produce elongated fruits that ripen to a beautiful canary yellow. Plants still need to be staked because they are prolific and quickly become top heavy. Fruits are milder and sweetish with a very satisfying finish. They are perfect for canning, cooking, garnish and even market sales. Banana Legs also keeps pretty well after harvest. Try some yellow, mild tomato sauce with these. It's so good. You can expect your first ripened fruits about 72 days after transplant. These grow well in containers also. I recommend 3 gallons and larger.  This is a good multipurpose tomato!
  • Banskia Queen Dwarf tomato is a pretty yellow fruit that bears on vines that are about 3 feet tall. Even though it's a dwarf variety, it definitely has to be staked because its tomatoes are large and its production is good. Plants have rugose leaves and none of ours have ever showed signs of diseases. Our biggest fruits have been around 10 ounces and smallest around 4. When it comes to taste, it is milder, a bit tangy, with sweet undertones. It is a great salsa, sandwich, and cooking tomato, and if you have any left over, take them to the market--they'll do well. One quick note, for the last three years, we have sold literally thousands of dwarf tomato plants at our farmers market.
  • Barby Tomato


    Barby Tomato

    Another new and rare determinate variety here in 2019, Barby tomato is perhaps my favorite of them all. Short plants produce big crops of deep red, blemish-free and flavorful fruits. These are perfect little slicers too. Along with Birch, these two produced a bunch of early and tasty fruits. I especially love Barby because it showed no signs of diseases and held up very well, even in a tough season. Perfect for cooking, juicing, snacking, canning, stews and more. Good choice for early market tomatoes. I also suspect that they will perform admirably in containers of perhaps 4 gallons and larger. Try these you will like them.
  • Barnes Mountain Orange Tomato

    85 Days. Without a doubt, Barnes Mountain Orange tomato is a beefsteak I will grow every year. This huge deep yellow fruits can easily each 1.5 pounds. Many or ours have been bigger. Taller vines produce a good amount of fruits that easily drag their vines down, so stake well. This delicious beefsteak is meaty, sweeter and rich with lower acidity. Perfect for sandwiches, sauces and market sales. Try some in the garden but take a friend with you. It'll be a task trying to get it done all alone! See it in YouTube
  • 75 Days. Barossa Fest dwarf tomato is a very prolific variety that I totally enjoy growing for the first time in 2017. Our rugose leafed plants produced lots of pretty, pale yellow tomatoes that were 3-6 ounces. Fruits were milder and had a bit of a tart after-taste. Some of our taller vines grew to about 4 feet tall, but most were shorter. These produced all the way until frost. These are perfect for salsa, eating off the vine, drying and cooking.
  • Barry's Crazy Cherry Tomato

    A very high producing multi-flora variety, Barry's Crazy Cherry tomato is a pleaser. 5 feet tall plants produce huge clusters of sweet yellow cherries that are mostly pear shaped. Our clusters averaged more than 50 or more sweet, juicy fruits. These are the perfect snack!! They can also be used for canning whole, salads and much more. If you are a market vendor, it will be worth it to grow these! Indeterminate plants showed excellent disease resistance and produced until frost. Visit our multiflora category and choose some massive producers!
  • Beauty King Tomato

    One of the prettiest fruits that we grow, Beauty King tomato is certainly a winner. Ranging from 8-16 ounces in our garden, this winner is sweet and satisfying. Plants are very vibrant and produce many fruits that begin to ripen about 80 days after transplant. When ripened fruits are cut,  their interiors are splotched with the most beautiful bi-color red and yellow marbling. Perhaps the thing I love most about Beauty King is its good balance of taste. It's not to strong or mild. I also like its aroma when fully ripened. This is a perfect tomato for sandwiches, garnishing and cooking.  As a side note, this is a totally different tomato than Dwarf Beauty King, so feel free to try both. See It on YouTube!
  • Beauty Lottringa Tomato

    80 Days. One of our huge scores for the 2017 season, Beauty Lottringa tomatoes turned every head that walked through our gardens. Huge, flattish, ruffled tomatoes  grew on shorter vines(perhaps 4 feet tall) and were awesome all season long. These had absolutely no signs of diseases. Fruits ripened to a deep red and the largest ones can reach 1.5 pounds. Our largest fruits in 2017 weighed 20 ounces and smallest around 8. If you love sweet spaghetti sauce, this will be one to look at. Seriously, this thing made some really great sauce! I also enjoyed them when dried. A winner at the farmers market! See it on YouTube! Due to the excessively high demand for this product, we have reduced the number of orders to one 10 or 20 pack per order. Thanks.
  • I planted these and did not pay them any attention until I saw the most beautiful, heart shaped fruits. Eager to know what they were, I quickly looked at to tags which read "Beauty Queen Heart tomato". This gem is definitely worth growing in any tomato garden. 6 ounce, red and yellow bi-color fruits, grow in clusters of 4 or 5 and keep coming all season long. Our vines grew about 6 feet tall in direct sunlight and produced plenty of fruits that will turn heads. Texture is very smooth and fruit-like. It's a great tomato for slicing in salads, garnishing, fresh eating, cooking and more. Very nice aroma too when well ripened!
  • Behemoth King Tomato


    Behemoth King Tomato

    85 Days. If you like plenty of solid meat in your beefsteaks, Behemoth king tomato will meet your expectations! Huge 1-3 pounds beefsteaks on tall, strong vines, are in clusters of about 3-4. Plants have good disease resistance and are determined to produce. Early staking is essential. At times fruit support may also be necessary! Ours relished the hotter, dryer months and did well in the wetter times too. As far as taste, Behemoth King tomato is sweet, really balanced and medium juicy. Sweets, tang and richness are all flavors you will experience when you bite into one! Get ready for a treat!
  • Bejing Zao Shu Tomato

    I have been been concentrating on some Chinese varieties since 2015. What I have noticed is that they have some very distinct characteristics. Most of them veer on the sweet side. Bejing Zao Shu tomato is no different. This three ounce, bright red tomato, is sweet and rich. It also has faint after-taste of fruits, of which I can't really describe. All I can say is that it's very good. Plants are not tall but they are prolific. These will work well for snacking, canning, cooking, dehydrating and tons more. It's a good little all purpose tomato. Try'em!
  • Belle Arlesienne Tomato

    Belle Arlesienne Tomato is a rare and tasty French variety. I am certainly happy that I grew these out! Nicely textured fruits are between 6 and 10 ounces, are sweet with forward taste and have very interesting secondary flavors. Only one of our plants made it because of severe flooding in 2o19, but I am so happy that it did, because I really like this one. Next year 2020, I will be growing out many more plants. Belle Arlesienne has a good texture and wonderful aroma. Nice slicing variety. Overall pleasing variety. I especially appreciate that in a rare sort! Seed Source: Gatersleben France, # LYC 93.
  • Belle Coeur (H34 Gelb) tomato is a unique large cherry that is very attractive too. Slightly larger than the average cherry, this antho variety turns jet-black on the top side, with a cute canary yellow on the bottom end. Different shades of antho give fruits their own individuality. What's more, they have pretty little nipples on their bottom ends, that may be yellow or a mix of yellow and black. Mildly sweet with a little acidic undertones, nothing on this tomato is too much. Any hints of the usual antho taste is minimal. It's a nice salad and garnish tomato. Snacking in the garden is a must. Plants are hardy and prolific.
  • Belmonte Tomato


    Belmonte Tomato 

    Belmonte tomato is a large red beefsteak that grows on tall strong vines. It produces a really good amount of fruits that can compete with the best of them. What I really like about this tomato is that it's vines always blow through diseases. that determination to produce makes them a regular in my garden. Fruits begin to ripen about 80 days after transplant and continue all the way till frost. Our biggest fruits were in the 1.5 pound range and smallest around 10 ounces. Tomatoes are juicy, sweeter and overall well balanced. This is a perfect sandwich tomato that has some similarities to Pink Brandywine. Also great for market vendors.
  • Berkley Tie Dye Green tomato is a pretty bi-color fruit that has really nice taste appeal. Fruits are about 4-6 ounces and begin to ripen about 75 days after transplant. When you bite in, there will be plenty of fruitiness. But what is most recognizable is the really great balance of sweets and tarts. Vines are determined and stand up well to diseases. We do spray with Copper Sulfate during the season. Perfect salsa, garnishing, drying and fresh eating tomato. Great for market vendors.
  • Berkley Tie Dye Heart Tomato

    A very pretty cultivar, Berkley Tie Dye Heart tomato is so much fun to grow. Our regular leafed plants were about 5 feet tall and produced perfect, bi-colored green and purple, perfect and blunt oxhearts. All of which were tasty! These remained prolific all season long. As far as taste, these were earthy, sweetish and satisfying. Awesome aroma! I loved the texture! Really good choice for sandwiches, garnish, cooking and snacking right off the plant. 75-80 days to first ripened fruits!
  • 75 Days. Berkley Tie Dye Pink tomato has totally different characteristics from its green sister. Nice sized bi-color fruits can reach 10-12 ounces. Vines are great with diseases and determined to produce. Tomatoes are flavorful, milder and juicy. Perfect for salsas,  sandwiches, garnish, market sales and sauces and more.
  • Bhut X Neyde Orange Pepper

    Don't let the pure beauty of this pepper fool you, it's pure fire. But if you are a super hot lover, you'll also appreciate the other intricate flavors that accompanies it. Even when seeding these, I really enjoyed the fantastic aroma that delivered a full flavored feel. When I tasted these I was very pleased to find out that its other flavors, such as fruitiness, penetrated the heat. I was able to make some bean soup with these, not popping them, but just letting the flavor seep in during the process. Just before the soup was done, I removed the pepper, Heaven! So Bhut X Neyde Orange can be very useful when dried, flaked or powdered. Goes from deep purple and green, to blackish and orange when ripened! In the Caribbean we eat these by biting off small pieces with each mouthful of food. I do that in the USA too! Very, very nice flavor,
  • Big Anna Tomato


    Big Anna Tomato

    If you have craved a huge, delicious variety that ripens relatively early, check out Big Anna Tomato. I first got these in 2015 and grew them out in 2018.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take images of them.  This year, 2019, I grew them out again for images and also because they were so good! I didn't just grow two plants, I grew five. Honestly, I feel blessed to have been gifted this Awesome family heirloom. Smooth flesh that has nice balance, veers towards the sweet side with healthy hints of acidity. My largest was 2.1 pounds and on the smaller side they are about 12 ounces. On both grow-outs our plants reached about 6 feet tall. They produce plenty but are not super prolific. Recommended! Try them!
  • Big Cheef Tomato

    Can't say enough about Big Cheef tomato. Honestly, I planted this one because I had some extra space.  How lucky was I? Now my luck is being passed onto you. This tomato is such a delight that you will grow it every year. Its taste is very difficult for me to describe, but in a nutshell, it's great! It has just the right amount of everything. Well balanced and satisfying, you will definitely appreciate it's value when you try it on sandwiches and eat a few right off the vine. Though not a sauce specialist, it also makes some decent sauce! Vibrant plants ripen fruits starting about 80 days after transplant. Staking required!
  • Big Dolly Red Tomato

    A very large and meaty oxheart tomato, Big Dolly Red did not disappoint in 2021. Wispy leaved and tall plants produced fruits that weighed between 8 ounces and 2 pounds. These began to ripen about 85 days after transplant and continued until season's end. BDR is meaty with great texture for sandwiches, or even sauces. Flavor is robust, forward and complete. Hardy plants and good production. If you are looking for a oxheart variety that produces consistently large fruits, try this one! Stake well!
  • Big Girl Tomato

    Try as you may, it'll be difficult to fine a variety as sauce ready as Big Girl tomato. Very willing plants produce nice quantities of 3 inch long, red fruits that have sweet and concentrated flavor. These naturally make some awesome sweet sauce. That's not all, they can very well and have good longevity after harvest. Our plants were about 5 feet tall and withstood everything weather-wise. Great choice for cooking too. Try these!
  • Big Green Dwarf Tomato

    One of the prettiest green varieties that we grow, Big Green Dwarf tomato is the perfect variety for anyone wanting to grow in smaller spaces or containers. Rugose leaf plants are good with avoiding diseases, and can reach 4 feet tall. and produce big crops of 6-16 ounce light olive tomatoes. When sliced, beautiful yellowish colors reveal themselves. Big Green Dwarf plants begin to ripen their fruits about 75-80 days after transplant. Tomatoes are Juicy, has a tart after-taste and rich. Great for sandwiches and salsas!
  • Big Mack Tomato


    Big Mack Tomato

    If your aim is to have a perfectly sized sandwich tomato that can easily hold its own, you may want to try Big Mack tomato. Also known as Mac's Pride, this one is packed full of delicious texture, this one is definitely a keeper. 10-16 ounce fruits are borne on potato leafed plants that are productive and hardy. This heirloom is said to be over one hundred years old. Ripened fruits are a beautiful pink, with slightly yellowish shoulder, with appealing aroma and inviting appearance. Plants are taller and need staking. A real keeper!
  • Big Orange From Amuz Tomato

    Pretty and blemish-free, yellow tomatoes are oblate and delicious. These are not really large. Our biggest was about 10 ounces but most fruits were between 6 and 8 ounces. Big Orange From Amuz tomato is a keeper for us. I really loved how abundant it was in 2019. Plants produced prolifically and pretty early too. Our first ripened fruits came in around 70-75 days, making it one of the earliest in the garden. Taste is sweet and mild with a nice fruity finish. Plenty juice on these. Nice choice for slicing, fresh snacking, market sales, cooking. Rare tomato! Seed Source Gatersleben Russia, # LYC 3691  
  • Big Orange Stripe tomato was among my favorites in 2017. in anticipation I waited to see if these were as good as advertised, they were! In fact, they were better than advertised. Big 1.5 pound fruits are delicately striped with reds. At a first glance, the fruit looks totally yellow, but upon further inspection, vertical skinny red streaks are perfectly placed. There is also some reds on the bottom end. Fruits are very clean, sweet, meaty and juicy. Perfect sandwich tomato. Great also for sauces, garnish and cooking. I love this one!!
  • Big Rainbow Tomato


    Big Rainbow Tomato

    80 Days. When well ripened, a Big Rainbow tomato is something to see! It is not excessively big, perhaps 1 pound, but it's all you could handle. This is a great sandwich tomato and would work well in sauces, in the market, for garnishing when sliced and for fresh eating right off the vine. sweet, rich and juicy. Tall vines produce until frost!
  • Big Ray's Argentinian Paste Tomato

    Here is yet another great paste and sauce variety. Big Ray's Argentinian Paste tomato should always be considered when wanting phenomenal sauce and paste. It cooks down into thick, sweet sauce. Pour some on your pasta, or use it as a base for soups and bisque, very delicious! Big Ray's Argentinian Paste plants produce a good amount of 2-3 inch fruits that begin to ripen about 85 days after transplant in the garden. Wispy leaved vines need early staking because they begin to hold fruit quite early. Disease resistance was good for us. Let me know how your tomato paste turned out!  
  • Big Sungold Select tomato easily fits in with some of the best cherries available today. Without a doubt, this is one definitely worth growing! Clusters of 6-8 fruits begin to ripen around 68 days from transplant. They turn from green to a beautiful yellow that deserves attention. Plants can be taller than 6 feet and are very vibrant. Big Sungold Select can easily be used as a main crop cherry type, for market sales etc. Tomatoes are fruity, firms, crack-free and delish! Expect to harvest all season long. Stake well and reap your rewards. Perfect for snacking, salads, dehydrating, tomato jam and so much more! Everyone who tried them wanted more!
  • Big White Pink Stripes continue to be one of my favorites! This unique fruit is produced on taller vines that are disease resistant. 1 pound fruits begin to ripen about 85 days after transplant. When well ripened, fruits have a very pale yellow color and are pink on the bottom end. Sweet,medium mild, meaty, aromatic and juicy. Stake vines well!
  • In 2014 I purchased a packet of Big Rainbow tomato seeds from a well known company. I grew out six plants. Five of them produced perfect Big Rainbow fruits. The other one produced some pale yellow, juicy fruits, that were about twelve ounces to one pound. They did not have any striping, nor were they bi-color inside. but they were about the same size and shape of big rainbow. They were also very refreshing, mild and tasty. In 2015 I grew them out again in my kitchen garden. This time my crop was even better. They were more prolific but produced the same fruits. Since I really enjoyed this awesome fruit, I have named Big Yellow Fellow tomato. Vines are tall and bushy, kind of like Shuntuk Giant tomato. Big Yellow Fellow tomato begins to ripen about 80 days after transplant. Stake these well and you will be rewarded. Great for tomato juice, sauce and fresh eating.
  • Big Yellow Zebra Tomato

    Big Yellow Zebra tomato is a bigger bi-color fruit that has great flavor. Weighing about 10-20 ounces this pretty beefsteak grows on taller vines that produce plenty of fruits. If you love sweeter but not too strong tomatoes, this would work well for you. This tomato has a rich finish and plenty of real tomato taste. Fruits begin to ripen around the 80 day mark. Perfect for sandwiches, nice yellow sauce, cooking and market sales. Stake well!
  • Big Zarro Tomato


    Big Zarro Tomato

  • Billy Goat Pepper


    Billy Goat Pepper

    Billy Goat Pepper is a hot pepper that reminds me of the Caribbean style peppers. If you like your peppers relatively hot, this Chinese variety would be the perfect for seasoning, cooking, sauces, flakes and powder. Plants are very productive, producing 1.5 inch peppers that turns from green to bright red when fully ripened. Nice pepper aroma. Plants are about 3 feet tall and peppers are about 30,000-40,000 Scoville Units.
  • Bingo Cherry Tomato

    Bingo Cherry was gifted to us by Mr Bill Jeffers. It's a meaty and firmer little fruit that is all about taste. Ripening to a nice brownish color, this tomato is sweet and juicy with a really rich finish. 6 foot vines produce big crops of nickel to quarter sized cherries that begin to ripen about 75 days after transplant. These produced all the way until frost. Great for snacking, market sales, jams or jellies and drying.
  • Biquinho Pepper Red


    Biquinho Pepper Red

    In 2008 I became interested in gourmet peppers that had high flavor, very little to no heat and were prolific producers. As a culinary lover, I wanted varieties that I could cook with and include in almost anything I made. My very first love was Aji Dulce Orange. I graduated to other varieties with the passage of time. This year, 2019, I asked my the "Pepper Lady" at my local farmer market to recommend something to me. I wanted similar types. She suggested Biquinho Pepper Red and Yellow, the rest is history! These both have exceptional gourmet qualities. They are fruity, tasty and aromatic. Both appear to have heat at first bite, but that fizzles to nada! If you are seeking a wonderful varieties for pickling, flakes, powder, dehydrating, cooking, eating fresh, market or more, try the Biquinhos. Very Prolific!  
  • Biquinho Pepper Yellow


    Biquinho Pepper Yellow

    Just like its red sister, Biquinho Pepper Yellow packs super flavor! Very prolific plants produce small, elongated yellow peppers  with tapered ends. These are very fruity, even more so than the red, which is excellent too! Try dehydrating these for flakes, toppings, cooking etc. You will be amazed! Great for canning, pickling and fresh cooking too. Plants are short and produce all season long. Try bringing a few plants in for the winter and sit them on your window sill. Peppers all winter long! I highly recommend these if you love the gourmet pepper taste in your dishes.


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