• Hoy Tomato

    Hoy is one of my favorite selections for 2017. Hard working plants produce massive tomatoes that never stop coming until frost. Even the very last fruits in the Fall are HUGE. In 2017 we grew several 2 pounders, most were between 1.5 and 2 pounds. Fruits are sweet, excessively meaty, tasty and delicious. It's also very dense. If your mission it to grow huge, tasty tomatoes, Hoy is the way to go! Perfect for sandwiches!
  • After all of these years of growing Chocolate Cherry tomato, It's still one of my favorite go to varieties. Salsas, market sales, slicing and drying, salads and even some dark sauce all benefit from using this variety. Our vines have always been tall and bushy. They produce heavy crops of 1 inch darkened tomatoes that have wonderful and complete flavors. They are always among the first to ripen and the last to die in the fall. Chocolate Cherry is rich, balanced and refreshing. Grow ample vines, you will be snacking all season long. Excels at market sales!
  • Chocolate Stripes Tomato

    Don't think that this is just a pretty tomato that's over-hyped! Chocolate Stripes is a beautiful, dark-bi-color fruit, that is so beautiful you may mistake it for a tropical fruit. Taste is superb, rich and juicy. Vines are 5-6 feet tall and hardy. They produce plenty of oblate, 4-6 ounce fruits that ripen at about the 75 day mark. Perfect slicer for sandwiches, garnishing, unique sauce, fresh eating of the vine and drying. There are so many things that you can do with these!
  • Costoluto Fiorentino Tomato

    75 Days. One of the best sauce makers that I have grown in 20 years Costoluto Fiorentino tomato regularly remains in our rotation. Deep red, ribbed tomatoes just scream for the sauce-pan. Don't be fooled though, Fiorentino also taste great. It's a great balance of sweet and tangy with great texture! side. Also works well as a garnishing, sandwich and drying tomato. Great for market vendors!
  • Striped German Tomato


    Striped German Tomato

    Huge red and yellow beefsteaks that are true head turners. If you really want looks and taste, this all time classic is the one for you. A great selection for slicing, sandwiches, sauces, eating off the vine, cooking and even market sales. Vines are five or six feet tall keep pumping out beautiful fruits until frost. Sweet and slightly acidic with beautiful complimentary tones. Striped German tomato can easily be a main crop tomato such Pink Brandywine. These absolutely need to be well staked with regular revisions. A winner at the Farmers' Market. Click HERE for more large beefsteak tomatoes.
  • Great White Tomato

    85 Days. Great White tomato is one of the parents of Great White Blues. If you ever wanted to taste really good, white beefsteak, go with Great White. It has been a favorites of serious tomato growers for a very long time. It continues to serve us very well. This is the perfect variety for a main crop. Vines are hardy and produce big crops. Fruits can weigh between 8 and 20 ounces. This is a perfectly balanced tomato with nice thick meat when sliced. Sandwich ready!
  • Green Zebra Tomato

  • Hohloma Khokhloma Tomato

    Don't be caught sleeping on this sauce and paste specialist. Hohloma Khokhloma is a perfect selection for drying and also for making sauces. One of the most prolific elongated varieties, 6 feet tall plants never stop producing until frost. Tomatoes are sweet, intense and dry with plenty flesh. Similar in shape to Opalka but consistently smaller. Great for salsa and slicing for salads, canning, dehydrating and especially, sauces. 75 days to ripen. Disease free vines!
  • Blue Beauty Tomato

    Blue beauty is a chef's dream. It's pretty, tasty, relatively early and prolific. Vines are about 4-5 feet tall with darker leaves and stems. This antho variety gets darker wherever the sun hits it and mostly brownish/purple on the bottom end. I once saw a fruit that was turned upside down and it was totally black on the bottom end. When fully ripened, these are juicy, have a strong and earthy taste, with some sweetness that would work well for sandwiches.They work well other culinary purposes too. I especially like them with a little salt and pepper, right off the vine. Also a great tomato for the farmer's market!
  • Still one of my favorite black tomatoes, I always turn to Japanese Black Trifele whenever I want to be reminded of what a good tomato should taste like! This all time winner has been grown by almost all big tomato growers. A fine variety for snacking off the vine, salsa, drying, cooking and tons more, Japanese Black Trifele tomato will not disappoint you. It is sweeter, rich and fleshy with intense earthy flavors. potato leaf vines stand up to any weather! Chocolate, par shaped fruits ripen about 75 days after transplant! Plant a few!!
  • Kellogg's Breakfast Tomato

    Like its potato leaf sister KBX tomato, Kellogg's Breakfast tomato just as good. Slightly less productive than KBX, Kellogg's Breakfast is still the more popular of the two. This is a perfect main crop selection for market sales or bulk growing. Vines are hard working and are bound to produce for you. Fruits are about 16 to 24 ounces, meaty and good. They lean towards the sweet side but is more balanced than you would expect from a yellow tomato. Expect ripened fruits around the 85 day mark. Sandwich ready!
  • Large Barred Boar is a tomato that we have consistently grown over the last 6 years. This is so because it's a great go-to tomato. It works well for many situations and continue to be one of our favorites for taking to the Farmers' Market. Medium sized bi-color fruits can reach 10 ounces but average about 8. They are mildly sweet, rich and delicious. Slice them for salads, sandwiches or try some dark sauce and you should be amply pleased. Vines are about 4-5 feet tall and productive. 75 days to ripen!
  • The most beautiful of bi-color fruits, no other oxheart tomato has the presence of Orange Russian 117 tomato. it's not just beautiful looker, though. Orange Russian is a good tasting tomato. It's medium-mild, slightly fruity and sweetish. Overall it has a very pleasant finish. I have grown this one for about 10 years and have always ben pleased. Fruits average about 8 ounces but many can reach close to the one pound range. Harty, skinny vines begin to ripen fruits about 85 ays after transplant. Good for sandwiches, sweet sauce, garnishing and sweeter sewed tomatoes. Great at Farmers' market! Watch out!!
  • Paul Robeson Tomato

    75 Days. If you have never heard about Paul Robeson tomato, allow me to introduce it to you. Paul Robeson has long been one of the finest heirloom tomatoes around. It is highly coveted by chefs, serious growers, fun growers and everyone who love good black tomatoes. Five feet tall vines produce 5-10 ounce, chocolate colored fruits that have superb rich flavor. They begin to ripen about 80 days after transplant and continue until frost. The is the perfect selection for any garden!.
  • Pink Bumblebee Tomato


    Pink Bumblebee Tomato

    70 Days. Without a doubt, Pink Bumblebee is one of my favorite cherry tomatoes. Firm bi-color cherries are un-apologetically fruity, sweet and juicy. There are very few cherries can stand up to Pink Bumblebee tomato. 5-6 feet tall vines are hardy, productive and have good disease resistance. A very prolific variety, this gem will produce until frost. It has worked wonders for us at our Farmers' Market, attracting tons of new and repeat customers. That's always the sign of a great tomato. Pink Bumblebee is perfect for snacking, salads. I have also used it  salsa, for drying and tons more! Feel free to check out our other cherries. Happy Gardening! See It On YouTube.
  • Snow White Cherry tomato is a beautiful white fruit that has really good flavor. These are wonderful for growing in containers too!Use cages for staking if growing this way. Vines are about 5 feet tall and prolific. I personally love these for munching and salads, but they work well for drying too! Expect ripened fruits around the 70 day mark! Try this one, you'll like it!
  • Solar Flare Tomato

    80 Days. Solar Flare tomato is a medium sized bi-color slicer that has good taste appeal. Bursting with yellow and reds, it lightens up any garden when ripened. A great sandwich tomato, this gem makes really good sauce too! Looks beautiful on a tomato platter! Hardy and prolific vines produce a huge amount of 8-16 ounce fruits that begin to ripen around mid-season. Stake well because vines will be heavy with tomatoes. I have found that these are also great for market
  • White Oxheart Tomato


    White Oxheart Tomato

    One of the whitest tomatoes that we have grown, it lives up to the oxheart family name. White Oxheart tomato is a 6 to 10 ounce fruit that is milder, sweet and delicious. It's a great candidate for tomato sandwiches and a sweet white tomato sauce. Skinny vines produce a good amount of fruits, but need to be staked early. Vines have also demonstrated good disease resistance for us. You can expect fruits all the way until frosts. These sell very well for me at the Farmers' Market too. I have had many repeat customers, just for White Oxheart. Feel free to visit our other oxhearts. This is a really good tomato! 80 Days. See It on YouTube.
  • Zapotec Tomato


    Zapotec Tomato

    75 Days. After years of growing pleated tomatoes, I now know that they mostly have one thing in common, SAUCE! With that said, Zapotec tomato is another sauce specialist! Very tall plants produce many 4-12 ounce, heavily pleated fruits that ripen after about 75 days. Plants also have good disease resistance and do excellently during the hotter and dryer months.This variety have many similarities to Yellow Accordion tomato, which is another great sauce tomato. Zapotec is also a good market variety, if you could protect them from getting squashed before you get there. My customers just love them! Fruits are on the sweet side with not too much juice. It's a great garnish and cooking tomato too!
  • 100 Pudov Tomato

    100 Pudov tomato is a very unique that is perfect, smaller slicer for many applications. Its name means 100 pounds. It's sweeter and mild. Vines are vigorous, produce a good amount, hardy and ripen their fruits in about 80 days after transplant. ours showed no signs of diseases at any time. This is a great market variety! I happen to think that this is a very under-rated tomato. Other than taste, another thing I like about is that is has a really good shelf life. I had some that easily lasted 3 weeks on my kitchen table. It's a great tomato for market sales, salsa, fresh eating, cooking and canning.  
  • Aladdin's Lamp Tomato

    Not only is Aladdin's Lamp tomato pretty, it's also very tasty. Sweet, smooth and aromatic, this tomato will blow you away with its beauty. Vines are very hardy and produce plenty of deep yellow, ruffled pear-shaped fruits that ripen in about 80 days after transplant. Think sauces and salsas. Try some right off of the vine too! Great for market sales.
  • Ananas Noire Tomato


    Ananas Noire Tomato

    Also known as "Black Pineapple", I love everything about Ananas Noire. This bi -color fruits proudly wears it's bronze, green and purple colors outside and in. When sliced, Ananas is beautifully marbled and would totally blow you away. Vines are hard working and display good disease resistance. Its sweet, rich, fruity and juicy taste presents a great balance. You can expect ripened fruits in about 80-85 days.
  • Big Rainbow Tomato


    Big Rainbow Tomato

    80 Days. When well ripened, a Big Rainbow tomato is something to see! It is not excessively big, perhaps 1 pound, but it's all you could handle. This is a great sandwich tomato and would work well in sauces, in the market, for garnishing when sliced and for fresh eating right off the vine. sweet, rich and juicy. Tall vines produce until frost!
  • Big White Pink Stripes continue to be one of my favorites! This unique fruit is produced on taller vines that are disease resistant. 1 pound fruits begin to ripen about 85 days after transplant. When well ripened, fruits have a very pale yellow color and are pink on the bottom end. Sweet,medium mild, meaty, aromatic and juicy. Stake vines well!
  • Black Cherry Tomato


    Black Cherry Tomato

    75 Days. Sweet, fruity, rich and juicy, Black Cherry tomato is an average sized cherry fruit that can hang with the best of them! It's also a favorite of many in the culinary community. Black Cherry vines are perhaps 5-6 feet tall and produce heavy crops of brownish/purple fruits that ripen relatively early. These have no problems with extended periods of heat and drought. This fruit is a little larger than chocolate cherry and not quite as intense. Vines are also very tough and  are very anxious to produce. Have no fear, they will be there at the end of the season when everything else has already gone.
  • Bloody Butcher Tomato


    Bloody Butcher Tomato

    75-Days. Bloody Butcher Tomato is a little ping pong ball sized fruit that ripens deep red and grows on potato leaf vines. Fruits are balanced, tasty and on the sweeter side. This one has a good amount of real tomato juice. I especially like the hardiness of this one. Vines just blow through any disease and continue producing clusters of 5-7 tomatoes until frost. Great little snacking and salsa tomato. Caning works well too!
  • Blush Tomato

    Blush tomato is a Fred Hempel  creation that we totally love. 1-2 inch long fruits are blushed with yellows and pinks. They are among the best tasting tomatoes that we grow each year! These are sweet, fruity and juicy, but with a very nice tangy balance. Perfect for so many things and excellent eaten right off the vine!
  • Captain Lucky Tomato


    Captain Lucky Tomato

    Captain Lucky tomato is a potato leaf variety. It produces 6-10 ounce, bi-colored, delicious slicers. Plants are robust and grow to about 5 feet tall and have shown good disease resistance for us. Tomatoes grow in clusters of about 5. They begin to ripen about 80 days after transplant. This bi-color beauty is rich, fruity and juicy. The interior of this gem is beautifully marbled with different shades of pinks on green. Perfect for garnishing, slicing, market sales, cooking and fresh eating off the vine. If you are looking for a consistent tomato that will not let you down, then this is the way to go. Also check out its sister tomato.


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