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25 Best Heirloom Market Tomato Varieties- Open Pollinated Varieties Too!

If you are a market vendor and are seeking new varieties that would hold up to the rigors of heavy hand traffic, transportation and summer conditions, this little article may interest you. Here is my list of  25 best heirloom and open pollinated market tomato varieties. As a market vendor myself, the tomatoes that I have mentioned here have all done well for me from year to year.

I must also mention that there are many varieties that would be okay for the market and I have taken some of them from time time, but the ones on this list are my old reliables or new favorites! I have also linked each one back to it’s page on our website so you can read a little more about them and see tons of  pictures. To read about each variety simply click on the name.

Below, this list you will also find a small gallery of the mentioned varieties. There will also be some additional mentions for your consideration. Thanks for reading this article.

    1. Yoder’s German Yellow.
    2. Cherokee Purple
    3. Pink Brandywine
    4. Black Cherry or Chocolate Cherry
    5. Date Fruit
    6. The Bumblebee Series
    7. Green Giant
    8. Gold Medal
    9. Rose
    10. Large Red Cherry
    11. Sandy’s Sweet Cherry
    12. Italian Giant Beefsteak
    13. Ildi
    14. Amazon Chocolate
    15. Ananas Noire
    16. Berkley Tie Dye Pink
    17. Buckeye State
    18. Curtis Cheek
    19. Amish Gold Slicer
    20. Dad’s Sunset
    21. Striped Roman
    22. Striped German
    23. Dixie Golden Giant
    24. Virginia Sweets
    25. Orange Russian 117
    26. Blue Pear
    27. Black Beauty
    28. Blue Beauty
    29. Mayo’s Delight
    30. Sweet Cream
    31. Pineapple
    32. Big Sungold Select.

Most of the selections on this list are of varieties that I have used for many years. there are some new ones in the last few years. I did replace Blush with Sweet Cream because they are similar in taste and Sweet Cream is a cleaner crack-free fruit. All in all, I try to have a nice mix of colors, sizes and textures on my list. I seek the total experience with my selections. Of course, there are many more that can be great choices for the market but on my list are the ones that I have had success with for many years. Sometimes I may grow Old German or German Head. Except for a few additions every few years, I have not deviated from this list since 2013. I wish you JOY!

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