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How Much Do Micro Dwarf Tomatoes Yield?

Curtis how much do micro dwarf tomatoes yield? Believe it or not, this is one of the most frequently asked  questions. Before I answer this question and also because this is going to be a quick chapter, will first address the most important things about growing micro dwarfs, especially indoors.

How I See Micro Dwarf Tomatoes.

Micro Dwarf Tomato Window Box RedFor me, growing micros has definitely filled a very important gap. I do most of my growing indoors and under T5 lights. So most of my winter is spent growing. When spring arrives I take the plants outside and into the greenhouse. As it gets warmer I place plants on tables or benches outside to enjoy everything natural. They do excellently outside, especially being up and off the ground. With proper care and regular watering and feeding, they can last all the way to the winter.  I do it every year.

Many Micro Dwarf tomato varieties will produce a second crop. Although it is usually not as large as the first, these tiny plants are always willing to send up new suckers that produce more tomatoes with time. One of my favorite varieties for achieving a nice sized second crop is Pinocchio Orange. This is so because the second crop is almost as large as the first. But as I said before, most will produce a second, smaller crop with time and care.

About Production.

Rosy Finch Micro

Just like other varieties of non-dwarf tomatoes, micro dwarf types produce according their genetics. Among the highest producing varieties are Bonsai, Pigmy, Vilma, Little Red Riding Hood and Mohamed. Others produce well, but not as well as these mentioned. On the highest producing plant, I think we can easily harvest a quart sized container in the first round and about a 1/4- 1/2 quart in the second round. So that’s a lot of good eating. But I look way beyond just the eating aspect.

Before I exit this section, I just want to say that one of the best aspects of growing micro dwarfs, when considering production, is not how much each plant can produce. Rather, it’s how much is the production in a small area, especially indoors. Four or five plants can easily yield the equivalent of one normal sized tomato plant, but all indoors and stress-free. But that’s not all. You can divide those five plants into different colors. So in a 2 foot by 2 foot space you can grow the same amount of tomatoes indoors, as you would outdoors in a bigger space. That’s what I consider when I am growing with production in mind.

What Micro Dwarfs Does For Me. 

Monetka-Micro-Dwarf-TomatoI started growing micro dwarf tomatoes just to have something to do in the winter. But it turned into much more than just that. What I quickly realized is that they had a much larger purpose than just curing my blues. I started realizing that people who had no gardening space wanted to grow them all year around and even in their windowsill. Then, a few kindergarten teachers contacted me, then middle school and high school. Soon, I was getting calls from a few colleges. They all wanted to use micros for educational purposes and projects. I have started looking beyond just growing micros for curing my winter blues, which it easily does.

Now I think beyond myself, to how many people can it bring into the gardening world, how many people it can help. I now seek to promote micros for quenching other peoples blues and curiosities and for educating, especially the young, hoping to bring them into gardening, and the elderly who still want to experience the joys of growing.. It’s a fantastic tool for those purposes!

I hope the question of production has been addressed here!


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