Curtis Cheek Tomato


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Curtis Cheek Tomato

Perhaps the best tomato that I have ever tasted. Beautiful, large beefsteaks that are so delicious your eyes would pop put.. Read the story below about how I got this awesome variety!!


Curtis Cheek Tomato

Curtis Cheek tomato is still #1 on my list. It’s without a doubt the best tomato that I have ever tasted. In 2002, while I was visiting a friend in Pittsburgh, I enjoyed walking around the neighborhood alone while he was at work. About 6pm one Fall evening, as it just started turning dark , I stumbled upon a lush tomato garden in someone’s backyard. As I stood in amazement, I thought I heard a frail voice whisper something. Suddenly, my eyes saw a little old man walking towards me. He was well dressed in white shirt, golfing cap and neat khakis.

As he slowly approached, he spoke again.”Can I help you”? he said. I replied in amazement, “yes sir”. I asked, “what are those?” From a somewhat hunched over position, he suddenly stood up straight and with a heavy European accent, said, “you don’t know what those are?” I said “I know they are tomatoes, but what variety”?

The Curtis Cheek Tomato Story

He then began to tell me the story. His name was Ross. He was in his 80’s and he had migrated to the States, from Russia, about 45 years prior. When he came to the USA he brought a few seeds with him and had grown them ever since. He also thought that it was necessary to tell me that he never parted with his seeds whenever he grew the plants out, except for the one time when he let his son have some. I was told that his son lived with his girlfriend at the time but, during the period when the plants just started fruiting, they broke up. Ross then asked his son to take him to his house where he pulled up and stomped on all 10 plants. He then offered me seeds from other veggies in his garden. Basil, sunflower, beet and radish seeds were offered, but not the one thing I truly wanted.

Finally The Seeds Of My Dreams.

A few minutes later, Ross asked me if I would like to taste them. In surprise, I replied, “YES!” Instead of plucking one right off the vine, he slowly walked back to his house and returned with a very thin slice with what seemed like it had no seed cavities.. Disappointed, I accepted it and place the entire thing in my mouth. I slowly started using my tongue to feel around my mouth. I thought I felt a seed but wasn’t sure. By this time my mouth was full of saliva. I said bye to him and walked away. As I went around the corner I used my tee-shirt to strain the contents in my mouth. There were two seeds. Growing them out the following Spring, only one plant made it. It was loaded with fruits! In 2010 I named them the variety Curtis Cheek tomato. The rest is history! See Upstate Oxheart Tomato.

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9 reviews for Curtis Cheek Tomato

  1. Rebecca

    This tomato is hard to kill, sweet and meaty, large fruits. Will be growing them each year with Abe Lincoln, Australian Beauty, Italian Heirloom, Amish paste and Pineapple.

  2. Russ Stokes (verified owner)

    I have been growing tomatoes for a good portion of my life. My father raised tomatoes for the cannery back in the 50’s and 60’s and also, we had a small stand where we sold tomatoes and other vegetables. During my career I managed Dutch style green houses where we grew “Rubies” for the supermarket. I have always been skeptical of heirlooms, but the story behind Curtis Creek tomato captured me. I grew one plant this year, and sure enough at first it was wispy, subject to early blight, but having the knowledge I have been able to keep this plant going. I have been amazed so far with the size and good looks of this tomato; I don’t have any ripe yet to give a taste test but stay tuned……..

  3. eighthdeadlysino

    Just WOW. The flavor of this tomato is sublime. Well balanced, perfect ratio of sweet to acid. This makes my grow-every-year list. Plant is average with production, with good disease resistance.

  4. Henry Temple III (verified owner)

    I highly recomend this variety. unique and rich tomato flavor deeper flavor tends to be towards the bottom of the tomato. this variety is easily in my top 5 of all time and some of the fruits I’ve harvested over the past 3 or 4 years have flirted with best fruit of my lifetime. wispy plants always seem to be behind at first and then they catch up. plant plenty because the variety isn’t totally stable and one in every 10 or 15 may produce small plum shaped fruit. the true shape is a large oxheart shape.

  5. Dolly Perry (verified owner)

    This tomato is one of the first ones I bought from Curtis and I loved it. I didn’t love it because it wowed me…but because it is a tremendous and dependable variety. The story compelled me to try it…but the flavor and reliability will make me grow it every year.

  6. Nancy E Cunningham (verified owner)

    Curtis Cheek is very prolific, huge fruits, and great taste!!

  7. Debra

    Love the story, and the tomato is great too! Taste, beauty and production are all there.

  8. Calvin wait

    It’s a phenomenal tomato in yield, size and taste!!!

  9. Calvin wait

    It’s a phenomenal tomato in yield, size and taste!!!

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