Antho Tomatoes

So what are antho tomatoes? Antho (anthocyanin) in tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables, is the pigment that is responsible for their color. In tomatoes, anthocyanin usually  evident by  darker colors. This display is usually on the top of  the fruits.  But where ever is exposed to direct sunlight will turn darker. Some people also refer to antho tomatoes as blue. But in general, anthocyanin is responsible for all of the colors on a tomato. Blue Beauty, Sart Roloise, Sgt Peppers, Black Beauty and  Blue Pear tomato, are all members of the antho family.

Most antho tomatoes are good to great tasting. On our farm we select the varieties are not only tasty, but prolific and hardy too. Enjoy our selection and website. Happiness and great health to you, always!

  • Easily one of the more beautiful anthos, I was glad that Afternoon delight also had good flavor. 4-10 ounce fruits were borne on 5.5 feet plants that produced heavily. Ours began ripening around 75 days from transplant. Plants were hardy and tough. These were in a waterlogged spot in our garden and made it through with flying colors when others succumbed. Fruits have very dark antho on the top side, which fades into a beautiful canary yellow on the blossom end. When sliced, Afternoon Delight tomato is beautifully bi colored, demonstrating yellows and deep pink/purplish. Taste is sweet and mild with fruity tones. This is a real beauty. Nice for slicing, garnish/plating, market sales and so much more. Try this delight in your garden this season!
  • Alices Dream Tomato


    Alice's Dream Tomato

    80 days. Alice's Dream tomato is one of the prettiest tomatoes that you will ever grow. Fruits of this antho variety even turn heads before they ripen. Beautiful yellow and orange, bi-color fruits turn darker on the top side with blushes of yellow, orange and reds on other parts of the fruit. Tomatoes are sweet and earthy with very upfront fruitiness. Vines are relatively hardy, prolific and tall. Stake well. See it on YouTube!
  • Ananas Bleue Tomato

    A nicely colored antho tomato, Ananas Bleue is a real head turner! Regular leafed, five-six feet tall plants produce abundantly and showed good disease resistance for us. Fruits are mild with some sweetness and overall, have a good flavor. Our first ripened fruits were about 70 days after transplant. These may do good in containers too with regular feeding. Try dehydrating these or using them on a pretty platter. Try a few in the garden too!
  • Aurora Blue Tomato

    Whether you love growing antho varieties, or trying them for the first time, Aurora Blue tomato will be a good selection for you. This year, 2018, I grew this variety for the first time and was pleased with its production and disease resistance. Indeterminate vines produced plenty fruits but were not excessively prolific. Fruits weighed between 6 and 14 ounces and were around until frosts. As far as taste, these are mild, with light sweetness and acidity. Perfect for sandwiches, salads and market sales. Stake these very early because they will begin blooming and holding fruits just weeks after transplant. 75 Days!  
  • Black Beauty Tomato

    If you ever want a tomato that can be used in a million ways, this would be one of them. Black beauty tomato is a pretty tomato that belongs to the anthology family. Averaging about 6 ounces, Black Beauty has mostly black on the top and fades into a pretty reddish purple on the bottom end. What a sight to see! Antho tomatoes on the same plant can vary in color intensity, so watch out for some very interesting variations!! Black beauty tomato is earthy, sweetish and has a little bit of tang. Its taste is generally richer than some many other antho varieties . Perfect for sandwiches, slicing, garnish and cooking and market sales. So if you are a vendor, your booth will be busy if you sell these! Grown using organic methods. See it on YouTube!
  • These cherry sized fruits are perfect for salad, dehydrating and snacking, especially right off the vine. Our plants fought through weeks of rain to produce good sized crops until season's end. Prolific vines are about 5 feet tall and vibrant. These begin to bloom pretty early, with our first ripened fruits emerging in early July, about 72 days after transplant. Fruits are sweetish with good tomato flavor and very little antho taste. Great Aroma too! Black Strawberry tomato plants need to be staked well for the best results. May do well in larger sized containers.
  • Blue Beauty Tomato

    Blue beauty is a chef's dream. It's pretty, tasty, relatively early and prolific. Vines are about 4-5 feet tall with darker leaves and stems. This antho variety gets darker wherever the sun hits it and mostly brownish/purple on the bottom end. I once saw a fruit that was turned upside down and it was totally black on the bottom end. When fully ripened, these are juicy, have a strong and earthy taste, with some sweetness that would work well for sandwiches.They work well other culinary purposes too. I especially like them with a little salt and pepper, right off the vine. Also a great tomato for the farmer's market!
  • Blue Chocolate Tomato

    Blue Chocolate tomato is a smaller slicing variety that is not only pretty, but has a good flavor. Its sweeter but bold with lots of juice. There are also hints of old time flavor but not strong. It's not a mild tomato so you will have plenty of pop! Another member of the anthocyanin family, Blue Chocolate vines are prolific and tall. Ours grow to about 7-8 feet and were loaded with chocolate colored fruits with darker tops. This is a great tomato for snacking in the garden, garnishing, salsa, drying for powder and salads when sliced. Try some, you'll like them!
  • Blue Fire Tomato

    Blue Fire tomato is a beautiful and unique antho slicer that is worth growing. 3-6 ounce oblate fruits are borne on skinny, productive vines. This variety can easily be identified by its intense speckling. As they begin to ripen, fruits begin to look more speckled, turning every head that sees them. Plants can be 6 feet tall and begin to ripen fruits about 75 days after transplant. Fruits are not fully ripened  until they have turned a delightful red and black with brownish speckles. These are great for garnishing, salads, fresh eating and excellent for market sales. Milder but balanced!
  • Blue Keyes Tomato

    I grew Blue Keyes tomato for the first time in 2018 and it's going to be on my list again for 2019. This time I will be taking them to the market. Tiny antho, cherry fruits, are so uniquely colored that they always turn heads. In addition, they are perfect little pear shaped things. Bottom ends are a mix of green, orange and some antho striping that is like a work of art. Blue Keyes taste good too! They are somewhat earthy, acidic with sweet undertones and on the mild side. These are perfect for canning, dehydrating, salads, garnish, fresh salsa and more. But the way I enjoy them best is right off the vine on a cool morning. These will also grow well in larger containers. Try a 4-5 gallon size or larger! Go for it!  
  • Blue Pear Tomato


    Blue Pear Tomato

    My absolute favorite of the 2017 season, Blue Pear Tomato was truly something to behold. Beautiful and mostly clean pear shaped fruits, are different shades of black and reds, with each color fading into each other. A member of the antho family, Blue Pear Tomato should be in everyone's garden. Bred by Ruslan Doohov, one of Europe's premier breeders, Blue pear fruits realize their richest colors colors when fully ripened.  Vines were very disease resistant and prolific. In fact it took a second, heavier frost to take them out. Blue Pear is sweet, juicy, rich and very satisfying. It's a very pleasing tomato through and through. If you have never tried these, you deserve to! Check out our images. We are proud to have grown them right here at Renaissance Farms.
  • Blue Sun Tomato

    Blue Sun tomato is another new antho variety that we have introduced in 2018. Smaller sized slicing tomatoes are a lovely lime green when fully ripened and sliced. On its exterior, fruits have some nice antho on the top side and a beautiful like green on its bottom end. Juicy and milder with some sweetness, Blue Sun has a very pleasing after-taste that is a bit difficult for me to describe. Indeterminate plants were prolific and hardy. From season's start to end, our plants had no issues. our first ripened fruits appeared around 75 days after transplant. From that point they kept coming!  
  • Brad's Atomic Grape tomato is, in my opinion, one of the best tasting antho varieties that there is. It has a good mixture of sweets and acids with very good balance. The perfect tomato for snacking in the garden  salads, dehydrating and tons more. It's also a very good candidate for market sales! About 2 inch elongated fruits are about one inch around. The perfect specimens have very dark, top antho, when well ripened are tri-colored black, orange and green. A truly pretty fruit!. Plants are hardy, about four feet tall and very productive. Expect first ripened fruits about 70 days after transplant.
  • 75 Days. If you are wanting to try something different in your garden, Chestnut Chocolate tomato may be the way for you to go. Tall vines produce tons of anthocyanin tomatoes that are dark on the top and chocolate colored in their bottom end. When fruits are ripened their bottom ends changes to a chocolate color. Feel a few and soon you will be a pro. This tomato has a fresh, earthy taste with a sweet finish. Great of salsa, fresh eating, slicing and drying, cooking and garnishing.
  • Cosmic Eclipse Tomato

    Cosmic Eclipse tomato is an average to larger sized cherry variety.  It's also in the antho family. I wasn't sure what I would get when I grew these out, but I was game! Our vines produced prolifically and never really stopped until the weather got cooler at nights. Plants also showed good disease resistance, especially to early and late blight. Cosmic Eclipse is great for canning, salads, fresh eating, garnishing and so much more. It truly is an all purposed variety. Our market sales did well with these also. It's taste was also good for an antho. Will grow again! See it on YouTube!
  • Cosmos Tomato

    Cosmos tomato is a fine antho variety that I attained from a friend who got them from a seed bank. These large-sized cherries are ideal for salads and snacking. The will also be great for garnish and canning while or halved. Productive plants start producing and ripening white early and never stop. Get your baskets ready because they never stop coming. Taste is mild, sweet and all-around good. This tomato goes a long way in avoiding the usual antho taste, so I like that a lot. Expect ripened fruits around 75 days from transplant and like I said, expect a lot!
  • Dark Galaxy Tomato


    Dark Galaxy Tomato

    75 Days. Dark Galaxy is a unique, mottled tomato, that looks like something from another planet. Meanwhile, here on earth it is a good tomato. I was very skeptical when I first grew these so I only grew two plants. Fruits were nice sweeter and earthy so I grew them again the following year. These will turn heads, in the garden or market. Perfect for garnish, sliced up in salads and for fresh eating. A huge hit at our farmers market. Chefs are especially interested in them!
  • Dark Tiger Tomato

    Dark Tiger tomato is a visually appealing, antho variety. I especially like it because if it's good flavor, which is very low on the "antho taste". These are meaty, sweet, earthy and have nice balance too. I could see these doing well in containers. Fruits are pretty have turned lots of heads in our garden. Expect first ripened fruits about 75 days after transplant. This is a good choice for salads, fresh eating, garnishing, cooking, fresh salsa and even market sales. Fruits are medium-firm. Planting in full sun can definitely enhance the colors of your fruits. Certainly worth growing!!
  • Dirty Curty Tomato


    Dirty Curty Tomato

    I was sent seeds for this tomato by my breeder friend from Europe. He said I could name it whatever I wanted to. When I grew it out it turned out to be it turned out to be a anthocyanin variety. Mild with sweet intonations, it is a very pleasant tomato that I will definitely grow again. With streaky dark tops that faded into blotches and blended into a light pink, sealed the deal for me. I called it Dirty Curty. Welcome!
  • Easily one of my favorite dwarf varieties in 2018, Dwarf Shadow Boxing tomato thrilled me from start to finish. I really loved the foliage on these babies. Plants produced 2 inch long plum shaped fruits were a bit late to ripen. When they finally started to turn, the most beautiful tri-colored antho fruits emerged.  They were firm and plump with a good, sweet and balanced taste. I Made some really great salsa with them. These will work great for garnishing, cooking, dehydrating, canning and more. The best part of all, is that plants are prolific and indeterminate, so you will have plenty tomatoes until the end of the growing season. Must grow these!
  • Another of my favorites in 2018, Dwarf Striped Antho tomato kept my attention all season long. Short plants suitable for growing in containers also, produced round and slightly oblate fruits, that displayed nice antho on their top side. On the blossom end they were a beautiful red and yellowish striping. That combination certainly lit up our garden. Our plants were about 2-2.5 feet tall, had rugose, regular leaves, but not thick foliage. These started ripening around 72 days from transplant and continued until season's end. Dwarf Striped Antho is perfect for snacking, canning, garnish, market sales and so much more. Fruits are mildly sweet and fruity, with some beautiful earthy undertones.
  • Flander's Contrast tomato is very unique in its looks. The green version of Blue Pear, this beauty is certainly a head-turner. Pear shaped fruits with antho tops, display varying levels of darkness. They begin to ripen about 72 days after transplant. Vines are about 6 feet tall and never stop producing until frosts. Fruits are mildly sweet, juicy and have a really good texture. Staking is essential because plants are relatively skinny.This is certainly a fine tomato for fresh salsa, garnishing, dehydrating, tomato juice and tons more. Try eating some straight off of the vine, very pleasing! Definitely worth growing!
  • Gargamel Tomato

    One of the prettiest antho varieties that I have grown out, Gargamel tomato certainly is a pleasure to have in my garden. This beautiful tri-colored fruit is an attention grabber when fully ripened. Plum shaped fruits are abundant on their vines. I really like how Gargamel stood up to diseases. That, along with is good taste and production are some of the reasons why it will be returning to my gardens in 2019. Good salad tomato, great for garnish, snacking, cooking, canning and more. Truly a multi-purposed variety. Ours began to ripen on day 73 after transplanting. Worth growing for sure! See it on Youtube!
  • Gold Berries Tomato


    Gold Berries Tomato

    A small cherry anthocyanin fruit that turns darker on top and yellow on the bottom end, Gold Berries tomato is a pleasure to grow and eat. Sweeter, slightly fruity and juicy fruits are perfect for salads. Chefs love to use these for garnishing. Try slicing them in half then drying them. Really nice! Plants are not to tall and produce clusters of 5 tomatoes that ripen after 65-70 days after transplant. This is a great market variety too!
  • Golden Tiger Tomato

    70 - 75 Days. A really beautiful little tomato, Golden Tiger is something to see! On the mild side, this tomato has a really pleasing taste. It has thin skin and an after-taste that is difficult for me to describe. All I know is that I love it! A member of the anthocyanin family, fruits have different shades of darkened tops. Long, sunny summer days, definitely benefits the looks of this tiger! Our vines began to ripen their fruits around the 72 day mark. Perfect little slicing and salad tomato!
  • Great Blue Tomato

    70 - 75 Days. Great Blue tomato was sent to my by my friend woh lives in France. I grew them out in 2017 and totally over them. They are fruity, with strong up-front balanced flavors. Very delicious. A member of the Anthocyanin family, Great Blue Tomato has darker tones on the top side that neatly fades into beautiful greens on the bottom. This tomato is four to six ounces of deliciousness! Hard working vines have good disease resistance! Salsa, green sauce, slicing for sandwiches, garnish and dried tomato flakes would be great using this one!


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