Dirty Curty Tomato


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Dirty Curty Tomato

I was sent seeds for this tomato by my breeder friend from Europe. He said I could name it whatever I wanted to. When I grew it out it turned out to be it turned out to be a anthocyanin variety. Mild with sweet intonations, it is a very pleasant tomato that I will definitely grow again. With streaky dark tops that faded into blotches and blended into a light pink, sealed the deal for me. I called it Dirty Curty. Welcome!


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Dirty Curty Tomato

In the summer of 2016 was sent seeds for a mystery tomato by my breeder friend who lives in Europe. He said I that I could name it whatever felt right. So I had to study it for a while. Its colors are just amazing! Beautiful bi-colored fruits were anthocyanin weigh about 3-6 0unces. They are milder with sweet intonations and balanced! Juice is there too! Overall,it’s a good with a fresh, smooth feel. It’s streaky dark tops that fades into blotches of dark, then blends into a light pink. That color combination sealed the deal for me! Appropriately, it was called Dirty Curty tomato.  “Dirty C” is certainly worth growing. Give it a shot! Feel free to visit our Antho Category for more interesting and delicious varieties.

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