Antho Tomatoes

So what are antho tomatoes? Antho (anthocyanin) in tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables, is the pigment that is responsible for their color. In tomatoes, anthocyanin usually  evident by  darker colors. This display is usually on the top of  the fruits.  But where ever is exposed to direct sunlight will turn darker. Some people also refer to antho tomatoes as blue. But in general, anthocyanin is responsible for all of the colors on a tomato. Blue Beauty, Sart Roloise, Sgt Peppers, Black Beauty and  Blue Pear tomato, are all members of the antho family.

Most antho tomatoes are good to great tasting. On our farm we select the varieties are not only tasty, but prolific and hardy too. Enjoy our selection and website. Happiness and great health to you, always!


14/2/2021: Hi everyone. Just a quick note to say that due to COVID-19, we are still running behind on orders. Presently, processing time is about 5 days plus shipping. Please consider this before making your order. ~Curtis T Maters

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