• Earliest Of All Tomato


    Earliest Of All Tomato

    If you are looking for an early variety with good production and taste, try Earliest Of All tomato. Though not the earliest in our garden, these were still very early. Ours started ripening about 68 days from transplant. Short plants produced larger cherries that are tart and strong. Ours did get slightly sweeter as the season progressed. Texture is good. These are perfect for canning, cooking, juicing and fresh eating. Nice short-season variety!
  • Bloody Butcher Tomato


    Bloody Butcher Tomato

    75-Days. Bloody Butcher Tomato is a little ping pong ball sized fruit that ripens deep red and grows on potato leaf vines. Fruits are balanced, tasty and on the sweeter side. This one has a good amount of real tomato juice. I especially like the hardiness of this one. Vines just blow through any disease and continue producing clusters of 5-7 tomatoes until frost. Great little snacking and salsa tomato. Caning works well too!
  • Green Giant Tomato

    When it comes to outstanding tomatoes, it would be hard to find many green when ripened varieties that are better than Green Giant tomato. Large, oblate, green fruits can reach more than one pound but average 12-16 ounces. This perfect sandwich variety is always very high on our list. Plants are tall and have potato leaves. Ours always display good disease resistance and produce until fall. Green Giant is a great producer too, bearing plenty clusters of 3 or 4 fruits that begin to ripen about 85 days after transplant. Stake and feed well and you will be amply rewarded. Highly RecommendedSee it on YouTube!
  • Delta Dwarf Tomato

    I grew Delta Dwarf tomato for the first time in 2018 and it took me by surprise. For one thing, my plants did not look anything like I thought they would. They were very vibrant and sprawling. They never crossed 4 feet tall, but were very bushy! When they started ripening and I started snacking, I had another surprise. Bi-colored fruits were very tasty, with great balance and perfect for snacking. Their interiors, when fully ripened, were marbled and very aromatic. Plants kept producing all season long. They were about the last to show any signs of fading in our garden. Delta Dwarf is certainly one that I will grow each year. These are perfect for snacking, delicious fresh salsa, dehydrating, cooking, garnishing and more.  Try them!
  • Brandywine Purple tomato, is a one pound tomato that can easily get bigger. Meaty and flavorful beefsteaks are perfect for slicing and sandwiches. But they will make some fantastic, fresh salsa also. Fruits are sweetish, firmer and have excellent balance, with a little fruitiness. I love the aroma of these when fully ripened! Fruits do not have a lot of seeds so grow a few extra plants if you are a seed saver! It will be well worth it! Plants produce a good amount of fruits that take about 85 days to ripen. Good disease resistance, tall vines so stake well. Produces until season's end. A Must Grow!
  • Green Gables Tomato


    Green Gables Tomato

    Green Gables tomato is a very delicious green variety that every should try. This 5-10 ounce fruit is sweet, a little fruity and satisfying. Bred by Jason Haynes, this is truly a nice producer! Potato leaved plants are hardy and prolific. Ours were just under 6 feet tall. A perfect tomato for slicing, it also shines in green tomato sauce, on sandwiches, for cooking and garnish. I especially love its wonderful aroma when fully ripened. For those who have never tried a green when ripened tomato variety, this would be a great way to start. Stake and feed well and you should be well rewarded.  You cant go wrong with this beauty. Plant a few, get your baskets ready and get ready for the ride!
  • Brandywine Cherry Tomato is a high producing variety that totally caught me by surprise. Vibrant and recognizable potato leafed plants have deep green foliage and skinny, tall vines. They produced so many fruits that I just stopped harvesting them after a while. I just couldn't keep up with these. Between this variety, Porter (Charles Herring)  and Piennolo Del Vesuvio, I just didn't have time to harvest anything else. They were all so prolific! Additionally, they taste very good. Large sized cherries are perfect for snacking, cooking, salads and more. Flavor is complete and balanced. A very pleasing experience with Brandywine Cherry. Nice multi-purposed variety. Definitely worth growing!
  • Variegated rugose leaves of green and white is what you will experience when you grow out Dwarf Elsie's Fancy tomato plants. I never really got a chance to take pictures of plants but they are very beautiful and unique. Fruits are smooth and tasty, with hints of the tropics. I loved its production in 2021 and found it to be a very good little slicer. Taste is sweet, fruity with some acids in there too. For us, this wasn't a very mild tomato and it was very, very good. Our 3feet tall plants had an indeterminate growth habit and produced nicely all season long and until first frost. These will work wonderfully in containers too. NOTE: You must grow these and check out the beautiful green and white leaves!
  • When I  first heard about someone sharing  Cherokee Purple Potato Leaf tomato seeds, I was very skeptical. Nonetheless, I decided to try them. What I got was prolific plants that produced dark colored, 8-12  ounce fruits that were tasty, sweeter and juicy. They had very good flavor but different texture to Cherokee Purple. Potato leafed plants were very disease resistant and never showed any signs of diseases. As evidence that this is a good tomato, it was one of the few varieties that raccoons attacked in our garden. Raccoons do not touch our tomatoes if they are not tasty. They kept returning these plants night after night. These are great for sandwiches, sauces, market sales and more.  
  • African Queen Tomato


    African Queen Tomato

    Just so you would know, out of about 120 new varieties for 2020/2021, African Queen tomato is the very first listing. This is so because it is one of the most memorable varieties for our season. I love everything about this variety. 1-1.5 pound fruits grow on healthy potato leafed vines that can reach 6 feet. Production is fantastic and non-stop. One of the earliest large varieties to ripen for us. Our plants were loaded from the very bottom, all the way to the very top. Excellent disease resistance. Taste is very balanced and memorable. Not too sweet or acidic. Texture is superb, just waiting for you to bite into. Excellent choice for sandwiches, market sales and a lot more. Perfect as a main crop. You must grow this one!!  
  • Dark Stripe Sweetheart Tomato

    A beautifully bi-colored fruit, Dark Stripe Sweetheart tomato is packed with excellent flavor. This rich, sweet and complexed tasting fruit, is a great snacker! Our prolific potato leafed plants produced 4-6 ounce tomatoes that were a pleasure to see and eat. Vines were about 6 feet tall and produced bunches of 5-7. When fully ripened, these are purple with green striping. I also love it's aroma. Even thought Dark Stripe Sweetheart is on the smaller side, it is perfect for sandwiches. It would be a great choice for market sales, garnish, cooking and tons more. You can't go wrong with this one!
  • Gary’O Sena Tomato


    Gary'O Sena Tomato

    Blessed with outstanding flavor and super production, Gary'O Sena is a beautifully blended combination of Brandywine and Cherokee Purple, its parents. It's actually one of the best black tomatoes that I have tasted in a long time. Ours ripened pretty early too! Its breeder, Keith Mueller, did a wonderful job with this one! Potato leafed plants are huge producers of 6-14 ounce fruits that are clean and blemish-free. Perfect market variety if you are a vendor, and even more perfect for sandwiches! Even I, as a big tomato grower, has found it difficult to think about a lot of better black tomatoes.  This is also an outstanding choice for sandwiches or just fresh eating. One of my top choices for 2020. If you haven't grown these, you must!
  • Olive Hill Tomato


    Olive Hill Tomato

    Olive Hill Tomato is a deep pink, large beefsteak with excellent flavor. Originating in Kentucky USA, most of our fruits were in the one pound (16 ounce) range. Potato leafed plants are around 6 feet tall and produce a plenty. These will need extra support. Flavor is old fashioned, rich and balanced. Clean, blemished free fruits! A great choice to do whatever you wish. I had a couple of these in the garden, excellent! Made  many sandwiches with these too, always great! Another one that I will grow again in 2021.
  • PPP X PP”C” Tomato


    PPP X PP"C" Tomato

    PPP X PP"C" tomato is a mid-sized, wonderful black variety that averages 10 ounces. Flavor is very rich, with complex balanced taste of sweet and tart. A full flavored variety, you will like this one! Potato leafed plants produce a good amount of fruits, which, when transplanted in early May, begin to ripen in mid July. So it's about a 80 day fruition from transplant. Plants are about 6 feet tall and vibrant. I would say that this tomato is one of the better black varieties I have experienced in many years! I accidentally planted twice as many plants in 2020 and did not regret it. These plants produced so many tomatoes I could share a lot! Good disease resistance and they mind heat! Aroma is fantastic! Everyone should grow some of these!
  • KARMA Purple Multiflora Tomato

    In 2020 we grew about 130 new varieties. The very first to ripen was KARMA Purple Multiflora tomato. These were closely followed by others in the KARMA series. So what's the KARMA series? It's a line of tomatoes that's a result of a collaborative work done by Karen Olivier of Canada and Marsha Eisenberg of Plantation Florida.  Purple Multiflora is a rich, full tasting tomato that is excessively prolific. These are wonderful snacks that kept me eating all summer long. Our plants produced up to 25 per bunch and were always loaded. Easily a 70 day tomato, these will be great too for making tomato preserves. Perfect for market sales, especially earlier. Recommended for northern gardens too! Be one of the first to grow this new line, you'll love it!
  • True Black Brandywine Tomato

    One of my new favorites, I first grew True Black Brandywine tomato in 2020. Because it carries the Brandywine name, I expect it to be excellent, and it was! The 5 feet tall, potato plants,  produced a nice amount of 10 ounce, deep brown fruits. They were pretty and mostly blemished free. Aroma on fully ripened fruits were fantastic. I made some awesome fresh salsa with these! I also made some super tomato sandwiches with True Black Brandywine.  If you are seeking a hardy, easy to handle, delicious variety, please check these out!
  • Aunt Ginny's Purple Tomato

    There is so much that I can say about this German variety, but I will start with its dependability. If you need a tomato that's going to produce for you, even in tough conditions, Aunt Ginny's Purple tomato is a great choice! Ripened fruits are deep pink and can reach one pound. Ours averaged 10-14 ounces. Taste is rich, and sweeter, with excellent texture. Mildly acidic. I love these so much! Plants are potato leafed and about 6 feet tall. One of the last varieties to make it to first frost this year. There were still tons of green ones on the plants after frost.
  • Karma Miracle Tomato


    Karma Miracle Tomato

    What a fine tasting variety! KARMA Miracle tomato is another excellent production by Canadian breeder Karen Olivier and Marsha Eisenberg of Plantation Florida. Together, these two dedicated women created the KARMA series. Miracle is perhaps my favorite because its taste is top of the line and it's also super beautiful too. Tall, wispy potato leafed vines, have staying power and produced well in 2020. These began to ripen around 72 days from transplant. They will also do well in northern gardens. Now, back to taste! Some fruitiness, nice balance, complete experience, satisfying. Get ready to harvest a lot of larger sized cherries, all season long! A Winner for sure!
  • Karma Apricot Tomato


    Karma Apricot Tomato

    Another stunning variety by Karen Olivier and Marsha Eisenberg, KARMA Apricot tomato is a beauty to behold. I also happen to think that this tomato has the perfect name. This potato leafed variety should do well in northern gardens! Plants are tall and produce nicely all season long. They begin to ripen fruits about 75 days after transplant. KARMA Apricot is mildly sweet, with delicious fruity undertones. Texture is nice too! Perfect cherry for salads, snacking, preserves and garnish. Tall plants so stake early and well!
  • Casey's Pure Yellow Tomato

    Casey's Pure Yellow Tomato is a supper tasting variety. I am so happy to have grown this one. Potato leafed yellows always produce some of the best tasting tomatoes, Casey's is no different. Full flavored, sweeter fruits, have superb texture too! These begin to ripen about 80-85 days from transplant, but fear not, you will really love them! Disease resistance is fantastic, indeterminate plants are a little on the taller size but produce nicely. You will get a good crop from these! Awesome for sandwiches!  Please share your garden with someone, today!
  • Butterworth's Potato Leaf Tomato

    Butterworth's Potato Leaf tomato produces big yields of 1 pound and bigger tomatoes. Plants are large and hardy. Our plants demonstrated really good disease resistance and seemed to love the hotter days! Fruits have the classic old-style beefsteak flavor, that is well balanced, rich and desirable. This tomato is a sandwich champion, all day every day! Great choice as a main crop because of its huge production, crack /split resistance and fine taste!  You cant go wrong with Butterworths's, it's like butter!
  • KARMA Peach Tomato


    KARMA Peach Tomato

    The largest of the KARMA series, KARMA Peach surely is a peach! Another of the Karen Olivier and Marsha Eisenberg collaborative works, this is a potato leafed variety. Mildly sweet, with softer smooth texture when well ripened, it has a really nice fruity finish that is memorable. Peach was also the latest to ripen. Overall it was still an earlier variety, only trailing the others by about 8 days. Expect tall wispy, vines with good production! I enjoyed this one, especially right off the vine!
  • Blue Ridge Mountain Tomato

    Blue Ridge Mountain tomato was a very nice find for us this year. Wonderful tasting, smooth, pink fruits weigh between 12 and 16 ounces. These are full flavored with good old fashioned taste. Potato leafed plants are prolific, grow to about 6 feet tall and demonstrated nice disease resistance for us.  These are perfect beefsteaks tomatoes that would also do well in many different settings. On sandwiches they are great! Although I only ate them fresh and had sandwiches with them. I could see this variety being  a very good cooking tomato. If you are a tomato addict, you will not regret growing these. Recommended!
  • Since I hadn't really seen Georgia Green Cherry tomato anywhere online, I decided to give them a try. I was also very excited about them because I love growing potato leafed varieties. I also found it interesting because it was a green when ripened PL and cherry variety too. This large sized cherry has a very pretty exterior. On its inside, Georgia Green Cherry is lime green and aromatic. Fruits were sweeter but mild, yet its flavor was big. No blemishes! These came on a little later but was well worth the wait. One of the hardiest varieties for me in 2021. Not many seeds. Let's help to make this one popular. It's a true find!
  • Mrs Benson Tomato

    What a ride I had growing Mrs Benson tomato! Easily one of the most memorable varieties in 2021. Potato leafed plants were huge producers of one pound fruits, a few were larger. This gem could easily be a main crop for vendors. As far as taste, Mrs Benson didn't disappoint. We sliced many of ours, only to experience a full flavored tomato with very nice texture and aroma when fully ripened. This tomato left nothing to be desired. Balanced and inviting! Totally worth re-growing, and I will in 2022! A must try! Highly Recommended!
  • Elgin Pink Tomato

    Elgin Pink is a very, very good tomato. Seriously one of the best for us in 2021. In doing some research for this variety, I discovered that there are two leaf types, regular and potato. Our version is Potato leafed and produced large crops of some of the best tasting beefsteaks that were consistently about 14-16 ounces. Plants were very hard working and vigorous. These came on a bit late but were totally worth waiting for. I would definitely recommend these as a main crop for market, as I already know you will have big production and lots of return customers. Stake well and be ready for some really outstanding tomatoes that would make kick-butt sandwiches. Try these!
  • Spudatula Black Tomato

    Spudatula Black Tomato is another great tasting variety. Its taste is earthy, with nice old tomato flavor. Slices very nice for sandwiches. My plants were potato leafed, about 5 feet tall and prolific. Our first fruits began to ripen about 75 days after transplant. As far s disease, potato leafed varieties always do better for me, so this one stood up well to the conditions, and even through weeks of heavy rain and even more weeks of intense heat and humidity. I am definitely growing this one again. Nice smooth texture for slicing. I love it!
  • Daniels Tomato

    Full flavored, old fashioned and complete is how I would describe Daniels tomato. Large fruits can weigh up to 2 pounds but are more often between 14 and 24 ounces. These have very good texture and are perfect for sandwiches. Potato leafed plants are about 5 feet or taller and produce plenty of smooth pink fruits. Good disease resistance and dependable variety that would be a hit at your farmers market. If you are looking for a really good sandwich tomato, here it is! Add it to your list.


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