Green Tomatoes

Some of the best tomatoes that I have ever tasted were green when ripened (GWR) varieties. Cultivars such as Malakhitovaya Shkatulka, Aunt Ruby’s Green German and Cherokee Lime, are so delicious, that you would never stop eating them. Green when ripened tomatoes also come in different sizes and shapes. Unfortunately, this category is not as popular as many other colors. Personally, I would love more people to try them. So we have chosen some of the best GWR varieties for you to sample. My hope is that they can be sampled and eventually promoted, so that they can gain more notoriety. So if you have never tasted a green when ripened tomato, jump in. You’d thank me!


14/2/2021: Hi everyone. Just a quick note to say that due to COVID-19, we are still running behind on orders. Presently, processing time is about 5 days plus shipping. Please consider this before making your order. ~Curtis T Maters

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