• Arkansas Traveler tomato is a very hardy and dependable varieties that exist. It's easily the easiest variety for me to describe. Our prolific vines have always displayed great disease resistance. Spotless fruits ripen to a nice rose pink color after about 75 days. It has a true old time rich flavor, which includes plenty of juice and aroma! These should be staked well and may do good in bigger containers! This has for a very long time been one of my most reliable varieties for me and farmers around the globe. Even in your very toughest years of too much heat, rain and humidity, these will produce for you. Don't let your garden fail you, try these!!
  • Armenian Tomato

    Armenian is a big bi-color tomato tomato that proudly displays it true colors inside and out! A very sweet variety, Armenian can weigh as much as 18 ounces and begin to ripen after 85 days. When sliced, you will experience some of the prettiest marbling of deep reds and yellows. Also fruity, meaty and very juicy. Great sandwich tomato! Perfect for the market!
  • Ashleigh Tomato

    One of our favorites here at Renaissance Farms, Ashleigh tomato is certainly a multi-purposed variety. Large red and meaty beefsteaks grow on thick, tall vines. They will delight you with good old fashioned, rich flavor! Tomatoes can weigh as much 24 ounces and begin to ripen around 80-85 days. Ashley is the perfect market tomato. Although it takes a little longer to ripen, you are certain to appreciate the wait. Vines produce thick, meaty and sandwich ready beauties, that are so good that you will bite your fingers! Ashley tomato is great for sauces too! You wouldn't be disappointed with this one! If you love large tomatoes check out these.
  • Astro Arugula


    Astro Arugula

    Astro Arugula is a nutty and slightly spicy variety. It has leaves that are less lobed than other varieties and baby leaves can be clipped as earl as 3 weeks after sowing. One of my personal varieties, I have tried this Astro in salads and sandwiches more times that I can remember! It loves cooler weather so seeds can be sowed directly into the garden in early spring. A beautiful addition to any herb garden. Try some again in early fall by planting seeds towards the middle to end of August. A beautiful treat, even on pizzas etc!
  • Aunt Eula's Rockhouse Yellow Tomato is a larger yellow variety with milder and sweet taste. These are great for anyone not liking too much acid in their tomatoes. A few of our fruits exceeded the 1 pound mark, but most were between 8 and 14 ounces. These make prefect sandwich companions and not too many seeds. If you like your tomatoes big yellow and sweeter, you may find this one appealing. 82 days to first ripened fruits. Indeterminate, productive vines produces until season's end.
  • Aunt Ginny's Purple Tomato

    There is so much that I can say about this German variety, but I will start with its dependability. If you need a tomato that's going to produce for you, even in tough conditions, Aunt Ginny's Purple tomato is a great choice! Ripened fruits are deep pink and can reach one pound. Ours averaged 10-14 ounces. Taste is rich, and sweeter, with excellent texture. Mildly acidic. I love these so much! Plants are potato leafed and about 6 feet tall. One of the last varieties to make it to first frost this year. There were still tons of green ones on the plants after frost.
  • Aunt Ruby's German Green tomato isn't just one of the best green when ripened tomatoes, for me, it's one of the best tomatoes period. An all time classic, this large beefsteak will fulfill your every tomato desire. Vines are foliage dense and thick. Fruits weigh between 10 and 20 ounce. When fully ripened, Aunt Rubys German Green is greenish with pink blushes on the bottom end.
  • Aunt Swarlo's Polish Plum Tomato

    A wonderful, large oxheart that can range from blunt to perfectly heart shaped. Fruits can weigh as much as 2 pounds. Sweet flesh that lends itself to sweet thick sauce and stew. Like Goatbag , Aunt Swarlo's Polish Plum tomato is a later variety, ripening its fruits around 90-95 days from  transplant. Plants have wispy leaves and  are are about 6 feet tall. Sweet, old-fashioned flavor with nice tasty meat! A true treat if you can wait!
  • Auranticum Tomato


    Auranticum Tomato

    Auranticum tomato was a standout for us in 2018. We are introducing seeds in 2019. Five feet tall, multiflora plants, produce more delicious cherry tomatoes than you could harvest. Fruits are produced in bunches of 20-50 or perhaps more. Taste is sweet and fruity with mild tang. These are perfect for salads, snacking, canning and so much more. A perfect treat for market vendors. Great if your need is less plants and more production!
  • Auria Dwarf Tomato

    75 Days. Auria Dwarf tomato plant is a short tree type plant with rugose, regular leaves. 2.5 feet tall plants produce a big crop of 2-3 inch long, elongated fruits, that are bright red when ripened. Tomatoes are firm, dry and sweet with few seeds. Auria is perfect for sauces. In fact I have made some of the best spaghetti sauce with these. Perfect for 4-5 gallon containers.
  • Aurora Blue Tomato

    Whether you love growing antho varieties, or trying them for the first time, Aurora Blue tomato will be a good selection for you. This year, 2018, I grew this variety for the first time and was pleased with its production and disease resistance. Indeterminate vines produced plenty fruits but were not excessively prolific. Fruits weighed between 6 and 14 ounces and were around until frosts. As far as taste, these are mild, with light sweetness and acidity. Perfect for sandwiches, salads and market sales. Stake these very early because they will begin blooming and holding fruits just weeks after transplant. 75 Days!  
  • Aurora Fire Marigold


    Aurora Fire Marigold

    Aurora Fire Marigold is among the prettiest of garden flowers. A great animal and insect repellant in the garden, Aurora Fire is short growing (perhaps 1-2 feet tall). Its blooms are about 2 inches wide. plant a row or intermingle them in your garden as a repellant to common critters. These will bloom all the way till frost.
  • Aztek Micro Dwarf Tomato

    Out Of Stock! Aztek micro dwarf tomato is a sweet, juicy and kind of fruity. It's really a lot of fun to grow! Plants grow to about 8 inches tall. They are loaded with beautiful fruits that are whitish when green.  You can expect your first ripened fruits about 65- 70 days after transplant. Once the plant begins to ripen its tomatoes, you will be blessed with an abundance of very tasty fruits. Sweet and firmest with good balance, Aztek is perfect for snacking on or salads, jams, jellies and canning. Like some other dwarf varieties, you may also be blessed with a second, smaller crop if you feed and water often. Ours have always been grown in 3/4 gallon containers and do exceptionally well. We grow both outdoors and under lights indoors during the winter. Many more awesome micro dwarf varieties awaiting you, Here!
  • B’Lev Tomato

    B'Lev oxheart is a variety that was sent to us by our European friend. It is a smooth, pretty fruit that grow on skinny, wispy leaved vines. B'Lev tomato packs superb flavor. It's meaty, dense and sweet with great overall balance. It's a perfect slicing variety. One of the best oxhearts that I have tasted in quite a while. Great for eating off the vine! Prolific and hardy vines.
  • Baby Aji Amarillo Pepper

    One of my favorite peppers in 2020. Baby Aji Amarillo is a very tasty pepper with medium heat! Productive, short plants produce what seems like hundreds of 2 inch long, canary yellow fruits that are perfect for cooking, drying and fresh salsa. Ours were started ripening around the end of July. We planted them in early May. Make some great tomato powder and flakes too. Really nice flavor and not overwhelmingly hot! Try bring up a few, green or ripened. Nice!
  • Growing to only about 3 inches, Baby micro dwarf  tomato is perhaps the smallest plant of all the micro dwarf varieties. But don't let the tiny plant size lull you to sleep. This is a very willing producer of pretty red cherry tomatoes. Fruits are tangy, juicy and mildly sweet. They keep very well after harvest. Grows perfectly in half gallon containers. In my opinion, there is no advantage to using a larger container.  Great in salads and eaten of of the plant.
  • Bali Tomato


    Bali Tomato

    Bali tomato is a heavy producing Indonesian cultivar. Indeterminate 3.5 - 5 feet tall plants have regular leaves. They produce large clusters of fruits all summer long. Fruits have heavy ribbing and are raspberry pink when fully ripened and have very nice aroma. On the acidic side. A pleasure!
  • Banana Legs Tomato

    Banana Legs tomato is a determinate variety that can out-produce anything. 2.5 feet tall plants produce elongated fruits that ripen to a beautiful canary yellow. Plants still need to be staked because they are prolific and quickly become top heavy. Fruits are milder and sweetish with a very satisfying finish. They are perfect for canning, cooking, garnish and even market sales. Banana Legs also keeps pretty well after harvest. Try some yellow, mild tomato sauce with these. It's so good. You can expect your first ripened fruits about 72 days after transplant. These grow well in containers also. I recommend 3 gallons and larger.  This is a good multipurpose tomato!
  • Banskia Queen Dwarf tomato is a pretty yellow fruit that bears on vines that are about 3 feet tall. Even though it's a dwarf variety, it definitely has to be staked because its tomatoes are large and its production is good. Plants have rugose leaves and none of ours have ever showed signs of diseases. Our biggest fruits have been around 10 ounces and smallest around 4. When it comes to taste, it is milder, a bit tangy, with sweet undertones. It is a great salsa, sandwich, and cooking tomato, and if you have any left over, take them to the market--they'll do well. One quick note, for the last three years, we have sold literally thousands of dwarf tomato plants at our farmers market.
  • Barby Tomato


    Barby Tomato

    Another new and rare determinate variety here in 2019, Barby tomato is perhaps my favorite of them all. Short plants produce big crops of deep red, blemish-free and flavorful fruits. These are perfect little slicers too. Along with Birch, these two produced a bunch of early and tasty fruits. I especially love Barby because it showed no signs of diseases and held up very well, even in a tough season. Perfect for cooking, juicing, snacking, canning, stews and more. Good choice for early market tomatoes. I also suspect that they will perform admirably in containers of perhaps 4 gallons and larger. Try these you will like them.
  • Barnes Mountain Orange Tomato

    85 Days. Without a doubt, Barnes Mountain Orange tomato is a beefsteak I will grow every year. This huge deep yellow fruits can easily each 1.5 pounds. Many or ours have been bigger. Taller vines produce a good amount of fruits that easily drag their vines down, so stake well. This delicious beefsteak is meaty, sweeter and rich with lower acidity. Perfect for sandwiches, sauces and market sales. Try some in the garden but take a friend with you. It'll be a task trying to get it done all alone! See it in YouTube
  • 75 Days. Barossa Fest dwarf tomato is a very prolific variety that I totally enjoy growing for the first time in 2017. Our rugose leafed plants produced lots of pretty, pale yellow tomatoes that were 3-6 ounces. Fruits were milder and had a bit of a tart after-taste. Some of our taller vines grew to about 4 feet tall, but most were shorter. These produced all the way until frost. These are perfect for salsa, eating off the vine, drying and cooking.
  • Barry's Crazy Cherry Tomato

    A very high producing multi-flora variety, Barry's Crazy Cherry tomato is a pleaser. 5 feet tall plants produce huge clusters of sweet yellow cherries that are mostly pear shaped. Our clusters averaged more than 50 or more sweet, juicy fruits. These are the perfect snack!! They can also be used for canning whole, salads and much more. If you are a market vendor, it will be worth it to grow these! Indeterminate plants showed excellent disease resistance and produced until frost. Visit our multiflora category and choose some massive producers!
  • Beauty King Tomato

    One of the prettiest fruits that we grow, Beauty King tomato is certainly a winner. Ranging from 8-16 ounces in our garden, this winner is sweet and satisfying. Plants are very vibrant and produce many fruits that begin to ripen about 80 days after transplant. When ripened fruits are cut,  their interiors are splotched with the most beautiful bi-color red and yellow marbling. Perhaps the thing I love most about Beauty King is its good balance of taste. It's not to strong or mild. I also like its aroma when fully ripened. This is a perfect tomato for sandwiches, garnishing and cooking.  As a side note, this is a totally different tomato than Dwarf Beauty King, so feel free to try both. See It on YouTube!
  • Beauty Lottringa Tomato

    80 Days. One of our huge scores for the 2017 season, Beauty Lottringa tomatoes turned every head that walked through our gardens. Huge, flattish, ruffled tomatoes  grew on shorter vines(perhaps 4 feet tall) and were awesome all season long. These had absolutely no signs of diseases. Fruits ripened to a deep red and the largest ones can reach 1.5 pounds. Our largest fruits in 2017 weighed 20 ounces and smallest around 8. If you love sweet spaghetti sauce, this will be one to look at. Seriously, this thing made some really great sauce! I also enjoyed them when dried. A winner at the farmers market! See it on YouTube! Due to the excessively high demand for this product, we have reduced the number of orders to one 10 or 20 pack per order. Thanks.
  • I planted these and did not pay them any attention until I saw the most beautiful, heart shaped fruits. Eager to know what they were, I quickly looked at to tags which read "Beauty Queen Heart tomato". This gem is definitely worth growing in any tomato garden. 6 ounce, red and yellow bi-color fruits, grow in clusters of 4 or 5 and keep coming all season long. Our vines grew about 6 feet tall in direct sunlight and produced plenty of fruits that will turn heads. Texture is very smooth and fruit-like. It's a great tomato for slicing in salads, garnishing, fresh eating, cooking and more. Very nice aroma too when well ripened!


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