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Please Read The Description And Instructions Thoroughly. Shipping Included With Your Total. Thanks!

We have decided to offer some of our surplus seedlings (About 120 varieties) for sale to our Facebook Group Members Only ($2.50 Each Plant…  Shipping is included with your total and will vary depending on your quantity!)!!. This year we have about 600 surplus seedlings after we up-potted our garden grow-outs. These are anywhere from 3- 6 inches tall a few are taller and a few shorter. Most of these can be planted directly in the ground, and, with care, will be just fine! I successfully do it every year! Last year I had big late August crops because I planted some of my surplus around June 5th. You wouldn’t have to do that, but I was just stating that these seedlings do make it quite well.  You can also grow these out for a few weeks in pots, if you want bigger plants for the ground. I will be listing these seedlings in groups of  Regrows, New 2022 and Dwarfs.

Honestly, I do not have the time to list each individual product as a stand-alone item, but wanted to do something nice for our Facebook group. So I am just listing varieties and quantity for sale. I say that to say this! I will do my best to keep an updated list of what’s left but I may miss some. So if a certain variety is no longer available I will contact you and try to work something out with another variety. You also have the option of getting a refund.

To make this worth my time I will not sell less than 10 plants per order. At the time of your order please leave a note with what plants you need. Also Message me on Facebook with your order, that way I can cross reference. Please Contact Me HERE also with your purchase varieties and quantity of each.

Final Note: Seedlings will be shipped bare rooted in a small amount of soil. Each variety will be in a small zip lock baggie with their labels. I expect a cold spell here on Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21nd April. I will shipping after those dates. I plan on getting everything out by April 30th. (FIRST COME FIRST SERVED UNTIL SUPPLIES LAST)!!!!!!


Nairobi Nights (OUT), Neves Azorean Red (1), Noir De Crimee (10), Opalka (OUT), Orange Accordion (9), Orange Jazz (5)

Orange Russian 117 (1), Persimmon (1), Piennolo Del Vesuvio RL (4), Malakhito Vaya Shkatulka (Machatee Box) (10)

Mariana Doohov (6), Marvel Striped (OUT), Mexico (4), Mr Stripey (1), Italian Heirloom (OUT), Jewish (10), Kelloggs Breakfast (OUT),

Korean Long (4), Lava Flow (3), Lover’s Lunch (3), Mrs Schlaubaugh’s, Madajar (6), German Queen (6), Gold Berries (1),

Granny Cantrell’s (5), Giant Sicilian Paste (6), Hohloma Khokhloma (9), Hoy (OUT), George Detsika’s Italian Red (8), Striped German (2),

Purple Rusian  (7), Goatbag (OUT), Reif Red Heart (4), Orange Banana Paste (4), Cuban Pepper Like Black (2), Uncle E (3), Vechnyi Zov (4),

White Queen (2), White Wonder (2), Yoder’s German Yellow (2), Yellow Fire (1), San Marzano (6), Sgt Peppers (1), Sart Roloise (1),

Tigerella (6), Tuxhorns Red And Yellow (3), Pineapple (4), Purple Dragon (OUT), Pink Bumblebee (OUT), Redorta San Marzano (OUT),

Russian Queen (5), Domingo (5), Epstein’s Big Zac (OUT), Evil Olive (OUT), Fresa (10), Fuego Rosa (3), Coeur De Surpriz (4), Cuostralee (5),

Dad’s Sunset (7), Dester (2), Blue Beauty (5), Camp Joy ( Chadwick Cherry) (OUT), Charlie’s Green (3), Cherokee Purple(8),

Chocolate Stripes “Regular Leaf” (4), Chocolate Stripes “Potato Leaf” (2), Chyornyi Tarasenko (3),  B’lev (1), Amish Paste (4), 1884 (5),

Armenian (2), Alice’s Dream (2),


Kosovo (4), Julia Child (2), Piennolo Del Vesuvio ” Potato Leaf” (4), Aunt Eula’s Rockhouse Yellow (3), Paul Robeson European (2),

Evan Shewmaker (2), Clayton’s Purple (5), Goose Rock (5), Selwyn Yellow (3), Bear Wallow Canary (2), Da Costa’s Portuguese (1),

Tidwell German (5), Florida Pink (5), Lush Lovely (5), Ananas Bleu (OUT), Italian Sweet (5), Zore’s Big Red (3),  Big Gig (5),

Georgia Streak (4), Portuguese Bullheart (5), Agatha (5), Mong (5), Joe’s Portuguese (6),



New Big Dwarf (9), Shadow Boxing (8), Malee Rose (1), Beauty King (OUT), Rosella Purple (3), Tasty Wine (4), Rosella Crimson (3), Tasmanian Chocolate (OUT), Boronia (4), Blazing Beauty (2), Mandurang Moon (OUT), Summertime Gold (3), Tanager (4),

Speckled Heart (OUT), Pink Livija (5), Grinch (1), Galen’s Yellow(3), Burpee’s Dwarf Giant (5), Amy’s Ohio (4), Puck (OUT).