• Amana Orange Tomato


    Amana Orange Tomato

    75-80 days. Amana Orange tomato is a large beefsteak that turns bright orange when fully ripened. Discovered by Gary Staley of Florida, this fine tomato could take care of all of your tomato issues. It's meaty, sweet, rich and very balanced. A great sandwich tomato, this will also be good in nice yellow sauce, cooking, salsas and just eating off the vine. Vines are bushy and tall and would need good staking. Expect lots or nice beefsteaks from this heavy producer.  Good disease resistance!  Fruits can weigh as much as 1.5 pounds but the average for us is between 14 and 18 ounces! Fabulous market variety! Also see Barnes Mountain OrangeAmana Orange On YouTube!
  • Dwarf Parfait Tomato


    Dwarf Parfait Tomato

    I love growing dwarf tomatoes because they always surprise me. After growing them for quit a few years, I still cant get over how much they can produce produce and how large some of the tomatoes can be. Dwarf Parfait tomato, is a beautiful and larger variety that, when ripened, is green on the outside and yellow on the inside. This combination makes for an interesting contrast that will turn any head! Three feet tall plants, produce 6-12 ounce fruits that have a deep, rich taste.  Texture is superb and aroma is very inviting. Our plants displayed excellent disease resistance, making these even more attractive to me. Parfait is a later variety but your wait wouldn't be in vain. Perfect for sandwiches, slicing, garnish and more! Dwarf varieties are perfect for smaller gardens! Recommended!
  • German Johnson Tomato


    German Johnson Tomato

    German Johnson is a big tomato that can border on huge! Smooth pink tomatoes are full flavored, balanced and delicious. Vines are tall and sprawling. They begin to ripen their fruits about 90 days after transplant. Almost all meat, German Johnson may eliminate the need for chicken on your sandwich. These are great market tomatoes too. Stake well!
  • Hillbilly Tomato

    85 Days. Hillbilly is a potato leaf variety that is as popular as Cherokee Purple and the Brandywines. Sturdy plants produce big crops of red and yellow bi-color tomatoes that can reach 1.5 pounds. Also known as Hillbilly Potato Leaf Tomato, these can easily be used as a main crop for sales. Plants have potato leaves and are hardy. Ours have always shown good disease resistance. These have also performed well in hotter conditions. Fruits are sweet, meaty and delicious. They are perfect sandwich tomatoes! If you are seeking a reliable bi-color fruit that would be perfect in most situations, Hillbilly tomato would do the job!
  • Ashleigh Tomato

    One of our favorites here at Renaissance Farms, Ashleigh tomato is certainly a multi-purposed variety. Large red and meaty beefsteaks grow on thick, tall vines. They will delight you with good old fashioned, rich flavor! Tomatoes can weigh as much 24 ounces and begin to ripen around 80-85 days. Ashley is the perfect market tomato. Although it takes a little longer to ripen, you are certain to appreciate the wait. Vines produce thick, meaty and sandwich ready beauties, that are so good that you will bite your fingers! Ashley tomato is great for sauces too! You wouldn't be disappointed with this one! If you love large tomatoes check out these.
  • Mary Robinson's German Bicolor tomato is a large slicer tomato that has excellent taste. Fruits can reach one pound and ripens about 90 days after transplant. Vines are between 5-6 feet tall and produce good crops of these beauties. Perfect for sandwiches, tomato platters, tomato stews and just eating in the garden.
  • Omar's Lebanese Tomato

    Omar's Lebanese tomato is a huge oblate, red beefsteak. Thick vibrant vines produce tons of 1.5 pound, slightly flattened fruits with delicious, satisfying taste!. They begin to ripen about 85 to 90 days after transplant. Meaty and sweeter, this tomato is really well balanced! Sweet with a little tang, you will love this one It is a perfect selection for sandwiches, sauces.  This is a very weighty and dense variety, so plants need to be staked well and early. Good disease resistance with good/great production. Nice choice as a market tomato too!
  • Williams Striped Tomato

    90 Days. Williams Striped tomato is among the biggest bi-color varieties that we grow. Sweet and meaty beefsteak fruits can reach 2 pounds. Plants are vigorous, hardy and always perform excellently for us even through hotter months. Stake well, with regular revisions. Fruits grow quickly and super large. Great sandwich tomato but you can use it in any way you wish. fantastic market seller!
  • It really doesn't mater that the tomato is not purple because it's excellent! Purple Dog Creek is a 1 pound slicer that works well for many applications. This well balanced fruit has flavor that will quickly get you hooked! It's not too sweet, acidic, juicy of mild. It's just perfect! Flesh has a really nice, smooth texture. Vines are hardy and seem to love hotter weather! Go for it!
  • Fleur de Reagir Tomato

    Fleur de Regair tomato is another one that I absolute love. Without a doubt, this flattened tomato will perform well for making sandwiches an also in sweet dark spaghetti sauce. Big, dark red, deceptive tomatoes can reach 1.5 pounds and are grown on tall thick vines. These seemed to like hotter weather, which is surprising for a French variety. Fleur de Regair is very rich, sweet and very meaty. Vines have good resistance. Great for market vendors!
  • Ispolin Tomato

    I first grew Ispolin tomato in 2017. It blew me away with its consistency, fruit size, production and hardiness. I soon realized that it was a great to grow as a main crop. Fruits are sweetish, juicy and balanced. Our biggest fruits were close to 1.5 pounds but the average size was about fourteen to sixteen ounces. Ispolin is a very good sandwich tomato. You can expect your first ripened fruits about 85-90 days after transplant. Get ready for plenty awesome beefsteaks!
  • KBX Tomato


    KBX Tomato

    85 Days. KBX  tomato is the potato leaf version of Kellogg's Breakfast. These two tomatoes are similar, except that I have found them to be a bit more prolific than the regular leafed version! KBX tomato is meaty, big and sweet. It is a great selection as a main crop for tomato vendors. Plants are about 6 feet tall and produce high quantities of deep yellow, (sixteen to twenty four ounce) fruits, that can really be used for many things. One of the the best for sandwiches. Great for tomato lovers who are seeking a lower acid fruit with great flavor and plenty meat! Click Here To See It On YouTube!
  • Mama Irene’s Tomato

    You haven't tasted a really good beefsteak unless you tasted a Mama Irene's Tomato. Huge beefsteaks that are constantly over 1.5 pounds and often closer to the 2 pound range, these just keep coming all season long. Everything is large on a Mama Irene's vine. It is a very meaty tomato that you will absolute love. Sweet but balanced, juicy, and relatively early for its large size, this tomato will blow you away. Vines are not tall but very bushy and produce plenty of beautiful pink beefsteaks. Stake well! Fruits begin to ripen about 80 days from transplant, so get ready!
  • Aunt Ruby's German Green tomato isn't just one of the best green when ripened tomatoes, for me, it's one of the best tomatoes period. An all time classic, this large beefsteak will fulfill your every tomato desire. Vines are foliage dense and thick. Fruits weigh between 10 and 20 ounce. When fully ripened, Aunt Rubys German Green is greenish with pink blushes on the bottom end.
  • Soldacki Tomato

    90 Days! One of my favorites, Soldacki Tomato always does excellently for us! A big beefsteak, this is the perfect sandwich tomato. But that's not all! This gem can also function as an all purpose tomato, for making sauce, salsa and fresh eating. Vines are bountiful and hardy. Fruits are very juicy and balanced with some additional complimentary flavors! Be sure to steak these properly or you will be mopping them off of the floor. If tasty beefsteaks is what you are after, Soldacki can easily fill that slot. You can also expect fruits until frosts. Our seeds are freshly packed!
  • Welcome to Fishlake Oxheart tomato. it is one of the most delicious tomatoes that you may ever experience. This 6-10 ounce fruit ripens to a pale pink exterior, but have really deep pink interior that is full of meat and bursting with flavor. It has nice balance too. If taste is what you are after you should try this one. Vines are wispy leaved and produce plenty fruits that begin to ripen about 74-80 days after transplant. Stake and feed well, then harvest your rewards. Perfect sandwich tomato. Will work well for fresh eating, market sales and cooking. Try these!
  • Hugh’s Tomato

    Hugh's tomato is one that I hope gains popularity. This fantastic, large beefsteak, can reach 1+ pounds. Borne on very vibrant vines, Hugh's fruits are in clusters of 3-4. They ripen to a nice pale yellow and have few or no cracking or splitting. These are sweeter with very good balance and superb texture. one of my new favorites! This is a perfect sandwich tomato that works well also as a market or main cop variety. Vines are tall, some of ours were more than 6 feet. Stake well! You can expect your first ripened fruits about 85 days after transplant. Recommended!
  • Sugar Bison Tomato

    If you like delicious red tomatoes, then Sugar Bison tomato is one for you to consider. Each year I keep a mental and written record of tomatoes that I've really enjoyed. For Sugar Bison, I never had to consult my written record because it was outstanding in my mind. 10-16 ounce beefsteaks are perfectly balanced, with good old time tomato flavors. this one fits perfectly on a tomato sandwich. Vines are taller and hardy. They produce a nice amount of fruits that begin to ripen around 82 days after transplant. A good market/main crop variety. I recommend this one!
  • Looking for a unique and rare tomato with plenty appeal? Reinhard Kraft's Green Heart tomato could be the one. As far as I know, it's only one of a few green oxheart beefsteaks. This gem is all meat and no bones. Very dense, 8-16 ounce oxhearts ripen green and just pop with flavor. A great place for anyone to start if they have never tasted a green when ripened tomato. True to the oxheart family, RKGH is flavorful and very tasty. This is a great choice for sandwiches, fresh eating, sauces, and more. They are a little bit late though. Our first ripened fruits came in around 85 days, but I promise you, the wait was well worth it! Recommended!
  • Brutus Magnum Tomato

    In 2018 we did not grow many gigantic varieties. Of the ones we did grow(about 8 or so), Brutus Magnum was perhaps the most consistently large. Fruits averaged between 1.5 - 2.3 lbs. At times we really struggle with vine upkeep. A few tomatoes became too heavy for their plants and broke themselves off. That was offset by good production, so we still got plenty fruits from just 4 plants. Brutus Magnum is a clean variety. Most tomatoes did not have cracks. Very meaty and evenly balanced taste. This one need early, consistent and proper staking! Great sandwich tomato!  88 Days!
  • Donskoi Tomato

    Donskoi tomato is a very large beefsteak that could create your record breaking fruits. Our largest were well over two pounds and smallest about 1.5 pounds. But we did not grow it for size only. It was recommend to us because of its taste. I did like it a lot!  Donskoi is meaty, balanced, flavorful and surprisingly good for its large size. I never got around to making sandwiches with these, but there is no doubt they will shine in this application. Plants demonstrated good disease resistance and ripened their fruits around 87 days after transplant. A great choice if you love them large and delicious! See It On YouTube.
  • Foxnose Tomato

    Foxnose tomato is a first time grow-out for us in 2018. We were very pleased who the results. True to the oxheart family, this variety produces very tasty, deep yellow oxhearts. They will keep you eating all season long. Many of our fruits are over 16 ounces but they averaged between 10-12. Vines are skinny and tall and loaded from bottom to top. This variety is very clean and crack-free, an advantage if you want to sell them. Foxnose tomatoes in your garden or on your tomato stand will turn heads. These are great for sandwiches, sauces, snacking and more. Tasty and memorable!
  • Russe Tomato

    Russe tomato was a standout for us in 2018. It is an excellent and meaty beefsteak variety. Plants produce a high number of 10-16 ounce fruits that keep coming all season long. fruits. That's not all, it has outstanding old fashioned flavor that will keep you coming back for more. We used it for almost anything we made, but it really shined when paired with two slices of bread. This is tomato just loved sandwiches.  Indeterminate plants were hardy, even in a tough tomato year. Our first ripened fruits appeared around the 80 day mark. Good old fashioned, balanced tomato flavor! Stake well and get ready!  
  • Rose Tomato

    I never have to take notes whenever I grow Rose tomato. This is because it has etched in my mind its remarkable assets. It's aways in my top choices for beefsteak tomatoes. Rose is meaty, prolific, flavorful, almost blemish free and consistent. I could go on and on, but I would leave some of it's fine qualities for you to talk about when you grow it. Rose tomatoes have outstanding balance. They are sweet but not too much, rich with slight acidity. If your quest is to find an outstanding beefsteak, this is certainly one. I also highly recommend it as a main crop tomato. It has done wonderfully for me through the years. hardy plants. Customers love it! Recommended!
  • There is almost nothing like a sandwich with Granny Cantrell's German Pink tomato. It has the right size, perfect juice, great taste, enough meat and it's not excessively seedy. Our vines produced beefsteak fruits that were in the 1 pound range. They began ripening about 82 days after transplanting in our gardens. Granny Cantrell's tomatoes ripen to a dark pink color, that is aromatic when sliced open. production is plentiful but not excessively prolific. Also a good variety for cooking, slicing, fresh eating and more. Certainly a variety that's worth growing. Stake plants well and early!
  • Gigant Doohov Tomato

    Some of the biggest tomatoes that we grew in 2018 Giant Doohov was a stand-out in our gardens. Easily and consistently crossing one pound, many approached the 1.5 pound range. But size wasn't its only attribute. Gigant Doohov also had great taste! It was really meaty, balanced and had awesome texture. Truly, this is a very good tomato that works wonderfully on a sandwich. I used some for cooking and those were great too! But after eating a few in the garden, I knew that I was going to include it in my annual plantings. Try this one, I Recommend It!
  • German Head Tomato

    I first grew German Head tomato in 2008. Since then I have always wanted to grow it again. So I puled out my 2008 saved seeds and grew out a few. They again produced some of the meatiest tomatoes that you will find. old fashioned is how I would describe German Head. flavorful, balanced, lots of meat and even amounts of juice. This is a very safe tomato to grow if you want certainty. It will not disappoint. Vines produce big beefsteaks that can easily surpass one pound. Perfect sandwich tomato. Great for market sales, slicing and tons more. Recommended!
  • Giant Belgium Tomato

    Giant Belgium tomato is a favorite of mine. Even though we grow hundreds or varieties each year, I do have a go-to list when I want certainty. Giant Belgium is one of them. Some others such as Uncle E, Dester, Curtis Cheek and Gold Medal are also included. Giant Belgium is all meat, which makes it perfect for sandwiches. Our biggest fruits were about 1.4 lbs but they do get bigger. The seeds which we offer are always form the best specimen. Plants are vibrant! They start ripening their fruits about 85 days after transplant. Stake well and get ready!


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