Garnish Tomatoes

Garnish tomatoes usually have great taste and unique looks. Our selection has been carefully thought about, so that you would find it easy to make your choices. One of the best qualities of a garnish tomato is that, when sliced, there is uniqueness in colors and shapes. In our grow-outs were sure to include a diverse list of unique colors, shapes and flavors so that your next platter would shine, shine, shine! Truthfully, you can do whatever you like with most tomatoes, but our garnish category specializes in just that. We hope that our list is pleasing to you and welcome any suggestions and or thoughts. Thanks so much for supporting Renaissance Farms.


14/2/2021: Hi everyone. Just a quick note to say that due to COVID-19, we are still running behind on orders. Presently, processing time is about 5 days plus shipping. Please consider this before making your order. ~Curtis T Maters

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