• Persimmon Tomato

    80-85 Days. Persimmom is a nice sized, yellow tomato that I first grew in 2012. I have grown it every other year since then. Light yellow, juicy tomatoes can reach one pound. They are slightly sweet, juicy and milder. Plants are bushy and productive. Great selection for sandwiches, slicing in salads, salsa and nice yellow tomato juice!
  • Peach Blow Sutton tomato is a fuzzy, milder tomato that is fun to grow. 3 ounce pink slicers grow in indeterminate vines, have decent disease resistance and begin ripen their fruits about 75 days after being transplanted. Slightly fruity, milder with a sweetish after taste. Nice tomato for salsa, tomato juice, salads and cooking with!
  • Paul Robeson Tomato

    75 Days. If you have never heard about Paul Robeson tomato, allow me to introduce it to you. Paul Robeson has long been one of the finest heirloom tomatoes around. It is highly coveted by chefs, serious growers, fun growers and everyone who love good black tomatoes. Five feet tall vines produce 5-10 ounce, chocolate colored fruits that have superb rich flavor. They begin to ripen about 80 days after transplant and continue until frost. The is the perfect selection for any garden!.
  • 75 Days. Think yellow sauce, salsa, tomato flakes and right off the vine early in the morning for some of the best tomatoes. Orange Banana Paste tomato gives you all to these awesome options. Deep yellow fruits with greenish shoulders makes some of the best paste and sauce available to man. 2 inch elongated fruits grow on wispy leafed vines that must be staked early. Ripened fruits are sweet and juicy with a little zing. Vines are prolific!
  • The most beautiful of bi-color fruits, no other oxheart tomato has the presence of Orange Russian 117 tomato. it's not just beautiful looker, though. Orange Russian is a good tasting tomato. It's medium-mild, slightly fruity and sweetish. Overall it has a very pleasant finish. I have grown this one for about 10 years and have always ben pleased. Fruits average about 8 ounces but many can reach close to the one pound range. Harty, skinny vines begin to ripen fruits about 85 ays after transplant. Good for sandwiches, sweet sauce, garnishing and sweeter sewed tomatoes. Great at Farmers' market! Watch out!!
  • Old German Tomato

    85 Days. An old favorite of gardeners for many years, Old German tomato still stands up with the best of them! For as long as I have grown tomatoes, I always keep them in my rotation. Fruits average 1 pound and are beautifully bi-colored. Our vines have always displayed good disease resistance! Old German is on the meaty side, sweeter and delicious. nothing complexed about this one. It's just a straight up good tomato.
  • Oaxacan Jewel Tomato

    75 Days. Oaxacan Jewel tomato is one I wish every tomato grower could experience. A truly delicious variety, this yellow and red gem is a great choice. I love everything about Oaxacan. Eight to twelve ounce fruits are so rich and juicy, they remind me of tropical fruits. Vines are about 5-6 feet tall and are very disease resistant. Fruits begin to ripen about 75 days after transplant. Try Oaxacan Jewel if you want to be sure that you have at least one delicious variety!
  • Mr Stripey Tomato

    85-90 days. A big yellow and red bi-color tomato tomato, Mr Stripey is truly something to see. When sliced, you will experience a beautiful tomato rainbow marbling of reds, pinks and yellows and even light greens. Mr Stripey tomatoes can grow to two pounds! They are sweeter and meaty with little acidity. They are great sandwich and good sauce tomatoes. Strong, determined plants are about six feet tall and produce plenty large fruits. A hit at the Farmers' Market.
  • Green Moldovan Tomato

    Green Moldovan is the tomato that got me into green tomatoes. Before Moldovan, I had a few green varieties that didn't impress me. After Moldovan, I began seeking out worthy varieties. This is a 3-6 ounce ounce tomato that is very fruity delicious and balanced. Vines are prolific and hardy. Fruits begin to ripen about 75 days after transplant. I love making salsa and green sauces with these! Check thoroughly for ripened fruits!
  • German Queen Tomato


    German Queen Tomato

    85 Days. German Queen is a potato leaf variety that serves well as a sandwich tomato. It has an excellent and balanced flavor that can also serve as an all purpose variety. Fruits are about 8-12 ounces and smooth. Disease resistant vines are five to six feet, hardy and produce heavily! Will work well for drying, sauces and salsas too! Ours have ripened as early as early as 8o days, but more consistently 85 days from transplant in the grow-out spot. Fruits grow in clusters of  three or four and ripens to a delicious mild pink. Certainly worth trying!!
  • Green Zebra Tomato

  • Gloriosa Daisy Seeds


    Gloriosa Daisy Seeds

    While in my bank in 2005, there were free giveaways on the counter. I had the choice of taking a nice pen or a pack flower seeds. That was easy! I have grown them every year since then. Our Gloriosa Daisy seeds area mix of different shades from all yellow to dark brown. All are beautiful! images in our gallery are ones from out own yard. very beautiful. Gloriosa Dasies are bi-annuals so plants will only be around for two years. They re-seed yearly so you'll never have to plant them again.
  • Isis Candy Tomato

    Isis Candy tomato is a popular cherry variety that is totally worth growing. A regular member of my annual grow-outs, Isis is very willing to please. Beautiful, nickel to quarter sized fruits never stop coming until season's end. Vines are tall and productive. Fruits are sweet and juicy, with a little tang. Overall, it has a nice balance and is a fine tomato. You can expect your first ripened fruits about 75 days after transplant. Vines have good disease resistance..
  • After all of these years of growing Chocolate Cherry tomato, It's still one of my favorite go to varieties. Salsas, market sales, slicing and drying, salads and even some dark sauce all benefit from using this variety. Our vines have always been tall and bushy. They produce heavy crops of 1 inch darkened tomatoes that have wonderful and complete flavors. They are always among the first to ripen and the last to die in the fall. Chocolate Cherry is rich, balanced and refreshing. Grow ample vines, you will be snacking all season long. Excels at market sales!
  • Dr Wyche’s Tomato

  • Costoluto Fiorentino Tomato

    75 Days. One of the best sauce makers that I have grown in 20 years Costoluto Fiorentino tomato regularly remains in our rotation. Deep red, ribbed tomatoes just scream for the sauce-pan. Don't be fooled though, Fiorentino also taste great. It's a great balance of sweet and tangy with great texture! side. Also works well as a garnishing, sandwich and drying tomato. Great for market vendors!
  • Auria Dwarf Tomato

    75 Days. Auria Dwarf tomato plant is a short tree type plant with rugose, regular leaves. 2.5 feet tall plants produce a big crop of 2-3 inch long, elongated fruits, that are bright red when ripened. Tomatoes are firm, dry and sweet with few seeds. Auria is perfect for sauces. In fact I have made some of the best spaghetti sauce with these. Perfect for 4-5 gallon containers.
  • Large Barred Boar is a tomato that we have consistently grown over the last 6 years. This is so because it's a great go-to tomato. It works well for many situations and continue to be one of our favorites for taking to the Farmers' Market. Medium sized bi-color fruits can reach 10 ounces but average about 8. They are mildly sweet, rich and delicious. Slice them for salads, sandwiches or try some dark sauce and you should be amply pleased. Vines are about 4-5 feet tall and productive. 75 days to ripen!
  • Golden King Of Siberia tomato is a very tasty oxheart variety. They ripen to a really soft yellow about 80 days after transplant. Plants have the signature wispy leaves and are really good with diseases. Tomatoes are about 6-16 ounces. Sweeter and mild with lots of flesh, this is the perfect choice for those wanting a milder tomato. Great for sandwiches, slicing and salsas. It's attractive and does well at the market too!  Plants should be staked well and early. Great selection if you are a vendor because it's prolific and tasty. This is one that I would recommend for any tomato garden!
  • Korean Long Tomato

    75 Days. Korean Long is another of our sauce specialist tomatoes. 3 inch long tomatoes with long nipples on the bottom end, are beautiful things to see. Sweet, mild and flavorful, Korean Long tomato is quite possibly everything you need for your sauces and salsa. Vines are tall and ripen their soft pink fruits after 75 days. Once they start ripening, you will have tomatoes until frost. Whether you decide to make some of the best spaghetti sauce or slice them for your delicious salads, you could never go wrong with these!
  • Kellogg's Breakfast Tomato

    Like its potato leaf sister KBX tomato, Kellogg's Breakfast tomato just as good. Slightly less productive than KBX, Kellogg's Breakfast is still the more popular of the two. This is a perfect main crop selection for market sales or bulk growing. Vines are hard working and are bound to produce for you. Fruits are about 16 to 24 ounces, meaty and good. They lean towards the sweet side but is more balanced than you would expect from a yellow tomato. Expect ripened fruits around the 85 day mark. Sandwich ready!
  • Still one of my favorite black tomatoes, I always turn to Japanese Black Trifele whenever I want to be reminded of what a good tomato should taste like! This all time winner has been grown by almost all big tomato growers. A fine variety for snacking off the vine, salsa, drying, cooking and tons more, Japanese Black Trifele tomato will not disappoint you. It is sweeter, rich and fleshy with intense earthy flavors. potato leaf vines stand up to any weather! Chocolate, par shaped fruits ripen about 75 days after transplant! Plant a few!!
  • Italian Heirloom is a dense, red oxheart that is perfect for sauces and sandwiches. Vines are very skinny and have wispy leaves. Fruits are sweet and meaty. I have made lots of sauces with these and it always delivers the goods! 85 days. High producing vines show good disease resistance. Stake well and early!
  • Hillbilly Tomato

    85 Days. Hillbilly is a potato leaf variety that is as popular as Cherokee Purple and the Brandywines. Sturdy plants produce big crops of red and yellow bi-color tomatoes that can reach 1.5 pounds. Also known as Hillbilly Potato Leaf Tomato, these can easily be used as a main crop for sales. Plants have potato leaves and are hardy. Ours have always shown good disease resistance. These have also performed well in hotter conditions. Fruits are sweet, meaty and delicious. They are perfect sandwich tomatoes! If you are seeking a reliable bi-color fruit that would be perfect in most situations, Hillbilly tomato would do the job!
  • Blue Beauty Tomato

    Blue beauty is a chef's dream. It's pretty, tasty, relatively early and prolific. Vines are about 4-5 feet tall with darker leaves and stems. This antho variety gets darker wherever the sun hits it and mostly brownish/purple on the bottom end. I once saw a fruit that was turned upside down and it was totally black on the bottom end. When fully ripened, these are juicy, have a strong and earthy taste, with some sweetness that would work well for sandwiches.They work well other culinary purposes too. I especially like them with a little salt and pepper, right off the vine. Also a great tomato for the farmer's market!
  • Great White Tomato

    85 Days. Great White tomato is one of the parents of Great White Blues. If you ever wanted to taste really good, white beefsteak, go with Great White. It has been a favorites of serious tomato growers for a very long time. It continues to serve us very well. This is the perfect variety for a main crop. Vines are hardy and produce big crops. Fruits can weigh between 8 and 20 ounces. This is a perfectly balanced tomato with nice thick meat when sliced. Sandwich ready!
  • Indigo Apple Tomato

    Indigo Apple tomato is one of the prettiest anthocyanin fruits in my opinion. Ping pong ball sized fruits have a really nice, intense and earthy flavor. They are also juicy with very nice texture. Vines are tall and produce plenty fruits with darkened tops and purple/brownish bottom ends. Fruits begin to ripen about 75 days after transplant. Perfect little slicers for garnishing, fresh eating off the vine! Great market tomato. I have found that kids are very attracted to these and are willing to try them. Then then ask for seconds!.


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