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Tomato-Tone For Growing Healthy Tomato Crops

There are many ways to grow healthy tomatoes. Before I discovered Tomato-tone, I had tons of success growing my tomato crops and other garden vegetables. But something happen when I discovered that I could got to my local farm store and purchase this awesome product for such a reasonable price. Since then I have used Tomato-Tone for growing healthy tomato crops. Certainly, I wished that I had found it much sooner! I could have saved myself so much time and work!

Tomato-tone is an organic Espoma product. It’s a poultry manure based fertilizer that I am elated to have  found, because it basically has everything that a tomato plant needs from seedling to harvest and beyond! Its  macro nutrient content or N P K is 3-4-6 , where nitrogen = (N), phosphorus = (P) and potassium = (K). This product will work wonders for you!

What’s In Tomato-Tone

Hydrolyzed Feather Meal, Pasteurized Poultry Manure, Bone Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Greensand, Humates, Sulfate of Potash, and Gypsum. Your will be less susceptible to bottom end rot when you use this product as recommended!

Ways To Apply Tomato-Tone

I am certain that I don’t know all of the ways to apply tomato tone, but the most obvious would be Espoma’s suggestions. These can be found on the package and work excellently. Follow as closely as you could, but don’t worry, Tomato-Tone will not burn your plants even if you are heavy handed as I am.

How To Use For Container Plants

For potted plants, mix one part Tomato-tone to 30 parts soil mixture (1.25 cups of Tomato-tone for every 8 qt. of soil).

How I Use For Seedling Transplants

When I transplant my tiny seedlings into 2.5 inch pots for garden grow-outs and market sales, I use 1.5 cup of  tomato tone to 5 gallons of pro-mix soil. My very next application will be in about 3 weeks time, when I feed seedlings with tomato-tone tea. Plants grow healthy and strong using this method!

How To Use When Planting In Your Garden

Here is how I use Tomato-Tone straight out of the bag, when transplanting into the garden. After my holes have been dug, I apply a few tablespoons onto the soil that came out of the holes, then I properly mix with the soil. I then place plants in holes and cover with the mixed soil. Lastly, I spread a few tablespoons around the base of the plant as a top dressing. Note: I never really measure, rather, I average based on experience. Sometimes I go overboard but Tomato-Tone does not burn plants. It’s all safe!

How To Maintain Your Garden With Tomato-Tone

Maintaining your garden with tomato tone can be done in several ways. I make a compost tea with it and feed my plans that way. The other way that you can us it is by using a few tablespoons around the base of plants and water it in. For me, that takes too long for plants to get fed. I prefer the tea method because the plants can immediately use it. With compost tea method, I feed every three weeks.

Price And Size Options

In my area, I purchase a 18 pound bag for about 15 dollars. That’s less than one dollar per pound. But if you have a smaller garden, you may want to purchase a smaller quantity. In that case there are the 8lb and 4lb option. With these options, the bargains are slimmer though! It works out to be much more per pound than if you purchased a larger size.

Where To Buy Tomato-Tone

Tomato-Tone can be found at your local garden centers such as Lowes, Home Depot, Menards and Rural King. Perhaps it may be found at Tractor Supply If you are not sure what’s in your area, check here . If it’s not available at your store, perhaps they could order it in for you. If all else fails, you can purchase it online.  Try Ebay too!!

For me, Tomato-Tone is a fantastic bargain, in terms of effectiveness, ease of use, availability and price. My entire seed business depends on it year after year. Epsom has never let me down! That’s saying a lot!

So there you have it! The A’s to Z’s about how I use Tomato-Tone for growing healthy tomato crops.

NOTE: As a side note, in terms of your vegetable garden, Espoma also carries some really potent chicken manure and Garden Tone,  which I have used for spreading over my entire garden, in the same way that you would spread horse, cow, rabbit, turkey and other high nitrogen fertilizers. Again, they are really easy  to apply and can go a very long way!