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About Green When Ripened Tomatoes

Wanting to know more about green when ripened tomatoes? Read on!

Heirloom tomatoes come in every shape, size and color. Because many of us grew up eating hybrid tomatoes from the grocery store, we may have become conditioned to look for a change in color from green to red as an indicator that the tomato has fully ripened. But not all tomatoes ripen red or even yellow. In fact, some ripen black, different shades bi-color and pink etc.  Tomatoes ripen from the inside out and visual color cues are a common indicator of how close a tomato is to being ready to pick. So it may be difficult for an inexperienced grower to determine when a green when ripened tomato is ready for harvest. The good news is, once you have harvested your first few it becomes easier.

The Difference Between Green When Ripe And Green.

Green tomatoes are also associated with the southern, American dish, fried green tomatoes. This involves taking an unripe tomato, which is green–and often a slicer variety so there is less liquid–and frying battered slices of it as an appetizer. In this case, the unripe tomato has harder flesh to stand up to the frying oil and a more intense flavor to cut through and balance out the batter and oil. Green when ripened tomatoes do not have this consistency.

When Is A Green When Ripened Tomato Ready For Harvest?

There are varieties of heirloom tomatoes that are simply green in color once they have ripened. Be sure to clearly mark your tomato plants so you know which variety is growing where. Once ripened, there will be small variations in color, such as slight yellow or perhaps pink hues, but ques such as the softness of the flesh and the timeline, could more easily indicate that they are ripe. One way of knowing that any tomato is ready, is if you close your eyes and feel it. If it’s soft then it is ripe or ripening and may be ready for harvest.

We have a product category for green when ripened tomatoes, which would make a lovely addition to the range of colors you are putting on your plate this season.