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10 Of My Favorite Large Heirloom Tomatoes

When deciding which tomato varieties to plant, one common factor is size. Whether you’re hoping to enter a contest, or just wanting big slice, the visual impact of a large tomato on the vine or on the plate cannot be denied! So here is list of 10 of my favorite large heirloom tomatoes that may peek your interest, if size is your priority.

  1. Gold Medal
  2. Dester
  3. Giant Monster
  4. Striped German
  5. Delicious (Hunt Strain)
  6. Uncle E
  7. Cleota Pink
  8. Claude Brown’s Yellow Giant
  9. Hoy
  10. Pepe’s Gigante

Feed And Water Your Tomato Plants

The keys to growing the largest tomatoes are simple. 1. Acquire seeds form proven large varieties. the ones in this article and that are listed on our website, are all proven. 2. Make sure that your soil is prepared well. Using ample compost and lime etc.  3. Feed and water your plants in a timely manner. I do a deep water at least once weekly. If it rains enough to saturate the garden, that is also to be considered.

Let’s Talk About Staking Your Tomatoes

There are many more varieties that could be mentioned here but these are among my favorites for taste, production, disease resistance and heat hardiness. Check out this link.  When growing some of these extra large varieties, it could be challenging trying to keep them staked. In another article we will discuss various staking methods and how they have works for us . Garden On!!