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Best Heirloom Tomato Varieties For Slicing

Are you looking for some of the best heirloom tomato varieties for slicing? If so, read on!

When growing heirloom tomatoes, it’s a good idea to plant at least one variety that is strong slicer. Slicer tomatoes are varieties that have less water content on the inside and often a thicker, fleshier meat that can hold its structure after it is sliced. Slicer heirloom tomatoes are perfect for sandwiches and other preparations where a juicier variety might cause a soggier final dish. The more robust inner structure also makes for a nice bite, often described as “meaty” in that the tomato is more resistant to the bite instead of soft and yielding.

With that in mind,  some beefsteak tomatoes can be utilize in the same ways that slicers can. Beefsteaks tend to be meatier than slicers and have smaller seed cavities. But they can also vary as it pertains to juiciness. So a soggy beefsteak my not make the most desirable sandwich!

Some Popular Varieties Of Slicer Tomatoes

Some of my favorite slicers, especially for making sandwiches are (1)Pink Brandywine, a large pink fruit with excellent, balanced taste, that can reach 2 pounds.  (2) Black Krim, a 6-10 ounce dark colored tomato that originated in Russia. (3) Cherokee Purple. another dark colored variety that has long been a favorite of tomato growers. This variety can weigh as much as one pound. ( 4) Mortgage Lifter, one of my personal favorites, not only for sandwiches, but also cooking and good tomato stew. There are many many more but the ones that I have listed have been common favorites or tomato growers.

We have a product category for slicer tomatoes to help you narrow down which slicer variety you could add to your crop this year. Here’s hoping that this topic helped clear up a few things for you! Feel free to leave a comment.