• Belle Arlesienne Tomato

    Belle Arlesienne Tomato is a rare and tasty French variety. I am certainly happy that I grew these out! Nicely textured fruits are between 6 and 10 ounces, are sweet with forward taste and have very interesting secondary flavors. Only one of our plants made it because of severe flooding in 2o19, but I am so happy that it did, because I really like this one. Next year 2020, I will be growing out many more plants. Belle Arlesienne has a good texture and wonderful aroma. Nice slicing variety. Overall pleasing variety. I especially appreciate that in a rare sort! Seed Source: Gatersleben France, # LYC 93.
  • Belmonte Tomato


    Belmonte Tomato 

    Belmonte tomato is a large red beefsteak that grows on tall strong vines. It produces a really good amount of fruits that can compete with the best of them. What I really like about this tomato is that it's vines always blow through diseases. that determination to produce makes them a regular in my garden. Fruits begin to ripen about 80 days after transplant and continue all the way till frost. Our biggest fruits were in the 1.5 pound range and smallest around 10 ounces. Tomatoes are juicy, sweeter and overall well balanced. This is a perfect sandwich tomato that has some similarities to Pink Brandywine. Also great for market vendors.
  • Berkley Tie Dye Green tomato is a pretty bi-color fruit that has really nice taste appeal. Fruits are about 4-6 ounces and begin to ripen about 75 days after transplant. When you bite in, there will be plenty of fruitiness. But what is most recognizable is the really great balance of sweets and tarts. Vines are determined and stand up well to diseases. We do spray with Copper Sulfate during the season. Perfect salsa, garnishing, drying and fresh eating tomato. Great for market vendors.
  • Berkley Tie Dye Heart Tomato

    A very pretty cultivar, Berkley Tie Dye Heart tomato is so much fun to grow. Our regular leafed plants were about 5 feet tall and produced perfect, bi-colored green and purple, perfect and blunt oxhearts. All of which were tasty! These remained prolific all season long. As far as taste, these were earthy, sweetish and satisfying. Awesome aroma! I loved the texture! Really good choice for sandwiches, garnish, cooking and snacking right off the plant. 75-80 days to first ripened fruits!
  • 75 Days. Berkley Tie Dye Pink tomato has totally different characteristics from its green sister. Nice sized bi-color fruits can reach 10-12 ounces. Vines are great with diseases and determined to produce. Tomatoes are flavorful, milder and juicy. Perfect for salsas,  sandwiches, garnish, market sales and sauces and more.
  • Big Anna Tomato


    Big Anna Tomato

    If you have craved a huge, delicious variety that ripens relatively early, check out Big Anna Tomato. I first got these in 2015 and grew them out in 2018.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take images of them.  This year, 2019, I grew them out again for images and also because they were so good! I didn't just grow two plants, I grew five. Honestly, I feel blessed to have been gifted this Awesome family heirloom. Smooth flesh that has nice balance, veers towards the sweet side with healthy hints of acidity. My largest was 2.1 pounds and on the smaller side they are about 12 ounces. On both grow-outs our plants reached about 6 feet tall. They produce plenty but are not super prolific. Recommended! Try them!
  • Big Cheef Tomato

    Can't say enough about Big Cheef tomato. Honestly, I planted this one because I had some extra space.  How lucky was I? Now my luck is being passed onto you. This tomato is such a delight that you will grow it every year. Its taste is very difficult for me to describe, but in a nutshell, it's great! It has just the right amount of everything. Well balanced and satisfying, you will definitely appreciate it's value when you try it on sandwiches and eat a few right off the vine. Though not a sauce specialist, it also makes some decent sauce! Vibrant plants ripen fruits starting about 80 days after transplant. Staking required!
  • Big Orange From Amuz Tomato

    Pretty and blemish-free, yellow tomatoes are oblate and delicious. These are not really large. Our biggest was about 10 ounces but most fruits were between 6 and 8 ounces. Big Orange From Amuz tomato is a keeper for us. I really loved how abundant it was in 2019. Plants produced prolifically and pretty early too. Our first ripened fruits came in around 70-75 days, making it one of the earliest in the garden. Taste is sweet and mild with a nice fruity finish. Plenty juice on these. Nice choice for slicing, fresh snacking, market sales, cooking. Rare tomato! Seed Source Gatersleben Russia, # LYC 3691  
  • Big Rainbow Tomato


    Big Rainbow Tomato

    80 Days. When well ripened, a Big Rainbow tomato is something to see! It is not excessively big, perhaps 1 pound, but it's all you could handle. This is a great sandwich tomato and would work well in sauces, in the market, for garnishing when sliced and for fresh eating right off the vine. sweet, rich and juicy. Tall vines produce until frost!
  • Big White Pink Stripes continue to be one of my favorites! This unique fruit is produced on taller vines that are disease resistant. 1 pound fruits begin to ripen about 85 days after transplant. When well ripened, fruits have a very pale yellow color and are pink on the bottom end. Sweet,medium mild, meaty, aromatic and juicy. Stake vines well!
  • In 2014 I purchased a packet of Big Rainbow tomato seeds from a well known company. I grew out six plants. Five of them produced perfect Big Rainbow fruits. The other one produced some pale yellow, juicy fruits, that were about twelve ounces to one pound. They did not have any striping, nor were they bi-color inside. but they were about the same size and shape of big rainbow. They were also very refreshing, mild and tasty. In 2015 I grew them out again in my kitchen garden. This time my crop was even better. They were more prolific but produced the same fruits. Since I really enjoyed this awesome fruit, I have named Big Yellow Fellow tomato. Vines are tall and bushy, kind of like Shuntuk Giant tomato. Big Yellow Fellow tomato begins to ripen about 80 days after transplant. Stake these well and you will be rewarded. Great for tomato juice, sauce and fresh eating.
  • Big Yellow Zebra Tomato

    Big Yellow Zebra tomato is a bigger bi-color fruit that has great flavor. Weighing about 10-20 ounces this pretty beefsteak grows on taller vines that produce plenty of fruits. If you love sweeter but not too strong tomatoes, this would work well for you. This tomato has a rich finish and plenty of real tomato taste. Fruits begin to ripen around the 80 day mark. Perfect for sandwiches, nice yellow sauce, cooking and market sales. Stake well!
  • Birch Tomato


    Birch Tomato

    Birch tomato is a determinate variety that is early and prolific. Deep red fruits have good texture, are mildly sweet and juicy. Three feet tall plants start producing early and are hardy and dependable. I especially loved the nice and tasty balance that the fruits had.  Plants have to be staked because of large production. 3-6 ounce fruits are deep red and begin to ripen about 70-75 days after transplant. They produce bunches of about 5-7 fruits that begin to ripen in quick succession. Perfect size tomatoes for munching on. These would also make great tomato juice. I made tomato stew with some too. Delicious!  
  • 75 Days. This smallish tomato has a very unique coloration. Perfectly striped with green and browns, Black And Brown Boar tomato will light up your salsa and sauces. Its flavor is very up-front, yet not to overwhelming. Sweetness, earthiness, richness and flavorful are all characteristics of this little gem.
  • Black Beauty Tomato

    If you ever want a tomato that can be used in a million ways, this would be one of them. Black beauty tomato is a pretty tomato that belongs to the anthology family. Averaging about 6 ounces, Black Beauty has mostly black on the top and fades into a pretty reddish purple on the bottom end. What a sight to see! Antho tomatoes on the same plant can vary in color intensity, so watch out for some very interesting variations!! Black beauty tomato is earthy, sweetish and has a little bit of tang. Its taste is generally richer than some many other antho varieties . Perfect for sandwiches, slicing, garnish and cooking and market sales. So if you are a vendor, your booth will be busy if you sell these! Grown using organic methods. See it on YouTube!
  • Black Brandywine is a favorite of many serious tomato growers. Regular leafed vines produce 6-8 ounce very dark chocolate tomatoes that ripen about 80 days after transplant. Tomatoes are rich and full of old fashioned flavor. plants have good resistance but I recommend spraying with copper sulfate before blooms set and after first fruit set. This is a very good sandwich tomato. Try some is salsa too!
  • Black From Tula Tomato

    Black From Tula tomato is one of the varieties that got me hooked on the dark colored varieties. This full flavored fruit is rich, earthy and tasty. Our plants were never taller than 5 feet and produced big crops. We did have to spray them one time with Serenade for symptoms of early blight, but they  did excellently after that. Our plants produced all season long! This is a good choice for salads, slicing, sandwiches, garnishing and more. These can do well in containers with proper staking. Expect your first ripened tomatoes around the 80 day mark. Enjoy!
  • Black Krim Tomato

    Black Krim tomato is perhaps one of the 5 most popular heirloom varieties of all time. A feat such as this could only be accomplished by one thing, QUALITY! This wonderful slicer is an all purpose tomato that can do just about anything. Fruits average about 8-18 ounces and are brownish purple when fully ripened. Black Krim is rich, full flavored and tasty. Vines begin to ripen fruits about 75-80 days after transplant and will produce until frosts kills them. Great sandwich, salsa, drying, garnishing and cooking tomato. It also makes good sauce!
  • Black Magic Tomato


    Black Magic Tomato

    I planted these and forgot about them. The next thing I knew is I saw some very loaded vines in my garden. When I approached the plants I had no idea what they were. Once I read the labels, I was eager to see what the ripened fruits would look and taste like. At first glance, a ripened Black Magic tomato seems not very different from a lot of the other black varieties, but for me it differed in taste. These have that very rich taste of the black tomato family, but with a bit more complexity than most. A really good experience on sandwiches, when eaten fresh and even sliced in salads. This is one beefsteak that I will definitely grow again. Great choice for market vendors too. Production is good and disease resistance excellent, sturdy plants!
  • Outstanding in every way, Black Mountain Pink tomato is a superb variety. Easily, this one has worked itself into my annual planting list. Rich, flavorful, tasty and satisfying, this sweeter fruit is really well balanced. If you love good old time flavor in your tomatoes, then Black Mountain Pink is one for you to try. Vines produce plenty fruits that can approach one pound, but most are around 10-14 ounces. Plants have also shown good disease resistance. This is a great variety for sandwiches, cooking, slicing and eating fresh and more. Stake well and your rewards will be bountiful! 82 days!
  • Black Prince Tomato

    One of the first black varieties that I have grown, Black Prince tomato is still one that I like to turn to every once in a while. For me, growing these is a way to be sure that I have a good salad tomato to turn to. Fruits are about 3-6 ounces, rich with some sweetness and slightly earthy. Texture is superb. I love slicing these up with a little salt and pepper. What a treat!  Five feet tall plants produce plenty fruits that can be used as a main crop for market sales. These also have good texture that works well in fresh salsa. Snack on some right in the garden, they are best that way!
  • Black Sea Man Tomato


    Black Sea Man Tomato

    Black Sea Man is one of my favorite black tomatoes. Potato leaf vines are not to tall, perhaps 5 feet, and produce plenty of 8-12 ounce fruits. These are early to ripen coming in around 70 days after transplant. Fruits are very rich and sweeter with a nice juicy balance of tang. Nice full tomato flavor! I really love this tomato! It remains on my annual list. perfect for slicing, drying, sandwiches, salsa and delicious black tomato stew. Give it a shot!
  • Black Zebra Tomato

    Black Zebra is another popular variety among the culinary community. Beautiful greenish brownish, striped tomatoes, are something to behold when ripened. They make the best salsa! 5 foot tall, hardy and prolific vines, begin to ripen fruits around the 75 day mark. They never quit until frost. Take these with you to the market, you'll sell tons!
  • Bloody Butcher Tomato


    Bloody Butcher Tomato

    75-Days. Bloody Butcher Tomato is a little ping pong ball sized fruit that ripens deep red and grows on potato leaf vines. Fruits are balanced, tasty and on the sweeter side. This one has a good amount of real tomato juice. I especially like the hardiness of this one. Vines just blow through any disease and continue producing clusters of 5-7 tomatoes until frost. Great little snacking and salsa tomato. Caning works well too!
  • Blue Beauty Tomato

    Blue beauty is a chef's dream. It's pretty, tasty, relatively early and prolific. Vines are about 4-5 feet tall with darker leaves and stems. This antho variety gets darker wherever the sun hits it and mostly brownish/purple on the bottom end. I once saw a fruit that was turned upside down and it was totally black on the bottom end. When fully ripened, these are juicy, have a strong and earthy taste, with some sweetness that would work well for sandwiches.They work well other culinary purposes too. I especially like them with a little salt and pepper, right off the vine. Also a great tomato for the farmer's market!
  • Blue Fire Tomato

    Blue Fire tomato is a beautiful and unique antho slicer that is worth growing. 3-6 ounce oblate fruits are borne on skinny, productive vines. This variety can easily be identified by its intense speckling. As they begin to ripen, fruits begin to look more speckled, turning every head that sees them. Plants can be 6 feet tall and begin to ripen fruits about 75 days after transplant. Fruits are not fully ripened  until they have turned a delightful red and black with brownish speckles. These are great for garnishing, salads, fresh eating and excellent for market sales. Milder but balanced!
  • Blue Pear Tomato


    Blue Pear Tomato

    My absolute favorite of the 2017 season, Blue Pear Tomato was truly something to behold. Beautiful and mostly clean pear shaped fruits, are different shades of black and reds, with each color fading into each other. A member of the antho family, Blue Pear Tomato should be in everyone's garden. Bred by Ruslan Doohov, one of Europe's premier breeders, Blue pear fruits realize their richest colors colors when fully ripened.  Vines were very disease resistant and prolific. In fact it took a second, heavier frost to take them out. Blue Pear is sweet, juicy, rich and very satisfying. It's a very pleasing tomato through and through. If you have never tried these, you deserve to! Check out our images. We are proud to have grown them right here at Renaissance Farms.
  • Blue Sun Tomato

    Blue Sun tomato is another new antho variety that we have introduced in 2018. Smaller sized slicing tomatoes are a lovely lime green when fully ripened and sliced. On its exterior, fruits have some nice antho on the top side and a beautiful like green on its bottom end. Juicy and milder with some sweetness, Blue Sun has a very pleasing after-taste that is a bit difficult for me to describe. Indeterminate plants were prolific and hardy. From season's start to end, our plants had no issues. our first ripened fruits appeared around 75 days after transplant. From that point they kept coming!  

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