Our market tomatoes category is full of good stuff that work well as head turners but also pack tons of wonderful flavors. We have included varieties for almost purpose. from my personal experience, market customers search for four main categories. Sauce and paste, novelty (such as odd shapes, anthos and pears), sandwich types, (which are usually beefsteak and or larger than one pound) and cherries. Once in a while, chefs will seek out garnish and cooking varieties. Our market tomato category has them all. We hope that you will find what your heart seeks! Thanks for taking this heirloom tomato journey with us! Blessings!

  • Zluta Kytice Tomato


    Zluta Kytice Tomato

    A multi-flora variety, Zluta Kytice tomato packs nice flavor. Four to five feet tall plants are so prolific that you will have a tough time harvesting them. Sweet and fruity, yellow cherries, are not more than one inch long. They are produced on bunches of sometimes more than 50. Plant are study and early ripening, coming in at around 70 days. Nice disease resistance, good hardiness. These will quickly become one of your favorites! Perfect market variety! Great too for deserts, salads, canning and so much more! Zluta Kyrice is a wonderful, never-ending snack!
  • Zlatava Tomato


    Zlatava Tomato

    75 Days. Zlatava tomato is a ping pong ball sized tomato that would surprise you. From the outside it seems like your average yellow tomato. When sliced, it changes to a beautiful ruby color which it reminds me of a ruby red grapefruit. Added to that, it is a really good tasting fruit. I have grown these for a few years and will continue to do so.  Short plants are not tall, have good disease resistance and produce a good amount of fruits that that have a straight forward flavor. The just love the hotter days of summer. Primarily it's on the sweet and mild side. Have a good look at the images, just beautiful. This is a great garnishing tomato if fruity and milder is what you are in search of! Dehydrate some too!  Click Here to see it on YouTube.
  • Zebra Ezel Tomato


    Zebra Ezel Tomato

    Looking for a really pretty and tasty tomato for garnish, sauces, market sales and more? Zebra Ezel tomato will definitely work. This delicious variety will turn heads every time in your garden. It will also be a great conversation starter. Very prolific plants are hardy and  produce bunches of about 4-5 fruits, that begin to ripen about 75 days after transplant.  When ripened, bi-colored fruits are blends of green with light streaks of orange. Plants are tall so early and effective staking would help. Zebra Ezel has an earthy taste that is complex. It veers on the mild side, but not too much. Just the rich amount of tartness. Very nice taste on this one! 75 days to ripen from transplant. Click Here to see it on YouTube.
  • Zapotec Tomato


    Zapotec Tomato

    75 Days. After years of growing pleated tomatoes, I now know that they mostly have one thing in common, SAUCE! With that said, Zapotec tomato is another sauce specialist! Very tall plants produce many 4-12 ounce, heavily pleated fruits that ripen after about 75 days. Plants also have good disease resistance and do excellently during the hotter and dryer months.This variety have many similarities to Yellow Accordion tomato, which is another great sauce tomato. Zapotec is also a good market variety, if you could protect them from getting squashed before you get there. My customers just love them! Fruits are on the sweet side with not too much juice. It's a great garnish and cooking tomato too!
  • If production, disease resistance and taste are what you are after, Yubileyny Tarasenko tomato is for you! I have grown a lot of tomatoes from the Tarasenko series and I love them all. But this one is perhaps the most prolific! Five feet tall vines produce huge clusters of pretty, red fruits, that are a bit larger than average cherry size. Fruits have nipples on their blossom end. That's pretty common with Mr Tarasenko's tomatoes. These are well balanced, juicy (but not too much), aromatic and really tasty. Great for snacking, salads, drying, sauces, cooking, canning and so much more! Nice shelf life!
  • Yellow Taste Tomato

    Here is another fantastic variety from Fred Hempel. Yellow Taste tomato is a salad lover's dream. Like many of Fred's creations, Yellow Taste vines are not too tall, vibrant and prolific. Ours were about 4 feet. They produced 1-2 inch, elongated fruits, that were sweet, fruity and satisfying, all season long. Additionally, they performed very well in hotter, extended drought periods. The highlight for us was at the market, where they attracted many return customers week after week. These are perfect for salads, snacking, garnishing, cooking and more. Try dehydrating some, then you could experience the true intensity of this worthwhile little plum shaped fruit!
  • Yellow Plum

  • Yellow Fire Tomato

  • Another good yellow beefsteak, Yellow Brandywine Tomato is really an all purpose, main crop variety. Totally different from Pink or Red Brandywine, this tomato is rich and delicious. Plants have huge potato leaves and are very sturdy bases. They can reach six feet tall. Fruits are a little bit late, beginning to ripen 90 days after transplant. Your wait will totally be worth it, though!
  • Work Release Paste Tomato

    Work Release Paste Tomato is an outstanding sauce and paste variety. Prolific, indeterminate plants produce 8-16 ounce, pink oxhearts that are pretty and clean. I like that they are relatively early, beginning to do so around 78 days from transplant. If you are a market vendor you would love these! These are meaty, mildly sweet, have really good tomato flavor and nonstop! Bushy plants have good disease resistance too! Great choice for canning, sauce, paste and ketchup. I happen to think it's a great all purpose variety, which includes sandwiches! Try these!
  • Wisconsin 55 Tomato


    Wisconsin 55 Tomato

    One of the sturdiest producers that we grew in 2019, Wisconsin 55 tomato will be a repeat grow for sure. Clean, juicy fruits are not mushy, rather they have very nice texture. These are great for tomato juice, salads canning and more. A good all purpose tomato. I love cooking with them, they make really good stew. This is a hard-working variety that will do well in heat or wet conditions, workhorse! Crack resistant, with high disease resistance. Try some!
  • Winsall Tomato


    Winsall Tomato

    Another workhorse on the farm in 2019, I wish that we had discovered these a long time ago. Do you want a nice sandwich? Try a Winsall tomato. Excellent texture, aroma and as a slicer. Ours displayed good disease resistance and had fantastic production.  A very balanced tasting variety, fruits are not too sweet or tart or sweet. Ours averaged about 1 pound, with many being around 12 ounces. Perfect blend of complimentary flavors too. The is a very good tomato that I am definitely growing again. Solid, solid tomato! 85 days!
  • Williams Striped Tomato

    90 Days. Williams Striped tomato is among the biggest bi-color varieties that we grow. Sweet and meaty beefsteak fruits can reach 2 pounds. Plants are vigorous, hardy and always perform excellently for us even through hotter months. Stake well, with regular revisions. Fruits grow quickly and super large. Great sandwich tomato but you can use it in any way you wish. fantastic market seller!
  • White Tomesol Tomato

    75 Days. White Tomesol is a smaller white tomato that can reach 6 ounces. It's one of the whitest varieties that we have grown. Vines are disease resistant and hard workers. You can expect your first fruits around 70 days after transplant.  Vins are about 5 feet tall and produce bountiful harvests. We have absolutely no disease issues with this variety and it produces all the way until frost. I especially love the look of this fruit. White Tomesol tomato is fruity, juicy, slightly sweet and milder. A perfect choice for those seeking a milder tomato with really good tomato taste. Try some plants, you'll be happy that you did!
  • White Sugar Tomato


    White Sugar Tomato

    A sweeter and juicy variety, White Sugar tomato is a pure gem to grow. Although I would consider this a slicing tomato, I think it would shine as a juice and cooking variety. These are really good right off the vine. Ripening to a pale yellow color, 4-8 ounce fruits have a wonderful aroma when fully done. Very beautiful for plating too! Wonderful market variety! Plants are prolific and around mid season. 80 days!
  • White Eyez Tomato


    White Eyez Tomato

    White Eyez tomato is a stable variant of Dragon's Eye. Light yellow tomates with speckles of green and gold are very tasty and refreshing. In 2015, when I first discovered these in my garden, I was baffled. I have grown them each year since then and they have always produced the same thing. Plants are about 6 feet tall and produce bunches of 5-6 golf ball sized fruits with wonderful flavor and texture. For me, taste is not similar to Dragon's Eye, which is a delicious variety also. White Eyez is fruitier and perhaps has a bit more balance. Both are great though! Expect your first ripened fruits around 70 days after transplant. Perfect for snacking, garnish.
  • West Virginia Sweetmeat Tomato

    West Virginia Sweetmeat tomato is an Amish variety that can easily reach 2.5 pounds. In fact, about 10% of earlier fruits reached and surpassed that mark. A few were 3 pounds or more! Healthy, regular leafed plants, are hard working and produce quite nicely, though not prolific. Production was very pleasing and nonstop until season's end. The flavor is sweet, very rich and delicious. Texture was also very good. Plants MUST be staked properly, with some extra support for individual fruits where needed. Expect your first ripened fruit out 80 days after transplant. A great choice for sandwiches and so much more! If you love them huge with good flavor, this one's for you!  
  • West Virginia Penitentiary Tomato

    A true old fashioned heirloom, West Virginia Penitentiary tomato dates back to the 1940s -50's. It's is said to have been grown by prisoners in the State, then sold to local markets. This red tomato has a nice balanced taste of sweets and tarts and makes a wonderful tomato sandwich. Plants were about 6 feet tall and produced plenty of 8-14 ounce fruits. I especially appreciated its resistance to early and late blight. These hardy plants were still producing green tomatoes in October. On October 7th I pulled all of my plants and got plenty of greens from these to make pickles. Truly a blessing, especially for the heirloom enthusiast!
  • Vineyard Wine Tomato


    Vineyard Wine Tomato

    I was gifted seeds for Vineyard Wine tomato by my friend form NYC. He also gifted me Alfonsi's Big Pink Beefsteak. Not sure what to expect, I planted two plants. What I were rose pink, very beautiful, slightly bigger than golf ball sized fruits that were rich and tasty. I have to admit, these do not taste like wine, but their colors is stunning. They are sweet, with nice tartness and not mild. Very consistent tomato taste! In a nutshell, they are delicious. Perfect for cooking, eating fresh, sauces and even sliced in salads. I like this tomato a lot. 6-8 averaged one pound. Prolific plants, very hardy variety!
  • I was introduced to Velmahoza Magnate tomato about 5 years ago and I totally loved them. Somehow I forgot to grow them out again until 2018.  This tomato reminds me a lot of Curtis Cheek tomato in looks, but has a totally different flavor and texture. Plants are wispy, as most oxhearts are. They grow to about 5 feet tall and produce pretty pink oxhearts. Our biggest fruits this year were about 14 ounces, but I would say that they average about 8-10 ounces. Ours always stand up well to early blight. Thick, smooth and sweeter meat that's made for sandwiches and sauces. Recommended!
  • Van Wert Ohio Tomato


    Van Wert Ohio Tomato

    A very useful and delicious variety, Van Wert Ohio tomato is a heavy producer of mid sized red and blemished free fruits. The plants seemed to have held on to every bloom and began to ripen about 75 days after being transplant into the garden. What I really loved about this variety was its disease resistance. It was one of the very best this year. Taste is old fashion, balanced and very pleasing. A very nice all purpose variety for situations such as cooking, sandwiches, slicing, market sales and even sauces. Check these out and try a few plants in your next garden! 5-7 ounces
  • Valencia Tomato

  • Ussuri Tiger Tomato

    One of the things I like about Ussuri Tiger tomato is that it has a good niche. This is a mild and juicy fruit that has a fruity aftertaste. At the farmers market, some of our customers loved it because it was not strong, but still delicious. Ussuri Tiger is an antho tomato that sports nice dark stripes over pale yellows. Our first ripened fruits were relatively early, coming in around 70-72 days. Plants were very prolific and hardy. Some of ours were still producing a lot at September's end!  These are great for snacking, garnishing, salsa, cooking, canning and so much more! Very good market variety!
  • Upstate Oxheart Tomato

    There is so much I could say about this tomato. Upstate Oxheart is a very large, pretty, and tender tomato. True to the oxheart family, this variety knows not how to disappoint! Our biggest this year have been in the 2 pound range which obviously meant that we had to stake very well. Oxheart are noted for having skinny vines and can grow really tall. As far as taste, this tomato has sweet mellow meat and is moderately juicy. It is in the vein of Curtis Cheek. It is weighty, solid and perfect for sauces, fresh eating, sandwiches, paste, catsup, or perhaps anything you can imagine. A really good all around tomato that you MUST try! Bite into one at the bottom end when fully ripened and mmmmmm......it's over! See it on YouTube!
  • Uncle E Tomato


    Uncle E Tomato

    Uncle E tomato seeds were given to me by my friend, Mrs. Holder. She explained to me that they had been in her family for over 100 years. I grew them out for the first time in 2008 and I have grown them every year since then. Huge beefsteaks that average 1 to 1.5 pounds of some of the most delicious tomatoes that you will ever taste. 6 foot vines produce plenty fruits that ripen around the 85 day mark and continue through frost. Please see below in the image section for Mrs. Holder's description. We are the original sellers of this cultivar
  • Umberto Tomato

    I can remember every place in our gardens that I have planted Umberto tomato over the years. And, the one thing that remains constant, is that they do exceptionally well no matter where they are. Tall vines produce pretty clusters of 5 to 7 light-pink tomatoes with really good flavor. They are delicious! Expect your first ripened fruits about 70 to 75 days after transplant. A great selection for market sales.
  • Tsarskiy Podarok Dwarf tomato took me totally by surprise this year(2018). I planted it in a row with non dwarf plants and was wondering why it hadn't even grew to 4 feet tall. When I checked my notes, I noticed that it had a dwarf habit. Plants produced really nice beefsteaks that sometimes crossed one pound. most were between 10 and 14 ounces. Fruits were milder and sweetish with really good balance.  Plants produced prolifically, I liked that a lot. I think our first ripened fruits were about 80 days. This tomato is a growers treat. Plants need to be well staked. Perfect for sandwiches and tons more. Try eating some right in the garden. You'd love them.
  • True Colors Tomato


    True Colors Tomato

    Again, another fascinating bi-colored oxheart from Karen Olivier. Like Midnight Sun, True Colors will blow you away with its taste and beauty. It's almost ironic that this variety is called True Colors when its colors almost seem unreal. Then on the other hand, perhaps that's exactly what Karen planned. These wispy, potato leafed plants, produced 8-14 ounce oxhearts that were always beautiful. Vines were skinny and lanky and would need early staking. Plants produced plenty, though not prolific. I was certainly pleased with production. These were bred by  in Canada by Karen and will be suitable for northern gardens. When fully ripened, these are sweeter, sort of fruity and medium mild. Balance and texture are superb! 70-75 days

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