• African Queen Tomato


    African Queen Tomato

    Just so you would know, out of about 120 new varieties for 2020/2021, African Queen tomato is the very first listing. This is so because it is one of the most memorable varieties for our season. I love everything about this variety. 1-1.5 pound fruits grow on healthy potato leafed vines that can reach 6 feet. Production is fantastic and non-stop. One of the earliest large varieties to ripen for us. Our plants were loaded from the very bottom, all the way to the very top. Excellent disease resistance. Taste is very balanced and memorable. Not too sweet or acidic. Texture is superb, just waiting for you to bite into. Excellent choice for sandwiches, market sales and a lot more. Perfect as a main crop. You must grow this one!!  
  • Amateur's Dream Tomato

    What a wonderful find for us this year! Amateur's Dream tomato, along with 200 rare types, were gifted to me by a tomato loving friend. Many of these came without real histories, and it was difficult to find information on most. This Siberia variety  produces hardy and prolific plants. Ours easily survived  in extreme weather conditions.  Four to eight ounce fruits have solid old fashioned flavor and make great slicing tomatoes. These are surprisingly tasty for an early variety. They began to ripen about 68 days after transplant. Very nice texture on these, not mild. Good balance! Early staking would be beneficial as they begin producing not long after transplant. Very nice and early slicer tomato! Good for short season climates.
  • If you are searching for a very good tasting variety that ripens early and produces plenty all season long, then Amazon Chocolate tomato is the one! This dark colored, beautiful and blemish-free fruit will blow you away with its production. Plant are not too tall (perhaps 4-5 feet) and produce many clusters of 4 or 5 8-16 ounce fruits. Most fruits average around 10-12 ounces. This is a great tomato for a main crop, greenhouse growing and market sales where it will excel. Amazon Chocolate is full flavored with great texture and taste. Perfect sandwich tomato. Eat a few right off the vine and you will not stop. A very nice all purpose tomato! See it on YouTube!
  • Amber Keyes Tomato


    Amber Keyes Tomato

    A beautiful sight to see, Amber Keyes tomato plants produce huge clusters of the most beautifully colored, greenish/yellowish fruits! True to its multiflora genes, our plants produced many clusters of more than 50 fruits, that were sweet, inviting and juicy. I especially liked that they were relatively early producers. These were transplanted in early May and we got our first ripened fruits on July 7th. Get ready for tons and tons of pear shaped cherry sized fruits! You will be amazed! Plants were 5 feet tall and hard working. A great choice for snacking, preserves(I make jam), salads etc!  
  • Auranticum Tomato


    Auranticum Tomato

    Auranticum tomato was a standout for us in 2018. We are introducing seeds in 2019. Five feet tall, multiflora plants, produce more delicious cherry tomatoes than you could harvest. Fruits are produced in bunches of 20-50 or perhaps more. Taste is sweet and fruity with mild tang. These are perfect for salads, snacking, canning and so much more. A perfect treat for market vendors. Great if your need is less plants and more production!
  • Barby Tomato


    Barby Tomato

    Another new and rare determinate variety here in 2019, Barby tomato is perhaps my favorite of them all. Short plants produce big crops of deep red, blemish-free and flavorful fruits. These are perfect little slicers too. Along with Birch, these two produced a bunch of early and tasty fruits. I especially love Barby because it showed no signs of diseases and held up very well, even in a tough season. Perfect for cooking, juicing, snacking, canning, stews and more. Good choice for early market tomatoes. I also suspect that they will perform admirably in containers of perhaps 4 gallons and larger. Try these you will like them.
  • Birch Tomato


    Birch Tomato

    Birch tomato is a determinate variety that is early and prolific. Deep red fruits have good texture, are mildly sweet and juicy. Three feet tall plants start producing early and are hardy and dependable. I especially loved the nice and tasty balance that the fruits had.  Plants have to be staked because of large production. 3-6 ounce fruits are deep red and begin to ripen about 70-75 days after transplant. They produce bunches of about 5-7 fruits that begin to ripen in quick succession. Perfect size tomatoes for munching on. These would also make great tomato juice. I made tomato stew with some too. Delicious!  
  • Bloody Butcher Tomato


    Bloody Butcher Tomato

    75-Days. Bloody Butcher Tomato is a little ping pong ball sized fruit that ripens deep red and grows on potato leaf vines. Fruits are balanced, tasty and on the sweeter side. This one has a good amount of real tomato juice. I especially like the hardiness of this one. Vines just blow through any disease and continue producing clusters of 5-7 tomatoes until frost. Great little snacking and salsa tomato. Caning works well too!
  • Burgurland's Triumph Tomato

    Burgurland's Triumph tomato is an early variety that's perfect for canning, sauces, juicing and more. I am happy that I grew these out because they made some great juice and surprisingly nice sauce too. Short plants produce heavily and early enough to get me started snacking in the garden without haven to wait too long. Fruits are a little bigger than a ping pong ball and have a wonderful aroma. Good disease resistance and hardy too. Softish texture, sweeter, smooth and satisfying. Good experience for me!  
  • Byelorussian Tomato


    Byelorussian Tomato

    Another rare variety shared with me by my friend Aud Zeneberg. If you are seeking a new and rare cultivar for your next grow-outs, try Byelorussian Tomato.  Very tasty!  These are  blemish-free, almost perfect 6 ounce slicers! Very good balanced taste, nice aroma and again, not easily found.  Our plants were prolific and relatively early, ripening their fruits about 72 days after transplant. Fruits are perfect slicers, great for cooking, canning, sauces and much more. Try a few right off the vine, mmmmmmm!!  Seeds directly from Gatersleben Seed Bank. LYC 3687.
  • Christmas Purple Grapes Tomato

    A plump, fat cherry, Christmas Purple Grapes tomato is definitely a keeper. Boasting full flavored goodness and texture that will pull you in, this variety is definitely worth growing. Plants are very hardy and showed nice disease resistance for us in 2020. These purple/brownish fruits are the perfect snacks that you will never get tired of. Prolific, relatively early, nice aroma too. Try these, you will want much more of them!
  • Crimson Zebra Tomato


    Crimson Zebra Tomato

    A prolific variety, Crimson Zebra tomato is desirable and pretty! 5 feet tall, regular leafed plants, produce 2-6 0unce fruits that are sweeter, mildly fruity and delivers an overall good tomato experience. Ours showed nice disease resistance after one small initial treatment. Plants produced all season long. Wonderful tomato aroma. A really nice cooking, snacking and canning variety!
  • Dujon Burr Tomato


    Dujon Burr Tomato

    I am so happy that I grew these out.  This rare variety is a great little slicer. They also do great as canners and juice tomatoes. A new addition to our rare variety list, Dujon Burr tomato plants are determinate and just do their thing.  Plants have very good production, with good disease resistance to back that up!  These started ripening about 72 days after transplant. When fully ripened, Dujon Burr is bright red, juicy and have overall good balance. Nice selection for such an early tomato. Nice texture too! (Seed Source Gatersleben, # LYC 3493.)
  • Dwarf Audrey's Love Tomato

    Dwarf Audrey's Love tomato is a plump, bi-colored variety.  2.5 feet tall plants are prolific and relatively early. One of our favorites in 2020, these things never stopped producing. Although this variety will do excellently in the ground it can easily be grown in in containers too. Taste is mild, with sweet undertones and earthiness, which I like. Ripened fruits are about 2 inches long with purple and green blushing and striping! Really beautiful and easy to manage, especially in small garden spaces!
  • Dwarf Banana Toes Tomato

    Dwarf Banana Toes tomato is a product of the Dwarf Tomato Project. This collaborative team has produces some of the best dwarf tomatoes in the world. Banana Toes is a mild, classic sauce and paste variety. 2- 3 inch fruits are produced on plants that are not taller than 2 feet. Determinate plants start ripening their fruits about 70 days after transplant. When fully ripened, banana Toes turns a beautiful canary yellow. Very pretty fruits that can do well for cooking and canning also. Perfect for container and small space gardening!
  • Dwarf Clare Valley Pink Tomato

    Don't be surprised if you grow these every year. Dwarf Clare Valley Pink tomato is a high producing, early variety. Ours produced their first ripened fruits around 72 days from transplant. 2.5 feet tall plants produced plenty round fruits that were about 4-6 ounces each. These are sweet and juicy with a very nice overall flavor. These would also do wonderfully in smaller gardens or in containers. Good disease resistance!
  • Dwarf Dainty Isabel Tomato

    Dwarf Dainty Isabel tomato is a beautifully colored fruit that grows on short and stocky plants. Plants did not grow taller than two feet tall. I was really astonished with Dainty Isabel's taste. It had excellent balance and was neither sweet or tart. Nice old time tomato flavor when fully ripened. These dwarf plants displayed excellent disease resistance. This and all the dwarf varieties that we offer will do excellently in larger containers of 5 gallons and larger!
  • Dwarf Mint Streak Tomato

    Beautiful green and yellow bi-color fruits is what you will get when you grow Dwarf Mint Streak Tomato. That's not all though! You will also experience mildly sweet and juicy variety that will suck you in. Our plants were about 2.5 feet tall and were vibrant and prolific. They started ripening their fruits about 72 days after transplant. No diseases were experienced with these! Perfect for snacking, plating, cooking, market sales and so much more. Works well for smaller gardens and container growing! Give these a shot, you too may be hooked!
  • Dwarf Numbat Tomato


    Dwarf Numbat Tomato

    Dwarf Numbat Tomato was a nice little find for us in 2020. Short plants produced heavy crops of large cherries that were great for canning, snacking and even slicing. Taste for us was mild and tart and tasty. Our plants were about 2-2.5 feet tall and started ripening fruits about 70 days after transplant. A beautiful marbling of greens and yellows, Numbat will work well in small garden spaces as well as in containers.
  • Dwarf Red Heart Tomato


    Dwarf Red Heart Tomato

    I am so happy that we grew these in 2020. Dwarf Red Heart tomato is a very beautiful fruit. 2.4 feet tall plants  produce 4-6 ounce, heart shaped fruits, that are bright red when fully ripened. Delicious rich taste and perfect for sauces and paste. Great garden snack too. Our plants had excellent disease resistance and were very prolific. One of the first tomatoes to ripen this year. 70 days to first ripened fruits!  Perfect for container growing and smaller garden spaces!
  • Dwarf Round Robin Tomato

    Just when you thought that you've seen it all, here comes Dwarf Round Robin tomato! This real cutie is also very tasty. Round Robin has some of the same colorings of Dwarf Audrey's Love. Both are beautiful! Plants are short, perfect for container growing and early. Ours started ripening fruits about 72 days from transplant. No signs of diseases were ever seen on these! Taste is sweet and fruity, very rich taste on these! Tree-like plants are about 2.5 feet tall and will keep pumping them out for you! Try these!!
  • Dwarf Surender's Indian Curry Tomato

    Dwarf Surender's Indian Curry tomato is a high producing determinate variety that is perfect for canning, cooking, juicing, fresh salsa. 2 feet tall plants start ripening their fruits around 70 days after transplant. Fruits are about 2 inches in diameter and slightly flattened. Taste is mildly acidic.  It is a great variety for container or tight-spaced garden growing.
  • Dwarf Yantarnyi Tomato


    Dwarf Yantarnyi Tomato

    A nice little canner, Yantarnyi tomato also works well for cooking and and salsa. These are mild and more acidic than sweet. Rabbits in our garden kept attacking our plants so that that is a sign of approval. Tantarnyi has good shelf life. Some of ours lasted for a couple weeks after harvesting. Plants are very prolific and hardy. Ours never showed any signs of diseases. Determinate, plants are about 2.5- 3 get tall and start ripening their fruits about 75 days after transplant. Nice for containers and small garden spaces..
  • Early Pak Tomato


    Early Pak Tomato

    A determinate variety, Early Pack tomato is the perfect early variety. Smaller slicing tomatoes have good flavor and nice texture. Plants are prolific and very hardy. In 2019 ours were planted in low laying ground and were flooded for 3 weeks, yet they pulled through while other varieties crumbled. Bright red, 3-4 ounce fruits have nice balance, are on the tart side and are really good on a sandwich. I haven't tried these any other way than on sandwiches and eating off the vine. It is well worth it for me to grow these annually. 68-70 days to ripen from transplant. Seed Source: Plant Gene Resources Of Canada-CN 16426.
  • Gopak Tomato

    A very versatile variety, Gopak tomato is also very dependable. This awesome all purpose variety grows on shorter plants and produce plentifully! Our plants were no taller than 4.5 feet. They worked hard for us all season long. Clean, blemish-free, oxheart fruits, are about 6-18 ounces and the most beautiful pinks. A very nice type for sauces, cooking, canning, snacking and so much more. Early ripening, averaging about 75 days from transplant.
  • Hardin's Miniature Micro Dwarf Tomato

    Unique in its own right, Hardin's Miniature micro dwarf tomato is just a beautiful sight to behold. 10-12 inch plants produce a multiplicity of offshoots that all produce heavily. 1-1.5 inch elongated fruits can be found from the bottom to the top of each plant and begin to ripen around 65 days after transplant. Plants do excellently in 1 gallon containers, bigger containers are not needed or recommended. Hardins will also produce a second but smaller crop if cared for and pruned a little after the first. This is a great keeper tomato for canning, cooking, stews and snacking. Highly recommended!
  • Honey Drop Tomatoes


    Honey Drop Tomato

    One of the best cherries that I have ever tasted, Honey Drop tomato is also the most unique that I have ever grown! I am totally blown away by everything about this gem! It is the first tomato that I have grown where seeds from one plant produces different colored fruits. Yes, you heard me. Seeds from one plant can produce pinks, yellows and some with pink blushes. It's true! My three plants produced two yellows and a pink. But that is not all, these babies are prolific, have super disease resistance and are very vibrant! I promise you that there is NO tomato with such an aroma. These cherries smell like pure tropical fruits and not tomatoes. So many times I walked by my plants without looking and knew exactly where I was in the garden. All upside with honey drop. Perhaps now my #1 cherry tomato! Highly Recommended!
  • Hooked On Cherry Tomato 

    EXCLUSIVE 2020

    Hooked On Cherry is a sweet black fruit that is great for salads, snacking, preserves, market sales and so much more. Crack free fruits are stunningly beautiful and inviting. Seeds were first given to me by Bill Jeffers of Evansville Indiana and they seemed to be unstable. After growing it out for several years, it now is very stable! Its original name was T-Black Cherry, but Bill explained to me that that name was used from one of its parents. Given the permission to change its name, I have decided to call it Hooked On Cherry. You would love this fruit! So sweet and juicy, prolific plants, excellent disease resistance! So much upside! I am truly hooked! You'll be too!

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