• Window Box Red Micro Dwarf Tomato

    Here is another red, plump and juicy variety. Window Box Red micro dwarf tomato is a winner all the way. packed with flavor when fully ripened, 8-10 inch plants produce abundantly and early. Ours started ripening about 52 days after transplant and continued for more than three weeks. What I really loved was the second crop that that our plants produced after I pruned and fertilized them. They were blooming again within two weeks of the end of the first crop. Widow Box Red is sweeter and perfect for snacking. you must add these to your micro dwarf collection!
  • Williams Striped Tomato

    90 Days. Williams Striped tomato is among the biggest bi-color varieties that we grow. Sweet and meaty beefsteak fruits can reach 2 pounds. Plants are vigorous, hardy and always perform excellently for us even through hotter months. Stake well, with regular revisions. Fruits grow quickly and super large. Great sandwich tomato but you can use it in any way you wish. fantastic market seller!
  • Looking for a very delicious dwarf variety that grows nice sized fruits? Willa's Cariboo Rose Dwarf tomato will get the job done. This beautiful beefsteak grows on tree-like plants that produce plenty, considering the size of tomatoes they produce. Our plants have shown good disease resistance, especially to early blight. Tomatoes are meaty, balanced, rich and tasty. They veer slightly on the milder side but not too much. Expect your first ripened fruits about 80 days after transplant. From that point, indeterminate plants continue producing until season's end. Some staking is necessary as plants topple with the big fruits they bear. Great choice for smaller gardens or container growing! More dwarf tomatoes Here!
  • Wild Tomato Rot


    Wild Tomato Rot

    70 Days. Wild Tomato Rot seeds were passed on to me by Mr Dean Slater. He stated that the "Rot" may stand for Rotterdam. This ever vibrant red cherry is all you will ever need for snacking in your garden. they produce so many that two plants will ware you out! They are sweet and juicy with a very good finish. This is truly a good little tomato that I am always elated to grow. Fruits are dime sized and plants are vibrant and bushy!
  • White Tomesol Tomato

    75 Days. White Tomesol is a smaller white tomato that can reach 6 ounces. It's one of the whitest varieties that we have grown. Vines are disease resistant and hard workers. You can expect your first fruits around 70 days after transplant.  Vins are about 5 feet tall and produce bountiful harvests. We have absolutely no disease issues with this variety and it produces all the way until frost. I especially love the look of this fruit. White Tomesol tomato is fruity, juicy, slightly sweet and milder. A perfect choice for those seeking a milder tomato with really good tomato taste. Try some plants, you'll be happy that you did!
  • White Sugar Tomato


    White Sugar Tomato

    A sweeter and juicy variety, White Sugar tomato is a pure gem to grow. Although I would consider this a slicing tomato, I think it would shine as a juice and cooking variety. These are really good right off the vine. Ripening to a pale yellow color, 4-8 ounce fruits have a wonderful aroma when fully done. Very beautiful for plating too! Wonderful market variety! Plants are prolific and around mid season. 80 days!
  • White Queen Tomato

    If your aim is to grow a high producing, white variety with mildly sweet, fruity flavor, then here it is!. White Queen tomato is a very pretty, blemish-free fruit that weighs about 3-6 ounces. These are also a bit early to ripen, but not the earliest. Ours produced their first ripened fruits about 70 days from transplant. White Queen may not be what you consider a sauce specialist, but it makes some darn good sauce. I also love its aroma and usability in different situations. It's imperative to stake these regular leafed plants.  You would like these, especially for production!
  • White Oxheart Tomato


    White Oxheart Tomato

    One of the whitest tomatoes that we have grown, it lives up to the oxheart family name. White Oxheart tomato is a 6 to 10 ounce fruit that is milder, sweet and delicious. It's a great candidate for tomato sandwiches and a sweet white tomato sauce. Skinny vines produce a good amount of fruits, but need to be staked early. Vines have also demonstrated good disease resistance for us. You can expect fruits all the way until frosts. These sell very well for me at the Farmers' Market too. I have had many repeat customers, just for White Oxheart. Feel free to visit our other oxhearts. This is a really good tomato! 80 Days. See It on YouTube.
  • White Icicle Radish

    White Icicle Radish White Icicle Radish is a favorite of mine. I am not a big radish lover but I can definitely deal with this one. These are crisp and can grow to 5-6 inches long. These have a slightly spicy flavor. Easy to start by direct sowing in early spring after frost has passed and again in late summer for beautiful Fall crop. Early maturity at 30-50 days.
  • White Eyez Tomato


    White Eyez Tomato

    White Eyez tomato is a stable variant of Dragon's Eye. Light yellow tomates with speckles of green and gold are very tasty and refreshing. In 2015, when I first discovered these in my garden, I was baffled. I have grown them each year since then and they have always produced the same thing. Plants are about 6 feet tall and produce bunches of 5-6 golf ball sized fruits with wonderful flavor and texture. For me, taste is not similar to Dragon's Eye, which is a delicious variety also. White Eyez is fruitier and perhaps has a bit more balance. Both are great though! Expect your first ripened fruits around 70 days after transplant. Perfect for snacking, garnish.
  • White Currant Tomato

    White Currant is without a doubt the hardiest and the most stubborn tomato I have ever grown! It is so prolific and hardy that you will never be able to get rid of it in your garden. Plant it once, and it will always reappear. Dime sized, sweet, earthy fruits are light yellow and have a soft texture. They are not good candidates for market sales but perfect for snacking in the garden. Busy vines like sprawling everywhere and would rather not be staked. 70 Days.
  • White Beauty Tomato


    White Beauty Tomato

    75 Days. Perhaps one of the prettiest of the white tomatoes that we grow, White Beauty tomato is also one of the earliest to ripen. our first ripened ones come in at around the 70-75 days. White beauty tomato weighs about 6-10 ounces. It's vines are vibrant, bushy and prolific. ours have always shown good disease resistance and produced until frost. In 2017 we grew them especially for market sales and they were a hit! They are mildly sweet, juicy, balanced and delicious! Stake well!
  • Whetstone Wonder tomato is a huge, sweeter beefsteak that you will fall in love with. Tomatoes can easily reach 2 pounds. I was given these seeds by a family in Indiana USA who stated that it had been grown for years by a great aunt. The way the story was told to me, it seemed that Whetstone had been in that family for more than 75 years. I'm supposed to get more info in this one soon. Whetstone Wonder is also very meaty and aromatic when fully ripened. Plants need early staking with regular revisions. One slice will cover your sandwich bread twice over! Recommended!
  • West Virginia Sweetmeat Tomato

    West Virginia Sweetmeat tomato is an Amish variety that can easily reach 2.5 pounds. In fact, about 10% of earlier fruits reached and surpassed that mark. A few were 3 pounds or more! Healthy, regular leafed plants, are hard working and produce quite nicely, though not prolific. Production was very pleasing and nonstop until season's end. The flavor is sweet, very rich and delicious. Texture was also very good. Plants MUST be staked properly, with some extra support for individual fruits where needed. Expect your first ripened fruit out 80 days after transplant. A great choice for sandwiches and so much more! If you love them huge with good flavor, this one's for you!  
  • West Virginia Penitentiary Tomato

    A true old fashioned heirloom, West Virginia Penitentiary tomato dates back to the 1940s -50's. It's is said to have been grown by prisoners in the State, then sold to local markets. This red tomato has a nice balanced taste of sweets and tarts and makes a wonderful tomato sandwich. Plants were about 6 feet tall and produced plenty of 8-14 ounce fruits. I especially appreciated its resistance to early and late blight. These hardy plants were still producing green tomatoes in October. On October 7th I pulled all of my plants and got plenty of greens from these to make pickles. Truly a blessing, especially for the heirloom enthusiast!
  • Wes Tomato

    80 Days. Wes is a beautiful red oxheart that you should totally enjoy. Like most other oxheart tomatoes, it grows on skinny vines with wispy leaves. I have noticed Wes tomato vines loves the hotter months. ours really shine from mid-July through August! Fruits are sweet, meaty and rich with some other complimentary flavors. The end result being a great tomato. I recommend these for sandwich making and sauces! Perfect for eating of the int too! Try it, you'll love it!
  • 75-80 Days. Watermelon tomato is a fat beefsteak that averages 1.5 pounds. It is a very good tomato that is juicy, fruity, milder and aromatic. It's potato leaf vines are huge, sprawling and prolific. These re perfect for anyone wanting a milder beefsteak but also wanting to enjoy a fruit that has real tomato flavor. These make great sandwiches! Plants have good disease resistance and need to be st
  • Waratah Dwarf Tomato

    Waratah Dwarf Tomato is an outstanding variety the grows on very compact, tree-like plants. plants produce a nice amount of fruits and produce all season long. Fruits are very balanced and slightly sweeter than tart. This is a great selection for sandwiches, fresh salsa, cooking and eating right off of the vines. plants also do not exceed 3.5 feed and are not wide spreading! Perfect for container growing, small gardens and growing indoor under lights!
  • Waltham Butternut Squash

    I love Butternut Squash so much! This year, I was fortunate to have a patch of these. I harvested tons and tons. Presently in my basement there are at least enough to last me through the winter. I am looking forward to making winter dishes. I especially love them oven baked, wrapped in foil, with good butter and a touch of sugar salt and black pepper. But I also love to make soups and bisque. Cooke in an Indian cut style with coconut milk and spices is absolutely delicious. Nutritious, delicious and filling! Just a few vines will give you enough food for many months! Some fruits can get pretty large!
  • Vorlon Tomato


    Vorlon Tomato

    If you are a lover of black tomatoes or if you have never tasted one, Vorlon tomato would be a good one to try. We grew if for the first time in 2017 and plan on growing it again from now on! Vorlon is a well balanced tomato with softish flesh that melts in your mouth. It reminds me of Nairobi Nights just not as intense. I have seen some that were close to 1 pound but the average size is closer to 10 ounces. Vines have potato leaves, are a bit sprawling, and prolific. This is a great tomato for sandwiches, salsas, and fresh eating off of the vine. 80 days.
  • Viva Le Bruno White Tomato

    There is so much I could say about Viva Le Bruno White Tomato! But I would just say that I feel very fortunate to have grown this variety this year. I'll start by saying that production is very high. Plants are hardy and never stop producing. This is a very tough variety that came through long spells of rain and even longer periods of drought. Nonetheless, they produced what seemed like millions of 4-8 ounce, pale yellow fruits. When t comes to taste, this tomato has a delicate fruity finish, nice sweetness with really good texture that results in a winning flavor that kept me eating and eating. In conclusion, this is a very good tomato that I would easily give seven stars. Sauce, cooking, garnish, sandwiches and more!
  • Virginia Sweets Tomato

    One of our best selling varieties of all time, Virginia Sweets tomato is a winner! Like most red and yellow bi-color fruits, this one too, is  sweet. It also has plenty of nice, fruity meat, which has great texture. Fruits average around the 1 pound mark, though some get larger! Vines are prolific and have good disease resistance. Virginia Sweets is the perfect main- crop variety. You can expect your first ripened fruits around the 80 day mark.
  • Violet Jasper Tomato

    Violet Jasper is a big cherry, bi-color tomato that is sort of violet. It is milder and juicy yet very delicious. Its vines are very prolific. These seem to do well in hotter weather and must be staked early. A perfect tomato for snacking, salsa, and garnish. They will ripen around the 75 day mark. A good prospect for container growing if staked or caged.
  • Vintage Wine Tomato

  • Vinson Watts Tomato


    Vinson Watts Tomato

    Vinson Watts is not just another pink tomato--it's a very good one! A fleshy and medium sweet tomato with fruity undertones will surprise you because it is not a flashy fruit. Nonetheless, Vinson Watts can hold its own in any serious tomato arena. Hard-working vines produce a really nice quantity of 10 ounce to 1 pound beefsteaks that begin to ripen about 85 days after transplant. Stake well and get ready! Perfect for sandwiches, fresh eating, and cooking. Visit my YouTube Channel HERE
  • Vineyard Wine Tomato


    Vineyard Wine Tomato

    I was gifted seeds for Vineyard Wine tomato by my friend form NYC. He also gifted me Alfonsi's Big Pink Beefsteak. Not sure what to expect, I planted two plants. What I were rose pink, very beautiful, slightly bigger than golf ball sized fruits that were rich and tasty. I have to admit, these do not taste like wine, but their colors is stunning. They are sweet, with nice tartness and not mild. Very consistent tomato taste! In a nutshell, they are delicious. Perfect for cooking, eating fresh, sauces and even sliced in salads. I like this tomato a lot. 6-8 averaged one pound. Prolific plants, very hardy variety!
  • Vilma mico dwarf tomato is one of my favorite micros. Eight inch plants produce nickel-sized, deep red cherry cherries that are fruity, sweeter and rich. Overall, Vilma is a very balanced tomato that kids would love. Plants produce clusters of 5-7 fruits that begin to ripen in about 65 days after transplant. 1/2 to 1 gallon containers work excellently for this wonderful little gem!  


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