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Red And Yellow Bi Color Heirloom Tomatoes

In the last 16 years I have grown many varieties of red and yellow bi color heirloom tomatoes. One of the most consistent thing about them is that they are usually on the sweet side. In fact, many are among the sweetest tomatoes that I have tasted. When grown in full sunlight for at least 8 hours per day, it’s almost guaranteed that you will have some good, sweet ones!

Bi Color Tomatoes Of Different Sizes.

Red and yellow bi color tomatoes come in many sizes. They are available in cherry sizes, such as Little Lucky Heart and Dragon’s Eye,  in nice slicing sizes, such as  Lover’s Lunch, and especially in large sizes such as Gold Medal, Lucky Cross and Striped German tomato. With all of the size variations, it could be rather difficult to choose, but fear not. In our Bi Color category I have described each variety as accurately as I possibly can. I hope that doing so would make it easier for you to choose, while providing you with a better understand bi-color tomatoes.

Virginia Sweets Is A Great Choice Too

One of our favorites here at the farm, is Virginia Sweets.  It’s also covetd by many of our customers. We have grown it for many years and it remains a very good, consistent tomato. Whatever varieties you’ve decided to grow, without a doubt, the varieties that we offer are among some of the best. With that in mind, your experience should be a good one. Many large varieties of bi colors can be as much as two pounds so you would have to stake well.