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This article deals not only with some the best dwarf tomato black varieties, but also ones that I totally love. These, for me, have fantastic flavor, great production and good to great disease resistance. So it’s really a review and recommendation of some of my favorites! There are also quit a few varieties that  did not mention in this article. Here is the link of my dwarf tomato varieties. Check them out!

Dwarf Chocolate Champion

Chocolate Champion Dwarf Tomatoes

Dwawrf Chocolate Champion

Without a doubt, this is not only one of my favorite black varieties of dwarf tomatoes, but it’s one of my favorite dwarf varieties, period! Dwarf Chocolate Champion tomato packs big flavor. Personally it’s one of my top 5 dwarf varieties. These are sweeter complexed and rich and balanced, with deliciousness in every bite. Let them ripen well and you too will agree. Perfect for almost anything tomato. 2.5-3 feet tall plants produce plenty! Great for container growing too! Will need a little staking.



Dwarf Tasmanian Chocolate

Dwarf Tasmanian Chocolate Tomato

Dwarf Tasmanian Chocolate Tomato

Here is another black dwarf tomato that you should experience. Dwarf Tasmanian Chocolate tomato is definitely worth trying. once you do, you will grow it every year. Nice sized pretty fruits, remind me of some of the better blacks, such as Cherokee Purple and Martha Logan. Try these in 5 gallon containers. Feed well and you should be well rewarded. Plants are about 3 feet tall.




Dwarf Purple Reign

Dwarf-Purple Reign-Tomato

Dwarf Purple Reign Tomato

My newest favorite black dwarf variety. Dwarf Purple Reign plants are around 3 feet tall. They produce pretty fruits that are blemish free and aromatic. You MUST try these! I also like that they seem to be early and they produce plenty. As far as taste, I would describe it as old fashioned with some earthiness. Great for slicing and fresh salsa. Try some in the garden too! Yummy!




Dwarf Purple Heart

Purple Heart Dwarf Tomato

Purple Heart Dwarf Tomato

I was very impressed when I first tasted Dwarf Purple Heart tomato. I knew then and there that they would always grow here, and we have. There was a big difference between the plants that I grew in the ground and the ones in containers. My container plants grew to about 4 feet while my plants in the ground never crossed 3, if that much. Nonetheless, the fruits remained pretty consistent in taste and size. My ground planted plants produced more, with more intense colors. Fruits are rich, meaty, full-flavored and satisfying. Perfect slicers. Perfect for salsa, snacking and plating. I love these!



Dwarf Fred’s Tie Dye

Fred's Tie Dye Dwarf Tomato

Fred’s Tie Dye Dwarf Tomato

This bi-colored variety is such a pleasure to grow. A head turner for sure, these are absolutely beautiful when well ripened. In my top 5 dwarf varieties, I just love the taste of these. I would say that Fred’s Tie Dye is a great choice for anyone seeking a tomato that isn’t to strongly flavored, yet tasty. Another great choice for container growing. Try 5 gallon pots.




Dwarf Mary’s Cherry

Dwarf Mary's Cherry Tomato 2019

Dwarf Mary’s Cherry

Dwarf Mary’s Cherry tomato is a new grow out for us in 2018. Of the 55 new dwarf varieties this year, it was one of the best. I especially love its production. Clean fruits are really pretty and keep coming all season long. Mary’s Cherry is not what’s considered the average cherry sized tomato. They are a little bigger!  These are very juicy and tasty. A perfect tomato snacking treat. Excellent choice for in ground or container growing. Make yourself some great salsa!




Rosella Purple Dwarf Tomato

Rosella Purple Dwarf Tomato

 Rosella Purple Dwarf tomato is also one to consider. Seriously, this one can compare with any of the ones that I have mentioned in this article. I also really love its production and fruit size. Once these start ripening you will know why I decided to go ahead and include this one as one for you to consider!

There you go! Now you know what  some of our favorite Dwarf Tomato Black Varieties are!

Note: Please keep in mind that our plants are mostly grown in 10-12 hours of direct sunlight. That can affect plant height and tomato taste. Your results may vary! Blessings!