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 Dwarf Tomato Indeterminate Varieties

One of the most asked question that I have received is if there are there any dwarf tomato indeterminate varieties. The answer is yes! I suspect that may have arisen because some new growers may be confusing dwarf and micro dwarf tomato varieties. Or perhaps Dwarf tomatoes with determinate non-dwarf cultivars. In my experience, more than 75% of the dwarf varieties that we have grown are indeterminate. There are also some semi-determinate and determinate varieties.  Below I will list 10 indeterminate dwarf varieties with a short description of plant height and fruit sizes. hope that you find something that makes you want to grow out a few. 

Adelaide Festival Dwarf Tomato

This dark, Bi colored fruit is one of my long time favorites, sweetish and rich tasting tomatoes can reach 8-10 ounces. Plants produce plenty and in our garden, usually grows to about 2.5 to 3 feet tall. Good disease resistance! See Adelaide Festival Here!

Barossa Fest Dwarf Tomato

We grew Barossa Fest in 2017 and 2018 and plan once again to grow in 2019. Clean, canary yellow fruits are fruity, balanced and delicious. 3 feet tall plants produce plenty, all season long. Fruits are usually large cherry sized. Very juicy and delicious. Great for container growing!

Chocolate Champion  Dwarf Tomato

One of my top five dwarf tomatoes, Chocolate Champion Dwarf tomato will wow you too! Very pretty fruits are chocolate/bronze colored when fully ripened. Taste is complex, rich and earthy. Very delicious. Fruits can reach 14 ounces but average 6-10. Great choice for sandwiches and fresh  eating. Hardy, tree-like plants.

Brandy Fred Dwarf Tomato

Perhaps the prettiest dwarf tomato,  Dwarf Brandy Fred is a tomato lovers dream. Dark pinkish fruits are larger fruits and can reach one pound. Very delicious, wine-like and rich flavors. Aromatic too. Plants are about 3 feet tall, many of ours have been shorter. Good disease resistance! Slicer, sandwiches, garnish!

Dwarf Andy’s Forty Tomato

a new grow-out in 2018, this one is returning to our garden in 2019. Prolific plants are so hardy that you are almost guaranteed to get fruits. Ours are hardy and produce all season long. Very tasty too. Another great selection for container and patio growing growing!

Dwarf Firebird Sweet

A standout for us in 2017, Dwarf Firebird Sweet is a phenomenal selection for any dwarf tomato garden. 3 foot tall, tree-like plants  produce pretty, red and yellow, bi-colored fruits, that are tasty too.  Expect plenty 5-10 ounce fruits to be around until season’s end. Does well in containers too!

Dwarf Catydid Tomato

Dwarf Catydid tomato would not let you down. If taste is what you are after, you’ve got it! But it doesn’t stop there. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw good production on these. These are the most beautiful fruits that I have ever seen! Tomatoes are 6-14 ounces and very delicious. If you like fruit-like tomatoes, this is one. Plants are about 3 feet tall and very hardy!

Dwarf Mr Snow Tomato

I first grew Dwarf Mr Snow tomato in 5 gallon containers, in my basement during the winter. Although plants were healthy and produced well, production was much better when grown in the ground. But when it comes to taste, this one is hard to beat. This is a very good tomato. our largest has been around 12 ounces. Plants in containers were about 4 feet tall by season’s end. In the ground they were barely 3 feet tall. Very tasty, yellow tomato! 

Dwarf Russian Swirl Tomato

Yessir, this is my favorite dwarf tomato to grow. it’s also in my top 10 as far as taste. beautiful 3-4 feet tall plants produce plenty, clean, red and yellow bi-colored fruits. Does well in containers too.  Fruits are sweet, juicy and have great texture. Great slicer for snacking, slicing up in salads or plating! 

Dwarf Tasty Wine Tomato

If you like nice sized tomatoes and would like to achieve that by growing dwarf varieties, try Dwarf Tasty Wine. You wouldn’t need to show your ID to try this one. 8-12 ounce fruits can get even larger at times. Three feet tall plants are hardy, good producers, that will do well in heat. A good prospect for container or patio growing. Sandwich ready!


Summer Sunrise Dwarf Tomato

Without a doubt, this is my favorite yellow dwarf tomatoes. Fruity, fruity, fruity. Summer Sunrise Dwarf tomato is a good choice if you like a milder taste that’s still full flavored. This is truly a fine variety. Fruits can be  pretty big too. Our largest have been around 24 ounces. What a treat. Plants are about 3 feet tall!

Dwarf Mary’s Cherry Tomato

A prolific and beautiful tomato, Dark Mary’s Cherry tomato will be in most of my mentions from now on. I totally love this one. About 3 feet tall plants will produce plenty, large cherry fruits that are rich and earthy. Very juicy! Clean fruits are perfect for many uses. I just had to mention this one! 

Dwarf Jade Beauty Tomato

Large cherries is what you will get when you grow out Dwarf Jade Beauty.  These ripen green. They are very tasty and are perfect for snacking right in the garden. Our plants have never crossed 3 feet tall and have also done well in containers. Most of ours are growing in the ground though. Very hardy variety. Fantastic flavors!