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Dwarf Tomato-Five Green When Ripe Varieties

Some fanciers have asked me about the scope of dwarf tomatoes. I always say to them that dwarf except for their compact growing habits, fruits are no different to non-dwarf types. In this family of tomatoes, you will find elongated, cherries, hearts, beefsteaks, slicers, sauce tomatoes, sandwich tomatoes, canning varieties and more. As far as taste, they can be hard to beat. so done be scared to try some! Below are some dwarf varieties that ripen green.

Dwarf Saucy Mary

Dwarf Saucy Mary is not really all green when ripened. In fact, when ripened, it’s a nice blend of green and yellow bi-color. It’s primary color is green though. Fruits are juicy and milder with some fruitiness. Determinate plants are about 2.5 feet tall. Prolific and great for container growing also.

Dwarf Jackass Green

A new grow-out for us in 2018, this one will again be in our gardens in 2019.  Dwarf Jackass Green tomato starts ripening a bit later but the wait is well worth it. Very good flavor on this one. plats are about 3 get tall in full sunlight. Indeterminate!

Dwarf Summertime Green

When we first grew these out in 2016, we were surprised to see how large the fruits were in comparison to the size of the plants. We have since learned, through research, that dwarf plants grow a little shorter around here. Our Dwarf Summertime Green plants hardly crosses 2.5 feet tall on our farm. Fruits were around 10 ounces. Plants are always loaded. Ripens very green so you’ll have to watch it!

Kangaroo Paw Green

A large sized cherry tomato that grows on short, stocky plants, Dwarf Kangaroo Paw Green tomato is a nice selection for salads, snacking, fresh salsa and more. These ripen green with a slight yellow tinge. Great for containers and in-ground growing, this one has brown and yellow cousins too. 2.5-3 feet tall plants. Prolific.

Dwarf Kelly Green

This is a tomato that I would like everyone to try, unfortunately not many people do. Dwarf Kelly Green is an intense tasting tomato that ripens to a very pretty green. Hardy plants produce plenty but I wouldn’t consider them prolific. Fruits can reach 10-12 ounces. Really good flavor and perfect for slicing, Sandwiches, plating and more. Container growing, YES!

There are more green when ripened dwarf tomato varieties that we can mention, but these are some of our favorites. Our entire collection is listed in the dwarf category of our website. Check them out!