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5 Dwarf Tomato Varieties That Produce Like Crazy

Quite often I am asked for recommendations about container varieties that are prolific producers and taste good. So I have decided to publish this article to highlight 5 dwarf tomato varieties that produce like CRAZY!! Intentionally I left out cherry types because most of those, dwarf or non-dwarf, tend to produce prolifically! So that’s understood!

Dwarf Mallee Rose

Malee Rose is truly an outstanding dwarf variety. Not only is it taste great, it is also one of the earliest to ripen in our gardens each year. Making it even more attractive to me, is its massive production and long fruiting time. Plants are loaded from bottom to top with six to ten ounce, beautiful pink fruits. One of our plants last year produced more than 40 fruits. Considering that it’s a nice sized tomato, that’s a lot! Very good selection if you have little garden space or do container growing! A very nice sandwich and slicing tomato too!

Dwarf Firebird Sweet

I grew Dwarf Firebird Sweet for the first time in 2017 and was really surprised with how much it produced. In addition, it’s a indeterminate cultivar so it produced nicely all year long and until our second frost in October. Delicious 5-10 ounce fruits are produced in nice sized clusters. This is also a perfect variety for container gardening.

Dwarf Sweet Sue

Perhaps one of the biggest producers of them all, Dwarf Sweet Sue is also a fantastic tasting variety. 2.5  -3 foot plants produce so many fruits that you would definitely need help, especially if you have more than one plant. Dwarf Sweet Sue also has shown very good disease resistance in our gardens. As it pertains to container growing, this is the perfect variety for container. I have successfully grown them many times in5 gallon containers. A three-four gallon container would work great too if well cared for. Sweet Sue fruits are pretty and crack free, so they will also do well at the farmers market.

Golden Dwarf Champion

If you really want production on a small plant, try a few Golden DwarF Champion tomato plants. These things are so prolific that you could make all the sauce, sandwiches and do tons of other things just a few plants. What’s better, they also preform great when grown in 5 gallon containers. light yellow fruits are delicious, fruity and sweet. If your garden is small, or you have just enough space on your deck to grow a few plants, this would be one to try!

Dwarf Rosella Crimson

Tasty, Tasty, Tasty, that’s what you will discover when your try Dwarf Rosella Crimson. You will also discover that they are very productive. If you have never grown dwarf tomatoes, this will be a good place to start. Just two plants gave me so many fruits that I did not know what to do with them. Thanks to my accepting neighbors! Dwarf Rosella Crimson produces medium sized fruits or perhaps 5-10 ounces. They are relatively crack free. It has a really rich and delightful tomato flavor, with great balance! Try these in containers too!

So there you have it. Plenty production on plants that you can grow in minimal garden space or in containers. These are some of the varieties that I turn to when I want production and taste, from dwarf plants!