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Five Top Antho Tomato Varieties

As of 2018, antho tomatoes are very new to the majority of our tomato communities. Many people, including me, are still very amused by the uniqueness of this beautiful tomato family! Yellows, greens, whites, reds and pinks all splashed with black, mostly on their top ends. That is what we can expect to see from the antho tomato family. I have grown many varieties so far and would like to share my five top antho tomato varieties, to this point!

Before we get into varieties, a little explanation is due. So here it is! In general, antho tomatoes are varieties that turn dark/black wherever it is touched by the sun. In most cases, their bottom ends are differently colored to their tops. This really makes things exciting because the colors can merge in several different ways. Some fade in, some are abrupt and some are blotched and mixed in, so the blending patterns are always different. It’s like true improvised art!

Here are my best five based on taste, beauty, crop quantity and plant hardiness. These are in no particular order.

    1. Blue Pear
    2. Tar Tops
    3. Black Beauty
    4. Alice’s Dream or Blue Beauty. Both are good!
    5. Lucid Gem.

There are many more delicious antho varieties, but these are the ones that I have chosen based on the above factors. They are indeed the five best all-around varieties that I have grown. We have grown and tried many varieties of antho tomatoes. Listed in this article are just a few of them. But many were not good enough to make the cut so we never place them on our website. When we recommend a tomato, we do so based on a series of factors, but the bottom line is the overall experience MUST be good to excellent.