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Dwarf Tomatoes-Why You Should Grow Them

I have to admit, when I was first introduced to dwarf tomatoes I approached the notion of growing them very skeptically. But after my first set of grow-outs, I was totally hooked and knew the was in Dwarf tomato trouble. Since than I have grown more than 175 varieties and plan on growing more every year! So if you too are cautious about trying some dwarf tomato varieties in your garden, please continue reading this article which I entitled Dwarf Tomatoes-Why You Should Grow Them.


Reason 1

Dwarf tomatoes are easy to grow! Yes it’s true. Dwarf tomatoes can be very easy to grow. In my experience they are easier to grow and maintain than non dwarf varieties. In most cases, dwarfs require minimal care. Some light staking, feeding and you will have maters before you know it!

Reason 2

Dwarf tomatoes require much less space. Because plants are usually shorter and not as wide as non-dwarf varieties, they can be grown in almost  twice less space as non-dwarfs. With little care, they will perform excellently in containers too. Most varieties will do awesome in 5 gallon or bigger pots/containers. This makes them perfect for growing on a sunny deck or patio. 

Reason 3

Selection, Selection, Selection! There is no shortage of selections and varieties when growing dwarf tomatoes. Everything from beefsteaks, slicers, cherries, oxhearts, reds, yellows, greens, blacks and more can be found within the dwarf tomato family. Want to make some great sauce or paste? There are selections for that too! There is lots of versatility with dwarfs!

Reason 4

No lack of production. Many varieties of dwarfs produce prolifically. In another topic I have listed some of them. Check it out and check out our dwarf tomato category for even more great choices!

Rason 5

The size versatility continues! Dwarf tomatoes can range from larger too cherry sizes! If you are looking for dwarf varieties that produce larger fruits, you do have that option. in fact, many varieties produce fruits that are up to one pound and more.  Many are perfect for that one slice tomato sandwich, too. At the same time, cherries, medium sized, plum types and more can be found in this category. So go get some! 


You’ll have to stay up on maintenance of your plants. Most dwarf tomato varieties grow thick foliage. This makes them susceptible to a wide array of diseases. Tomatoes do better when well ventilated and thick foliage makes it more difficult for air to circulate through the plants. Although you should not prune branches of most some dwarf varieties. Try trimming some of the bottom leaves off, especially from the indeterminate types. This will allow better air flow, which facilitates healthier, disease free plants. Also, thick foliage can often hides the fruits, so inspect your plants well.

Be Proactive with Tomato Diseases!

Another downside to growing dwarfs is disease management. Because of their small size, once they have started displaying signs of diseases, they can be totally consumed in just a couple of weeks. So being proactive should be our first method of treatment. All plants, dwarf or non-dwarfs, plants should be treated prior to showing any signs of diseases. This pre-treatment should greatly delay any onset of diseases. If sings begin to appear, immediately treat again, especially on the affected plant and the ones on either side of it. of course it never hurts to treat all of your plants once again!