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Dwarf Tomatoes-10 New Varieties For 2019

Some of the most fun I have had in the last four or five years is when grew out dwarf tomato varieties. In fact, I now look forward to having a few rows of plants each year. In 2018 I grew out about 160 plants (50 varieties). This article I will mention just 10 varieties. The ones that I have chosen for this article are new grow-outs for us and will be a nice blend. In these varieties you can have everything you need in your tomato garden. So I will mention a few beefsteak, slicers, cherries of different colors and shapes.

Dwarf Catydid Tomato

Catydid is a bi-color dwarf variety that will turn heads in your garden. Fruits can reach 10 ounces but average 6-8. Tree-like plants are about 3 feet tall. Fruits are sweeter and rich, with some fruitiness. Very pleasing taste.

Dwarf Awesome Tomato

Dwarf Awesome tomato is not one to be overlooked. Once you grow these out, you will always have them in your annual garden. Fruits can reach close to one pound but most of ours were around 6-12 ounces. Perfect sandwich tomato. Great for plating and snacking too. Enjoy this gem!

Bubble Gum Dwarf Tomato

No, this one does not taste like Bubble Gum to me, but it sure is good! Pink, 6 six ounce slicers, are perfect for sandwiches, snacking and so much more. Plants are about 2.5 or 3 feet tall and production is good. Nice selection for container growing!

Dwarf Solokah Tomato

Make yourself some awesome tomato sauce. These are also good canners and great for snacking in the garden too! Plants are short, perhaps 2.5 feet. They produce a nice amount of tomatoes that begin to ripen around mid season. Another good selection for container growing!

Dwarf Saucy Mary Tomato

One of my favorite grow-outs in the garden in 2018, I will definitely be growing these again. Dwarf Saucy Mary is a determinate variety that produces huge amounts of 2-3 inch long, green and yellow, bi-color fruits. Great for sauces, fresh salsa, garnishing and cooking. Short, 2.5 feet tall plants! Great for container growing.

Dwarf Mary’s Cherry Tomato

A larger sized cherry, this tomato is so tasty that you will want to grow it every year. Absolutely one of my favorites in 2018. Blackish fruits are everywhere on the plants and begin to ripen around 70 days after transplant. This is the perfect snacking tomato. Clean fruits are beautiful and would work well for market sales also. Container growing!

Dwarf Bendigo Blush Tomato

Bendigo Blush dwarf tomato is a cherry variety that has good taste. Pink fruits are kind of oval but not to much. Last is solid, on the mild side but very flavorful. Plants are small, perhaps 2.5 feet. Great snacker and canner. Will do well in containers!

Dwarf Andy’s Forty Tomato

One of the prettiest bi-colored fruits you will ver see, Dwarf Andys Forty dwarf tomato is a great tomato for a multiplicity of purposes. Whether you want to make great salsa, slice for sandwiches or salads, bite into in the garden or garnish on a platter, this delicious beauty will do the job. 3 foot tall plants will do well in containers!

Dwarf Sweet Adelaide Tomato

Sweet Adelaide is another one that I really loved in 2018. This 6-8 ounce, pink tomato, is the perfect compliment for a tomato sandwich. This is not a fancy looking tomato, but it is very good. Plants are around 3 feet tall in full sun and produce plenty tomatoes. Try these in containers too. A great choice for your dwarf tomato garden!

Dwarf Velvet Night Tomato

I like it’s name, taste, growing habits and production. Dwarf velvet Night tomato is awesome. If you have never grown a black variety before, try these! Great for smaller spaces and container growing. Earthy, juicy, rich and satisfying. Clean, crack free fruits!  Plants are just about 3 feet tall. Will do well in containers!