• 75 Days. Barossa Fest dwarf tomato is a very prolific variety that I totally enjoy growing for the first time in 2017. Our rugose leafed plants produced lots of pretty, pale yellow tomatoes that were 3-6 ounces. Fruits were milder and had a bit of a tart after-taste. Some of our taller vines grew to about 4 feet tall, but most were shorter. These produced all the way until frost. These are perfect for salsa, eating off the vine, drying and cooking.
  • Each year when I grow dwarf  tomatoes, I look for varieties that are good producers of nice sized fruits. Bubble Gum Dwarf tomato is one of them. One of the prettiest pink tomatoes that you would  find, Bubble Gum is not a fancy type. It's just a simple, clean pink slicer with great flavor. Indeterminate plants are "tree type" and produce all season long through frost. This is also a great variety for container growing. I suggest 4 gallon or larger containers. Our plants began to ripen their fruits around the 72 days after transplant. 4-8 ounce fruits have very good balance. They are sweeter but not overly so. There is also a slight tinge of acidity. Great sandwich tomato. Ours have kept very well after harvest. See It on YouTube
  • 70 Days. This champion deserves its name. Dwarf Chocolate Champion tomato is a shorter variety, perhaps 3 feet, and produce nice sized, chocolate colored fruits that can weigh 3-6 ounces. Fruits are oblate and reddish with chocolate shoulders. They are nicely balanced and very desirable! our vines have no issues with diseases. Great container variety! See It on YouTube.
  • Dwarf Beauty King Tomato

    About 75 Days. There is so much that I can say about this variety. Dwarf Beauty King tomato is a pretty , red dominant, bi-color variety, that is streaked with yellow. Fruits can reach 1 pound but many of ours have been around the 10 ounce mark. Indeterminate vines have regular rugose leaves, are about 3.5-4 feet tall and produce until frost kills them. Sweet delicious and tasty! Check out Dwarf Firebird Sweet tomato.
  • Dwarf Bushy Chabarovsky tomato is in its own way, very unique.  Fruits are visually appealing and have good taste. This variety is a really good choice for anyone growing dwarf types. Plants are short(perhaps 2.5 fee5) and determinate. They produce prolifically! Fuzzy fruits are about 4-6 ounces each and are blemish free. These are perfect slicers, for salsa, salads, fresh eating, garnishing and cooking. Plants are tree-like but still need supporting. Our fruits began to ripen relatively early and continued a lengthy production process., Our first ones coming in around 72 days. Fruits are slightly sweet and milder. Plenty juice!
  • I've grown some pretty dwarf varieties in my time, but dwarf Egypt Yellow tomato is among the prettiest. It's not fancy colored, just a very clean canary yellow, that will melt your heart. After your heart has been melted, your tastebuds will follow! This tomato is as delicious as it's pretty. Dwarf Egypt Yellow has superb texture and good balance. Milder and sweet with a hint of fruit is how I would describe it! Plants are "Tree like". Ours were about 3 feet tall in full sunlight and produced very well. Fruits were consistently around 12 ounces and were available until late in the season. Perfect for sandwiches, sauces, slicing, fresh eating, garnishing and more. Recommended!
  • Easily one of the top dwarf varieties I grew in 2018, Dwarf Hannah's Prize tomato will be in our gardens again next year. Perfectly balanced and rich taste kept me eating all summer long. I even ate a lot of them during the seed saving process. They were that good! This tomato pack nice meat with excellent texture. Aroma isn't loud but it's very pleasing. Dwarf plants are "Tree Like" and produced a good amount of 4-8 ounce fruits that are definitely worth being in any tomato garden. Great sandwich tomato.! I did not make sauce with it so I can't say, but salsa, slicing and snacking, you must do!
  • Dwarf Jackass Yellow Tomato

    Dwarf Jackass Yellow tomato turned out to be one of my favorites in 2020. Very clean, shiny, deep yellow fruits are truly a sight to behold when fully ripened. These remind me of Dwarf Egypt Yellow in size and shape, but taste is totally different. Jackass Yellow is sweeter and has a fruity after-taste that I like. This is a really good slicing tomato that will leave you wanting more. Plants are about 3 feet tall and produce prolifically. 75 days to first ripened fruits. If you would like good production in a smaller garden, try Dwarf Jackass Yellow tomato. For ground or container growing!
  • I grew Dwarf Kangaroo Paw Yellow tomato for the first time in 2018. They were really good, especially for slicing and snacking. Our plants were about 2 feet high, had rugose leaves and produced 2-4 ounce fruits that ripened to a pretty, clean yellow color.  Plants also started ripen fruits around 72 days after transplant in the garden. What I liked about its flavor was that it was not too mild and had some really good fruitiness when fully ripened. Some sweetness with very little tang. These are great also for canning, making fresh salsa and more. Will work well when grown in containers or small gardens.
  • Dwarf Mallee Rose Tomato

    Dwarf Mlle Rose tomato is a beautiful slicing variety that has a very good balance of sweet, tang and juice. Beautiful rose pink fruits grow on 3.5 feet tall plants that are about the most prolific in this size range. These are perfect slicers! Rugose leafed plants begin to ripen their fruits around the 75 day mark. From then on, they will continue heavily producing all season long. Dwarf Malle Rose will also do well in containers or smaller gardens. try 3-5 gallon containers. When growing in containers, be sure to water and feed often! Great for sandwiches, sauces, garnishing, cooking and fresh eating right off the plant. OSSI Pledge
  • Dwarf Purple Reign tomato is perhaps the prettiest black colored dwarf that I have grown. Very smooth and crack-free fruits have superb flavor that reminds me of Black Krim. These also remind me of Chyornyi Tarasenko. They were sweeter and intense with some flavors that I cannot really describe (all good)! Our indeterminate plants were about 3 feet tall and produced plenty of 6-12 ounce fruits that were covered with thick foliage. Plants produced well all season long. A little staking was necessary because plants quickly became too heavy. Expect your first ripened fruits about 75 days after transplant. These will do well in containers also!
  • Dwarf Tasty Wine tomato is a deep pink tomato that is very tasty. Our rigs leaf vines were very vigorous and produce plenty (5-10 ounce) tomatoes that begin to ripen about 80 days after transplant. Fruits are right up the middle. They are neither too sweet or tart and very pleasing. An all around great tomato! good disease resistance! Great for larger containers!  
  • Dwarf Wild Fred Tomato

    Dwarf Wild Fred tomato is one of my favorite dwarfs. I like its growing habits and tenacity. 3 foot plants never stop pumping out 6-10 ounce fruits all season long. Tomatoes are full flavored, a little smoky and balanced. They are juicy and aromatic when fully ripened. These seemed to love the hotter months and were still going strong in mid-September. Will perform well in containers. Staking may be necessary! We've had no issues with diseases.
  • Producing a nice amount of fruits, Dwarf Wild Spudleaf tomato is a really great tomato. Its potato, rugose leaf plants are about four feet tall and begin ripening their fruits about 85 ays after transplant. Fruits are between 5-10 ounces, delicious and well balanced. Perfect for sandwiches, fresh salsa, garnishing, cooking and drying. Great for container growing!
  • Fred's Tie Dye dwarf tomato is a dwarf lover's dream. It's a smaller plant that produces big crops of beautiful and tasty fruits. Not only that, 3 foot tall plants are also very hardy and stand up well to diseases. Fruits are a beautiful reddish, purple and green combination and ripen about 80 days after transplant. If taste is high on your list, Fred's Tie Dye is a gift for you! Rich, juicy, balanced and full flavored, this gem can be used for almost anything. Sandwiches are happy when there are some slices of Fred's leading the cast. It's also a great salsa maker, beautiful for slicing, fresh eating, cooking or even garnishing. It is a very beautiful  tomato that comes highly recommended! Grow some in containers too!
  • Kangaroo Paw Green tomato is a salsa lover's dream. It's also a great canning, cooking and garnishing tomato too. I enjoy them best right off the plant. This is a perfect variety for container or ground growing. I have successfully grown them in 4 gallon containers. A larger cherry type, I know you will have fun growing them, especially because they are early.  In the garden I plant them 2 feet apart. Vines are prolific  and fruits are firm, tangy and juicy. They begin to ripen about 70 days after transplant. Great choice for market vendors.
  • Lucky Swirl is a medium sized bi-color fruit that grows on a four foot tall. indeterminate dwarf, tree type vine. It's evidence that dwarf varieties can produce larger than average fruits. This beauty is relatively meaty with plenty of real tomato flavors. It's just perfect for sandwich making! Vines have rugose leaves and produce a really nice amount of 6-10 ounce fruits, that could sometimes be even larger. These should be stalked well. You could expect your first ripened fruits around the 80 day mark and expect them to keep coming. Our vines have displayed good resistance to diseases. We do spray these with copper sulfate at least once during the season.
  • Nevski Dwarf Tomato


    Nevski Dwarf Tomato

    70 Days. Nevski Dwarf tomato is a small red fruit that grows on a very short, determinate, 2.5 feet tall plant. Fruits are mildly sweet, juicy and delicious. They are early to ripen, coming in at 70 days or so. Plants are prolific and show good disease resistance. Great selection for container or ground growing.
  • Rainbow Dwarf Tomato

    75 Days. Rainbow Dwarf is that I am so happy I grew in 2017. Four feet indeterminate plants produce nice size bi-color fruits that ate absolutely delicious. They are fruity, have a very smooth texture, on the sweet side and have good meat. For me, this is one of the best dwarf varieties. These work well in containers too. Vines have good disease resistance.
  • Rosella Crimson Dwarf Tomato

    Rosella Crimson Dwarf Tomato I not just a very pretty fruit, it has taste that compares with the best of them. This variety produces a swarm of 6-10 ounces fruits that never stop coming all season long. Ours are always the first to produce among our dwarf varieties. Rosella Crimson tomatoes are mildly sweet, juicy, with good complimentary flavors.
  • Sarandipity Dwarf Tomato

    Sarandipity Dwarf tomato is a salsa lover's dream. It also is a great choice for snacking right off of the vine. Because of it's beautiful exterior, bi-color stripes, sweet and milder crimson flesh, it is a great choice for garnishing, drying, cooking and fresh eating off the vine! Plants are vigorous and hardy. Ours  grow to about 3 feet tall and are great producers.
  • Sturt Desert Pea is a delightful dwarf variety that ripens to a fruit that is deep red. Plants are regular leaf and about 3 feet tall. Tomatoes are sweetish with good balance and soft flesh. Good for slicing, drying, salsa, and salads. Good disease resistance. 75 days.
  • Summer Sweet Gold Dwarf Tomato

    Summer Sweet Gold Dwarf tomato is  one of the larger varieties of dwarf tomatoes. Fruits average about 10 ounces and are packed with fruitiness. The best quality for me is it's that it's evenly balanced but not over the top. There are also tons of complimentary flavors that work well for this awesome variety. Delicious 80 Days.
  • Summertime Gold dwarf tomato is a very nice variety that can reach 10 ounces. In 2016 we grew quite a few plants and they all did excellently. Plants produce nice amounts of mildly sweet, juicy and fruity tomatoes that ripens around 85 days after transplant.  Our dwarf plants grew to about 3 feet tall and started setting blooms pretty early. Great tomato for salsa, sandwiches and cooking. I like them best sliced fresh in the garden. It certainly is a wonderful treat that way! Stake plants as soon as possible, they will quickly become top heavy from the weight of the tomatoes. Good for container growing!  
  • Waratah Dwarf Tomato

    Waratah Dwarf Tomato is an outstanding variety the grows on very compact, tree-like plants. plants produce a nice amount of fruits and produce all season long. Fruits are very balanced and slightly sweeter than tart. This is a great selection for sandwiches, fresh salsa, cooking and eating right off of the vines. plants also do not exceed 3.5 feed and are not wide spreading! Perfect for container growing, small gardens and growing indoor under lights!


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