• PPP X PP”C” Tomato


    PPP X PP"C" Tomato

    PPP X PP"C" tomato is a mid-sized, wonderful black variety that averages 10 ounces. Flavor is very rich, with complex balanced taste of sweet and tart. A full flavored variety, you will like this one! Potato leafed plants produce a good amount of fruits, which, when transplanted in early May, begin to ripen in mid July. So it's about a 80 day fruition from transplant. Plants are about 6 feet tall and vibrant. I would say that this tomato is one of the better black varieties I have experienced in many years! I accidentally planted twice as many plants in 2020 and did not regret it. These plants produced so many tomatoes I could share a lot! Good disease resistance and they mind heat! Aroma is fantastic! Everyone should grow some of these!
  • It really doesn't mater that the tomato is not purple because it's excellent! Purple Dog Creek is a 1 pound slicer that works well for many applications. This well balanced fruit has flavor that will quickly get you hooked! It's not too sweet, acidic, juicy of mild. It's just perfect! Flesh has a really nice, smooth texture. Vines are hardy and seem to love hotter weather! Go for it!
  • Looking for a unique and rare tomato with plenty appeal? Reinhard Kraft's Green Heart tomato could be the one. As far as I know, it's only one of a few green oxheart beefsteaks. This gem is all meat and no bones. Very dense, 8-16 ounce oxhearts ripen green and just pop with flavor. A great place for anyone to start if they have never tasted a green when ripened tomato. True to the oxheart family, RKGH is flavorful and very tasty. This is a great choice for sandwiches, fresh eating, sauces, and more. They are a little bit late though. Our first ripened fruits came in around 85 days, but I promise you, the wait was well worth it! Recommended!
  • Rose Tomato

    I never have to take notes whenever I grow Rose tomato. This is because it has etched in my mind its remarkable assets. It's aways in my top choices for beefsteak tomatoes. Rose is meaty, prolific, flavorful, almost blemish free and consistent. I could go on and on, but I would leave some of it's fine qualities for you to talk about when you grow it. Rose tomatoes have outstanding balance. They are sweet but not too much, rich with slight acidity. If your quest is to find an outstanding beefsteak, this is certainly one. I also highly recommend it as a main crop tomato. It has done wonderfully for me through the years. hardy plants. Customers love it! Recommended!
  • Russe Tomato

    Russe tomato was a standout for us in 2018. It is an excellent and meaty beefsteak variety. Plants produce a high number of 10-16 ounce fruits that keep coming all season long. fruits. That's not all, it has outstanding old fashioned flavor that will keep you coming back for more. We used it for almost anything we made, but it really shined when paired with two slices of bread. This is tomato just loved sandwiches.  Indeterminate plants were hardy, even in a tough tomato year. Our first ripened fruits appeared around the 80 day mark. Good old fashioned, balanced tomato flavor! Stake well and get ready!  
  • Soldacki Tomato

    90 Days! One of my favorites, Soldacki Tomato always does excellently for us! A big beefsteak, this is the perfect sandwich tomato. But that's not all! This gem can also function as an all purpose tomato, for making sauce, salsa and fresh eating. Vines are bountiful and hardy. Fruits are very juicy and balanced with some additional complimentary flavors! Be sure to steak these properly or you will be mopping them off of the floor. If tasty beefsteaks is what you are after, Soldacki can easily fill that slot. You can also expect fruits until frosts. Our seeds are freshly packed!
  • Sugar Bison Tomato

    If you like delicious red tomatoes, then Sugar Bison tomato is one for you to consider. Each year I keep a mental and written record of tomatoes that I've really enjoyed. For Sugar Bison, I never had to consult my written record because it was outstanding in my mind. 10-16 ounce beefsteaks are perfectly balanced, with good old time tomato flavors. this one fits perfectly on a tomato sandwich. Vines are taller and hardy. They produce a nice amount of fruits that begin to ripen around 82 days after transplant. A good market/main crop variety. I recommend this one!
  • Super Choice Tomato

    Super Choice tomato is a Kentucky heirloom beefsteak that did well for us in our 2018 grow-outs. Thick steamed, indeterminate and bushy plants, grew to about 7 feet tall and produced 12-20 ounce, red tomatoes with outstanding flavor. When well ripened, Super Choice is flavorful, meaty, smooth and a little tangy. there are some sweetish under-tones. I especially liked them sliced with a little salt and pepper. They were great on sandwiches too! Vines were not prolific but produced plenty for their fruit size.  I am placing this one in the balanced category with plenty of flavors to experience. Nice sandwich tomato. Made some great fried greens!
  • The Very Best Tomato


    The Very Best Tomato

    I happen to think that this is a great tomato name! I mean who wouldn't be interested in a variety named The Very Best. I grew these out expecting big things and I wasn't disappointed. My four plants produced plenty 10-14 ounce pink beefsteaks, that were sweet, meaty and delicious. Its taste isn't complicated, just a nice old fashioned, full-flavored one! When I tasted my first one, I immediately knew that this variety would be awesome for sandwiches. Our plants were big, tall and vibrant. They were really good with disease resistance and also weren't bothered with extreme weather. These are great, try them! Everyone would like The Very Best Tomato!
  • Upstate Oxheart Tomato

    There is so much I could say about this tomato. Upstate Oxheart is a very large, pretty, and satisfying tomato with very few seeds. True to the oxheart family, this variety knows not how to disappoint! Our biggest this year have been in the 2 pound range which obviously meant that we had to stake very well. Oxheart are noted for having skinny vines and can grow really tall. As far as taste, this tomato has sweet mellow meat and is moderately juicy. It is in the vein of Curtis Cheek. It is weighty, solid and perfect for sauces, fresh eating, sandwiches, paste, catsup, or perhaps anything you can imagine. A really good all around tomato that you MUST try! Bite into one at the bottom end when fully ripened and mmmmmm......it's over! See it on YouTube!
  • West Virginia Sweetmeat Tomato

    West Virginia Sweetmeat tomato is an Amish variety that can easily reach 2.5 pounds. In fact, about 10% of earlier fruits reached and surpassed that mark. A few were 3 pounds or more! Healthy, regular leafed plants, are hard working and produce quite nicely, though not prolific. Production was very pleasing and nonstop until season's end. The flavor is sweet, very rich and delicious. Texture was also very good. Plants MUST be staked properly, with some extra support for individual fruits where needed. Expect your first ripened fruit out 80 days after transplant. A great choice for sandwiches and so much more! If you love them huge with good flavor, this one's for you!  
  • Williams Striped Tomato

    90 Days. Williams Striped tomato is among the biggest bi-color varieties that we grow. Sweet and meaty beefsteak fruits can reach 2 pounds. Plants are vigorous, hardy and always perform excellently for us even through hotter months. Stake well, with regular revisions. Fruits grow quickly and super large. Great sandwich tomato but you can use it in any way you wish. fantastic market seller!
  • Winsall Tomato


    Winsall Tomato

    Another workhorse on the farm in 2019, I wish that we had discovered these a long time ago. Do you want a nice sandwich? Try a Winsall tomato. Excellent texture, aroma and as a slicer. Ours displayed good disease resistance and had fantastic production.  A very balanced tasting variety, fruits are not too sweet or tart or sweet. Ours averaged about 1 pound, with many being around 12 ounces. Perfect blend of complimentary flavors too. The is a very good tomato that I am definitely growing again. Solid, solid tomato! 85 days!


14/2/2021: Hi everyone. Just a quick note to say that due to COVID-19, we are still running behind on orders. Presently, processing time is about 5 days plus shipping. Please consider this before making your order. ~Curtis T Maters

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