• Stevie Pepper

    I love, love this pepper. If you can tolerate the heat, Stevie pepper will definitely please you! Not only is it pretty, but tangled in it's heat, is some distant fruitiness. When. cooked whole in my beans, its aroma was something to appreciate!  Our plants were about 3 feet tall and produced a little late. Production was good and plants were exceptionally good in extremely hot weather and periods of drought. Great for some nice powder or flakes. I can definitely see this in some spicy soup or gumbo, YUMM!
  • Sweet Pickle Pepper


    Sweet Pickle Pepper

    Perfect for Pickling, Sweet Pickle pepper exceeded all of our expectations in 2020. Compact plants of perhaps 2 feet tall, produced so many peppers that often they reminded me of a Christmas tree with decorations. When unripened, these can have a purple splotching, but they ripen to a bright red. Crisp and sweet, these are perfect for salads, canning, cooking and of course pickling. Would work well for market sales also. Get your canning jars ready, you'll have plenty uses for them!
  • Tennessee Cheese pepper is a sweet variety that we grew for the first time in 2018. This old family heirloom has stunning looks, especially when it begins to ripen from green to bright red. It's a nice variety for stuffing and making fresh garden salads. Plants produce plenty and grow to about 2-3 feet tall. Fruits have a very distinctive, sweet and satisfying flavor, with absolutely no heat. Tennessee Cheese also has good potential to be a winner on your market stand. For pickling and dehydrating it should stand out!. If you like sweet peppers this one will definitely be a keeper. Try it, you'll like it!
  • Thai Dragon Pepper.

    I use peppers in everything I cook at home. Flakes, sauces and powders are all in my daily culinary affairs. So I am constantly looking for new flavors and different levels of heat in my peppers. The one variety that I  always use is Thai Dragon. I make flakes and powder, which I use in all of my cooked dishes. I love dumping some dehydrated ones in my soups. Thai Dragon pepper has to be in my kitchen at all times. Perfect for traditional Chinese, hispanic and Caribbean cuisine, this is a very useful pepper. Not too hot, but hot enough to be recognized and appreciated.  Heavy producing plants. Caution. If you are not used to chili peppers this one can be out of your league, so please be careful.
  • T

    Thunder Mountain Longhorn Pepper

    Planted these and basically walked away! I returned to the longest, curly, most beautiful and unique things that can possibly grow on a pepper plant. Many were over 1 foot long. Short plants are highly productive! These ripen red and can easily be dried with seeds inside. Very nice flavor and not too hot for true chili lovers. Perfect for flakes, cooking fresh, powder and so much more. Thunder Mountain Longhorn pepper is a must grow, all purpose pepper! Approximately 30,000-40,000 SHU.
  • Turkish Cayenne Pepper


    Approx 100,000 SHU

    A medium hot variety, Turkish Cayenne Pepper is the perfect thing for sprinkling in your soups or adding a little extra heat on your meats. This beautiful pepper can grow to as long as 8 inches. These are perfect for making powder or flakes, when roasted dried or even fried. Sprinkle them in your meals when cooking or even make some delicious hot sauce. Plants are very productive, can grow to 3 feet tall. They never seems to stop producing.  If you are seeking a chilli with high production for a small area or container growing. Try this gem

14/2/2021: Hi everyone. Just a quick note to say that due to COVID-19, we are still running behind on orders. Presently, processing time is about 5 days plus shipping. Please consider this before making your order. ~Curtis T Maters

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