Garnish Tomatoes

Garnish tomatoes usually have great taste and unique looks. Our selection has been carefully thought about, so that you would find it easy to make your choices. One of the best qualities of a garnish tomato is that, when sliced, there is uniqueness in colors and shapes. In our grow-outs were sure to include a diverse list of unique colors, shapes and flavors so that your next platter would shine, shine, shine! Truthfully, you can do whatever you like with most tomatoes, but our garnish category specializes in just that. We hope that our list is pleasing to you and welcome any suggestions and or thoughts. Thanks so much for supporting Renaissance Farms.

  • I wanted to try Accordion Orange tomato because of it's unique looks and also on a recommendation that it had good taste. Both were correct. It certainly was unique in it's look, but it also made some fantastic tomato sauce. I like that it is not too juicy, so dehydrating was easy. Dehydrated bits were so flavorful that it will be one of my go-to varieties for this purpose. Fruits have hollow cavities that may be perfect for stuffing. When eaten fresh, this variety is mild and sweetish. It also keeps well, much better than many varieties considered to be keepers. This is a great variety for a multiplicity of applications. Worth Growing!
  • Aladdin's Lamp Tomato

    Not only is Aladdin's Lamp tomato pretty, it's also very tasty. Sweet, smooth and aromatic, this tomato will blow you away with its beauty. Vines are very hardy and produce plenty of deep yellow, ruffled pear-shaped fruits that ripen in about 80 days after transplant. Think sauces and salsas. Try some right off of the vine too! Great for market sales.
  • Alices Dream Tomato


    Alice's Dream Tomato

    80 days. Alice's Dream tomato is one of the prettiest tomatoes that you will ever grow. Fruits of this antho variety even turn heads before they ripen. Beautiful yellow and orange, bi-color fruits turn darker on the top side with blushes of yellow, orange and reds on other parts of the fruit. Tomatoes are sweet and earthy with very upfront fruitiness. Vines are relatively hardy, prolific and tall. Stake well. See it on YouTube!
  • If you are searching for a very good tasting variety that ripens early and produces plenty all season long, then Amazon Chocolate tomato is the one! This dark colored, beautiful and blemish-free fruit will blow you away with its production. Plant are not too tall (perhaps 4-5 feet) and produce many clusters of 4 or 5 8-16 ounce fruits. Most fruits average around 10-12 ounces. This is a great tomato for a main crop, greenhouse growing and market sales where it will excel. Amazon Chocolate is full flavored with great texture and taste. Perfect sandwich tomato. Eat a few right off the vine and you will not stop. A very nice all purpose tomato! See it on YouTube!
  • Amber Keyes Tomato


    Amber Keyes Tomato

    A beautiful sight to see, Amber Keyes tomato plants produce huge clusters of the most beautifully colored, greenish/yellowish fruits! True to its multiflora genes, our plants produced many clusters of more than 50 fruits, that were sweet, inviting and juicy. I especially liked that they were relatively early producers. These were transplanted in early May and we got our first ripened fruits on July 7th. Get ready for tons and tons of pear shaped cherry sized fruits! You will be amazed! Plants were 5 feet tall and hard working. A great choice for snacking, preserves(I make jam), salads etc!  
  • Amurskiy Tiger Tomato

    5 Days. Amurskiy Tiger tomato is a ping pong ball sized bi-color cherry tomato that is milder, juicy and balanced. Hard working and vigorous vines produce plenty of beautiful, blemish-free tomatoes. These may do well in larger containers using cages. Perfect for fresh eating, garnish and of course, salsa. Freshly packed seeds!
  • Ananas Noire Tomato


    Ananas Noire Tomato

    Also known as "Black Pineapple", I love everything about Ananas Noire. This bi -color fruits proudly wears it's bronze, green and purple colors outside and in. When sliced, Ananas is beautifully marbled and would totally blow you away. Vines are hard working and display good disease resistance. Its sweet, rich, fruity and juicy taste presents a great balance. You can expect ripened fruits in about 80-85 days.
  • Ananas Zebra Tomato


    Ananas Zebra Tomato

    Ananas Zebra tomato is a delicious variety. 6-10 ounce fruits are beautifully bi-colored inside and out. Our plants were prolific and showed nice disease resistance. We noticed our first ripened fruits around day 75 from transplant. They continued producing heavily throughout the season. These would be great as market tomatoes because the have nice flavor and texture and would hold up for market. Perfect choice for fresh salsa, garnish, cooking, slicing and fresh eating. Staking early would assist in a successful crop! Another nice addition to any bi-colored tomato garden!  
  • Auranticum Tomato


    Auranticum Tomato

    Auranticum tomato was a standout for us in 2018. We are introducing seeds in 2019. Five feet tall, multiflora plants, produce more delicious cherry tomatoes than you could harvest. Fruits are produced in bunches of 20-50 or perhaps more. Taste is sweet and fruity with mild tang. These are perfect for salads, snacking, canning and so much more. A perfect treat for market vendors. Great if your need is less plants and more production!
  • Aurora Blue Tomato

    Whether you love growing antho varieties, or trying them for the first time, Aurora Blue tomato will be a good selection for you. This year, 2018, I grew this variety for the first time and was pleased with its production and disease resistance. Indeterminate vines produced plenty fruits but were not excessively prolific. Fruits weighed between 6 and 14 ounces and were around until frosts. As far as taste, these are mild, with light sweetness and acidity. Perfect for sandwiches, salads and market sales. Stake these very early because they will begin blooming and holding fruits just weeks after transplant. 75 Days!  
  • Banana Legs Tomato

    Banana Legs tomato is a determinate variety that can out-produce anything. 2.5 feet tall plants produce elongated fruits that ripen to a beautiful canary yellow. Plants still need to be staked because they are prolific and quickly become top heavy. Fruits are milder and sweetish with a very satisfying finish. They are perfect for canning, cooking, garnish and even market sales. Banana Legs also keeps pretty well after harvest. Try some yellow, mild tomato sauce with these. It's so good. You can expect your first ripened fruits about 72 days after transplant. These grow well in containers also. I recommend 3 gallons and larger.  This is a good multipurpose tomato!
  • Barry's Crazy Cherry Tomato

    A very high producing multi-flora variety, Barry's Crazy Cherry tomato is a pleaser. 5 feet tall plants produce huge clusters of sweet yellow cherries that are mostly pear shaped. Our clusters averaged more than 50 or more sweet, juicy fruits. These are the perfect snack!! They can also be used for canning whole, salads and much more. If you are a market vendor, it will be worth it to grow these! Indeterminate plants showed excellent disease resistance and produced until frost. Visit our multiflora category and choose some massive producers!
  • Beauty Lottringa Tomato

    80 Days. One of our huge scores for the 2017 season, Beauty Lottringa tomatoes turned every head that walked through our gardens. Huge, flattish, ruffled tomatoes  grew on shorter vines(perhaps 4 feet tall) and were awesome all season long. These had absolutely no signs of diseases. Fruits ripened to a deep red and the largest ones can reach 1.5 pounds. Our largest fruits in 2017 weighed 20 ounces and smallest around 8. If you love sweet spaghetti sauce, this will be one to look at. Seriously, this thing made some really great sauce! I also enjoyed them when dried. A winner at the farmers market! See it on YouTube! Due to the excessively high demand for this product, we have reduced the number of orders to one 10 or 20 pack per order. Thanks.
  • I planted these and did not pay them any attention until I saw the most beautiful, heart shaped fruits. Eager to know what they were, I quickly looked at to tags which read "Beauty Queen Heart tomato". This gem is definitely worth growing in any tomato garden. 6 ounce, red and yellow bi-color fruits, grow in clusters of 4 or 5 and keep coming all season long. Our vines grew about 6 feet tall in direct sunlight and produced plenty of fruits that will turn heads. Texture is very smooth and fruit-like. It's a great tomato for slicing in salads, garnishing, fresh eating, cooking and more. Very nice aroma too when well ripened!
  • Berkley Tie Dye Green tomato is a pretty bi-color fruit that has really nice taste appeal. Fruits are about 4-6 ounces and begin to ripen about 75 days after transplant. When you bite in, there will be plenty of fruitiness. But what is most recognizable is the really great balance of sweets and tarts. Vines are determined and stand up well to diseases. We do spray with Copper Sulfate during the season. Perfect salsa, garnishing, drying and fresh eating tomato. Great for market vendors.
  • Berkley Tie Dye Heart Tomato

    A very pretty cultivar, Berkley Tie Dye Heart tomato is so much fun to grow. Our regular leafed plants were about 5 feet tall and produced perfect, bi-colored green and purple, perfect and blunt oxhearts. All of which were tasty! These remained prolific all season long. As far as taste, these were earthy, sweetish and satisfying. Awesome aroma! I loved the texture! Really good choice for sandwiches, garnish, cooking and snacking right off the plant. 75-80 days to first ripened fruits!
  • 75 Days. Berkley Tie Dye Pink tomato has totally different characteristics from its green sister. Nice sized bi-color fruits can reach 10-12 ounces. Vines are great with diseases and determined to produce. Tomatoes are flavorful, milder and juicy. Perfect for salsas,  sandwiches, garnish, market sales and sauces and more.
  • Big Rainbow Tomato


    Big Rainbow Tomato

    80 Days. When well ripened, a Big Rainbow tomato is something to see! It is not excessively big, perhaps 1 pound, but it's all you could handle. This is a great sandwich tomato and would work well in sauces, in the market, for garnishing when sliced and for fresh eating right off the vine. sweet, rich and juicy. Tall vines produce until frost!
  • Big Yellow Zebra Tomato

    Big Yellow Zebra tomato is a bigger bi-color fruit that has great flavor. Weighing about 10-20 ounces this pretty beefsteak grows on taller vines that produce plenty of fruits. If you love sweeter but not too strong tomatoes, this would work well for you. This tomato has a rich finish and plenty of real tomato taste. Fruits begin to ripen around the 80 day mark. Perfect for sandwiches, nice yellow sauce, cooking and market sales. Stake well!
  • Black Brandywine is a favorite of many serious tomato growers. Regular leafed vines produce 6-8 ounce very dark chocolate tomatoes that ripen about 80 days after transplant. Tomatoes are rich and full of old fashioned flavor. plants have good resistance but I recommend spraying with copper sulfate before blooms set and after first fruit set. This is a very good sandwich tomato. Try some is salsa too!
  • Black From Tula Tomato

    Black From Tula tomato is one of the varieties that got me hooked on the dark colored varieties. This full flavored fruit is rich, earthy and tasty. Our plants were never taller than 5 feet and produced big crops. We did have to spray them one time with Serenade for symptoms of early blight, but they  did excellently after that. Our plants produced all season long! This is a good choice for salads, slicing, sandwiches, garnishing and more. These can do well in containers with proper staking. Expect your first ripened tomatoes around the 80 day mark. Enjoy!
  • Black Magic Tomato


    Black Magic Tomato

    I planted these and forgot about them. The next thing I knew is I saw some very loaded vines in my garden. When I approached the plants I had no idea what they were. Once I read the labels, I was eager to see what the ripened fruits would look and taste like. At first glance, a ripened Black Magic tomato seems not very different from a lot of the other black varieties, but for me it differed in taste. These have that very rich taste of the black tomato family, but with a bit more complexity than most. A really good experience on sandwiches, when eaten fresh and even sliced in salads. This is one beefsteak that I will definitely grow again. Great choice for market vendors too. Production is good and disease resistance excellent, sturdy plants!
  • Blue Beauty Tomato

    Blue beauty is a chef's dream. It's pretty, tasty, relatively early and prolific. Vines are about 4-5 feet tall with darker leaves and stems. This antho variety gets darker wherever the sun hits it and mostly brownish/purple on the bottom end. I once saw a fruit that was turned upside down and it was totally black on the bottom end. When fully ripened, these are juicy, have a strong and earthy taste, with some sweetness that would work well for sandwiches.They work well other culinary purposes too. I especially like them with a little salt and pepper, right off the vine. Also a great tomato for the farmer's market!
  • Blue Chocolate Tomato

    Blue Chocolate tomato is a smaller slicing variety that is not only pretty, but has a good flavor. Its sweeter but bold with lots of juice. There are also hints of old time flavor but not strong. It's not a mild tomato so you will have plenty of pop! Another member of the anthocyanin family, Blue Chocolate vines are prolific and tall. Ours grow to about 7-8 feet and were loaded with chocolate colored fruits with darker tops. This is a great tomato for snacking in the garden, garnishing, salsa, drying for powder and salads when sliced. Try some, you'll like them!
  • Blue Fire Tomato

    Blue Fire tomato is a beautiful and unique antho slicer that is worth growing. 3-6 ounce oblate fruits are borne on skinny, productive vines. This variety can easily be identified by its intense speckling. As they begin to ripen, fruits begin to look more speckled, turning every head that sees them. Plants can be 6 feet tall and begin to ripen fruits about 75 days after transplant. Fruits are not fully ripened  until they have turned a delightful red and black with brownish speckles. These are great for garnishing, salads, fresh eating and excellent for market sales. Milder but balanced!
  • Blue Keyes Tomato

    I grew Blue Keyes tomato for the first time in 2018 and it's going to be on my list again for 2019. This time I will be taking them to the market. Tiny antho, cherry fruits, are so uniquely colored that they always turn heads. In addition, they are perfect little pear shaped things. Bottom ends are a mix of green, orange and some antho striping that is like a work of art. Blue Keyes taste good too! They are somewhat earthy, acidic with sweet undertones and on the mild side. These are perfect for canning, dehydrating, salads, garnish, fresh salsa and more. But the way I enjoy them best is right off the vine on a cool morning. These will also grow well in larger containers. Try a 4-5 gallon size or larger! Go for it!  
  • Blue Sun Tomato

    Blue Sun tomato is another new antho variety that we have introduced in 2018. Smaller sized slicing tomatoes are a lovely lime green when fully ripened and sliced. On its exterior, fruits have some nice antho on the top side and a beautiful like green on its bottom end. Juicy and milder with some sweetness, Blue Sun has a very pleasing after-taste that is a bit difficult for me to describe. Indeterminate plants were prolific and hardy. From season's start to end, our plants had no issues. our first ripened fruits appeared around 75 days after transplant. From that point they kept coming!  
  • Blush 2.0 Tomato


    Blush 2.0 Tomato

    Seeking a fantastic tomato experience? Try Blush 2.0 tomato by Fred Hempel. It has the same fantastic taste as Blush, but for me, these had a little bit more tartness. Still, it delivered a wonderful experience just as its predecessor.  I found that plants were shorter than Blush, yet they produced tremendous amounts of 2 inch elongate fruits.  I think the biggest improvement is that they tend to split less.  If you love tomato preserves, Blush 2.0 will easily fill that role. Salads too! These may grow welly well in larger containers. Stake well as vines are wispy and skinny! If you are tired of being let down by your tomato choices, this is a great way to turn things around!

14/2/2021: Hi everyone. Just a quick note to say that due to COVID-19, we are still running behind on orders. Presently, processing time is about 5 days plus shipping. Please consider this before making your order. ~Curtis T Maters

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