Garnish Tomatoes

Garnish tomatoes usually have great taste and unique looks. Our selection has been carefully thought about, so that you would find it easy to make your choices. One of the best qualities of a garnish tomato is that, when sliced, there is uniqueness in colors and shapes. In our grow-outs were sure to include a diverse list of unique colors, shapes and flavors so that your next platter would shine, shine, shine! Truthfully, you can do whatever you like with most tomatoes, but our garnish category specializes in just that. We hope that our list is pleasing to you and welcome any suggestions and or thoughts. Thanks so much for supporting Renaissance Farms.

  • Alices Dream Tomato


    Alice's Dream Tomato

    80 days. Alice's Dream tomato is one of the prettiest tomatoes that you will ever grow. Fruits of this antho variety even turn heads before they ripen. Beautiful yellow and orange, bi-color fruits turn darker on the top side with blushes of yellow, orange and reds on other parts of the fruit. Tomatoes are sweet and earthy with very upfront fruitiness. Vines are relatively hardy, prolific and tall. Stake well. See it on YouTube!
  • Rosy Finch Micro Dwarf Tomato

    Looking for a new micro dwarf tomato for your collection? Try Rosy Finch Micro dwarf tomato. These can be grown in 3/4 to 1 gallon. The prettiest of pinks that you will ever see on a tomato, Rosy Finch is sweetish and milder with really good overall flavor. When well ripened, cherry sized fruits have the perfect texture and taste to make an excellent snack. Plants are about 8-10 inches tall and produce plenty. These are not very seedy.  Can be grown indoors under lights or outdoors in small containers, or perhaps in raised beds around plants of similar sizes. A great addition to any micro dwarf tomato collection!
  • Midnight Sun Tomato


    Midnight Sun Tomato

    Just when you thought you saw it all, Karen Olivier has produced a line of potato leafed oxhearts that will totally blow your mind. There are NO  oxhearts, especially potato leafed varieties, that are as beautiful as hers! Midnight Sun tomato is a 5, to perhaps 10 ounce oxheart, that are produced on wispy, potato leafed plants. These, as all of Karen's varieties were bred in Canada, and are all suitable for northern gardens! Plants grew taller than 6 feet and always looked healthy. Staking was absolutely necessary from the very beginning because these are truly wispy vines! Taste is superb and delightful when fully ripened. This one has a rich finish, while having a full tomato experience. I would totally recommend these to chefs, or anyone wanting to plate some very beautiful colors. Midnight Sun started ripening about 75 days after transplant. Have a look at our pictures, delightful! These are a must grow! Find Karen's Facebook Page HERE!
  • Evil Olive Tomato


    Evil Olive Tomato

    I really got a surprise when my Evil Olive tomato plants started ripening their fruits. Even as an experienced grower, their exterior colors when fully ripened were stunning and surprising to me. But that's not all! I got an even bigger surprise when I cut them open. Beautiful shades of orange, greens and lime suddenly revealed themselves. Evil Olive plants have a darkish tint to their foliage and produce plenty regular sized cherry tomatoes. Fruit color is dark green with a nice shade of orange on blossom end, when ripened. Taste is nice with a little tang. Great fresh salsa tomato! Also nice for snacking, canning, garnish. Good disease resistance. 75 days after transplant.
  • Piennolo del Vesuvio tomato is an Italian variety that's perfect for canning and even sauces. Slightly elongated, cherry fruits have nipples in their blossom end. Five feet tall plants produce many large clusters of fruits. They begin to ripen in 65-70 days after transplant. Our plants also demonstrated nice disease resistance. We had no diseases on them in 2018.  I made some killer sauce with these. I also enjoyed some fresh salsa too! These will work well for market sales. They also keep well after harvest. Try dehydrating some for tomato flakes or dried tomatoes for your meals. Prolific!
  • Minibel Tomato


    Minibel Tomato

    Minibel tomato is a perfect container variety. Plants can grow to about 18 inches and produce some fire red fruits. They vary between dime and quarter size. Fruits are mild and sweeter with medium thick skin. If you are paying attention, you can expect your first wave of ripened tomatoes around the 70 day mark. Use 3/4 to 1 gallon containers for these. Perfect for snacking and salads. I haven't met a kid that didn't like them!
  • Dark Stripe Micro Tomato

    Introduced by Renaissance Farms in October 2020. Limited Supply!

    Dark Stripe Micro Tomato ( Limited to 1 order per customer)

    Introducing.. Dark Stripe Micro tomato! It's the only true dwarf multi-flora that I know of.  There are several dwarf varieties that claim to be multiflora but don't quite produce abundantly, or have the habit. Seeds for these were shared with me several years ago, unstable and at F3.  I have worked on it, selecting mostly for its multiflora qualities, plant size and taste. It's now very stable!  Not only that, this tomato is a beautifully bi-colored variety. Although it's called a micro, it has the habit of a true dwarf. Rugose leafed, tree-like plants, can reach 2 feet tall in-the-ground, and up to 1.5 in 2-3 gallon pots. Also, this is an indeterminate variety! These plants produce many bunches of 40-60 fruits all on a very short plant, all season long. These do not produce many seeds. Many of my plants have produced over 250 tomatoes. I also like that it's not too seedy! We will be offering our seeds a little above our average prices due to low seed count and it's rarity.. At this time (2020-2021) we are the only vendor in the world to offer these! Taste is awesome, rich, sweet and balanced. You would love this tomato! Great for containers or in the ground! LIMITED SUPPLY! (1 order per customer)
  • This tomato is not weird, it's delicious! Girls Girl's Weird thing tomato is ready for anything! beautiful, oblate fruits can reach 14 ounces. They ripen to a beautiful brown with green vertical stripes that fit perfectly together. Flavor is rich, complex and sweeter with good balance. This is a surprisingly good tomato! Perfect for sauces, sandwiches, market sales, garnishing and as a slicing tomato. Vines are six feet tall and produce tons!
  • Beauty Lottringa Tomato

    80 Days. One of our huge scores for the 2017 season, Beauty Lottringa tomatoes turned every head that walked through our gardens. Huge, flattish, ruffled tomatoes  grew on shorter vines(perhaps 4 feet tall) and were awesome all season long. These had absolutely no signs of diseases. Fruits ripened to a deep red and the largest ones can reach 1.5 pounds. Our largest fruits in 2017 weighed 20 ounces and smallest around 8. If you love sweet spaghetti sauce, this will be one to look at. Seriously, this thing made some really great sauce! I also enjoyed them when dried. A winner at the farmers market! See it on YouTube! Due to the excessively high demand for this product, we have reduced the number of orders to one 10 or 20 pack per order. Thanks.
  • The most beautiful of bi-color fruits, no other oxheart tomato has the presence of Orange Russian 117 tomato. it's not just beautiful looker, though. Orange Russian is a good tasting tomato. It's medium-mild, slightly fruity and sweetish. Overall it has a very pleasant finish. I have grown this one for about 10 years and have always ben pleased. Fruits average about 8 ounces but many can reach close to the one pound range. Harty, skinny vines begin to ripen fruits about 85 ays after transplant. Good for sandwiches, sweet sauce, garnishing and sweeter sewed tomatoes. Great at Farmers' market! Watch out!!
  • I am delighted to present to you, Great White Blues tomato! Absolutely stunning to look it, this unique looking fruit is about 6-10 ounces. It is fairly meaty, juicy sweet and fruity. This tomato is no slouch. In fact its surprisingly good. Fruits grow on five to six feet tall vines and begin to ripen about 80 days after transplant. An absolute pleasure to grow. When grown in full sunlight, they came alive. You will experience variations of colors form very dark to a vary pale yellow/white. this is a must grow! Great Sandwich, garnish, salsa and fresh eating tomato. Does exceptionally well at farmers market! For more delicious unique colored tomatoes, feel free to visit our Antho Category.
  • 75-Days. Some of the most unique tomatoes that you would ever grow, Little Lucky Heart tomato is also one of the prettiest. Ping pong ball sized, heart shaped fruits are beautifully, bi-colored.  They are so pretty and tasty that you will definitely grow them every year. I am especially fascinated by the fact that these beauties are grown on potato leafed, prolific vines. Fruits are very juicy and balanced with nice fruitiness. Eat a lot because they just keep coming all the way until Fall.! They are perfect for snacking in the garden, salsas, sliced salads, for market production, drying for flakes and so much more! Please visit our oxheart category for more beautiful tomatoes.
  • Sart Roloise Tomato


    Sart Roloise Tomato

    Sart Roloise tomato is a newer variety that has quickly gained popularity. It has a very unique and distinct coloration. A member of the anthocyanin family, this tomato proudly boasts its colors on its skin. It is one of the few varieties that is black on the top side and white on the bottom end. There may also be bluish blackish vertical streaks on parts of this beautiful tomato. Sart Roloise vines are tall and skinny. They produce clusters of 5, or so, tomatoes that are sweet and earthy with lots of juice. They turn dark purple wherever the sun touches them.  Fruits vary in weight from 4 to perhaps 8 ounces. Many of ours were in the 6 ounce range. They are among some of the most beautiful tomatoes that you will ever lay your eyes on! These are great for slicing, garnishing, and sandwiches. Market sales are excellent! Also check out Great White Blues tomato.
  • Dwarf Suzy's Beauty Tomato

    You will be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful fruit when sliced, than Dwarf Suzy's Beauty tomato. Big bi-colored fruits, can reach 14 ounces but average 10. They have plenty of exterior appeal too! Other than looks, these are very tasty, with rich, thick juice that drips from your fingers. Plenty fruitiness and sweets are also very evident. This is a very good tomato! Dwarf plants are 3 feet tall and produce a lot for such  large variety. Ours started ripening about 75 days after transplant. These may do well in 5 gallon containers or bigger. Perfect if you have a small garden space but wanting big fruits and production! Recommended!
  • Dwarf Awesome Tomato

    Dwarf Awesome tomato is now one of my favorite dwarf varieties. 3 feet tall plants have rugose leaves and bear 6-16 ounce fruits that are as flavorful as you will ever get them. Fruits are sweet, fruity, rich, smooth and delicious. Plants are hardy too. Ours never showed any signs of diseases, even in a difficult year. What's more, plants went on to produce until frosts. This is a great tomato for just snacking straight from the garden, sandwiches, garnishing and more. They should do well in containers also, because plants are compact and hardy. Try some, you'll love them!
  • Captain Lucky Tomato


    Captain Lucky Tomato

    Captain Lucky tomato is a potato leaf variety. It produces 6-10 ounce, bi-colored, delicious slicers. Plants are robust and grow to about 5 feet tall and have shown good disease resistance for us. Tomatoes grow in clusters of about 5. They begin to ripen about 80 days after transplant. This bi-color beauty is rich, fruity and juicy. The interior of this gem is beautifully marbled with different shades of pinks on green. Perfect for garnishing, slicing, market sales, cooking and fresh eating off the vine. If you are looking for a consistent tomato that will not let you down, then this is the way to go. Also check out its sister tomato.
  • 80 Days. Goldman's Italian American tomato is a very reliable sauce maker that could stand up with the best of them. Ribbed, pear shaped fruits, can grow to 12 ounces and ripen to a nice red color. Vines are tall, lanky and prolific so get your bushel baskets ready. Plants are also very hardy. In fact, ours have never shown any signs of diseases! They would definitely benefit form early staking.if you are serious about spaghetti sauce or tomato sauce try these! Try a few right off the vines too, you'll be amazed! Expect Goldman's to keep producing until fall.
  • Jazz Tomato


    Jazz Tomato

    90 Days. There are so many great things that could be said about Jazz tomato. I will start by saying that it excites me just to think about it. Later ripening, this intensely beautiful, bi-color fruit can reach 1.5 pounds. loaded with tons of sweet meat, makes Jazz deceptively weighty. Fruits have great aroma and winning taste. Vines are thick, show great disease resistance and produce plenty of big fruits. Stake well and revise often. Perfect for sandwiches and sauces. Great for eating off the vine. It's only November and I miss them already!
  • Lucid Gem Tomato

    75 Days. Lucid Gem is quickly becoming one of the most popular anthocyanin tomatoes. This is so because they are excessively beautiful, unique in and out and pretty tasty too. Boasting very dark tops and yellowish bottoms, this gem is just as beautiful when sliced. Check out our images and see for yourself! Lucid Gem tomato is a great choice for market sales. Customers cannot take their eyes off of them. They are sweet, rich and earthy. If you like a juicy tomato, you will find it here. CHEFS LOVE THEM!! Vines are hardy and produce plenty!
  • Dwarf Parfait Tomato


    Dwarf Parfait Tomato

    I love growing dwarf tomatoes because they always surprise me. After growing them for quit a few years, I still cant get over how much they can produce produce and how large some of the tomatoes can be. Dwarf Parfait tomato, is a beautiful and larger variety that, when ripened, is green on the outside and yellow on the inside. This combination makes for an interesting contrast that will turn any head! Three feet tall plants, produce 6-12 ounce fruits that have a deep, rich taste.  Texture is superb and aroma is very inviting. Our plants displayed excellent disease resistance, making these even more attractive to me. Parfait is a later variety but your wait wouldn't be in vain. Perfect for sandwiches, slicing, garnish and more! Dwarf varieties are perfect for smaller gardens! Recommended!
  • Gargamel Tomato

    One of the prettiest antho varieties that I have grown out, Gargamel tomato certainly is a pleasure to have in my garden. This beautiful tri-colored fruit is an attention grabber when fully ripened. Plum shaped fruits are abundant on their vines. I really like how Gargamel stood up to diseases. That, along with is good taste and production are some of the reasons why it will be returning to my gardens in 2019. Good salad tomato, great for garnish, snacking, cooking, canning and more. Truly a multi-purposed variety. Ours began to ripen on day 73 after transplanting. Worth growing for sure! See it on Youtube!
  • Micro Tom Tomato


    Micro Tom Tomato

    Micro Tom tomato is perhaps the shortest tomato plant around. This variety always surprises me with its growing habit and  production. Growing to about 3 inches tall, this puny thing is quick to bloom and fruit.  You can expect ripened tomatoes about 65 days after transplant. Tomatoes are deep red and tapers a bit on the bottom end. When you taste them, you will get a burst of tang and juice. They are firm and crunchy. These are also excellent keepers that perform admirably in salads. 1/2 to 3/4 gallon containers would work well! They are a lot of fun to grow..
  • Ananas Noire Tomato


    Ananas Noire Tomato

    Also known as "Black Pineapple", I love everything about Ananas Noire. This bi -color fruits proudly wears it's bronze, green and purple colors outside and in. When sliced, Ananas is beautifully marbled and would totally blow you away. Vines are hard working and display good disease resistance. Its sweet, rich, fruity and juicy taste presents a great balance. You can expect ripened fruits in about 80-85 days.
  • Sweet Cream Tomato

    Sweet Cream Tomato is one of my new favorites. It is just what its name says. Sweet, slightly fruity and juicy. This elongated variety can reach 3 inches but 2 inches is more normal. I especially love its wispy, prolific vines that begin to ripen their fruits around 70 days from transplant. Once that has started, expect a lot of fruits until frost. Disease resistance is also good with this variety.  Fantastic variety for salads, snacking, garnishing, dehydrating, cooking and more. Perfect for market sales because there is little to no cracking. This tomato also reminds me of Blush, which is a fantastic tomato but tends to have cracking sometimes. All around a very good tomato!
  • If you are searching for a very good tasting variety that ripens early and produces plenty all season long, then Amazon Chocolate tomato is the one! This dark colored, beautiful and blemish-free fruit will blow you away with its production. Plant are not too tall (perhaps 4-5 feet) and produce many clusters of 4 or 5 8-16 ounce fruits. Most fruits average around 10-12 ounces. This is a great tomato for a main crop, greenhouse growing and market sales where it will excel. Amazon Chocolate is full flavored with great texture and taste. Perfect sandwich tomato. Eat a few right off the vine and you will not stop. A very nice all purpose tomato! See it on YouTube!
  • Dragon’s Eye Tomato


    Dragon's Eye Tomato

    Dragon's Eye tomato is a huge favorite here on our farm. I am really passionate about this variety. It's beautiful, tasty with rich fruitiness, juicy, sweet and produce in high numbers! Fruits are oblate and average 3-6 ounces. This is a perfect variety for salads, garnishing, dehydrating and definitely salsa! A farmer's market favorite for us! I especially like it's silliness to produce, especially in longer periods of extreme heat and drought. Its vines are very hardy and have always shown great resistance to diseases, especially early and late blight. Stale well and get ready for a tomato lover's treat. I also love Little Lucky Heart tomato. See it on YouTube!
  • Black Magic Tomato


    Black Magic Tomato

    I planted these and forgot about them. The next thing I knew is I saw some very loaded vines in my garden. When I approached the plants I had no idea what they were. Once I read the labels, I was eager to see what the ripened fruits would look and taste like. At first glance, a ripened Black Magic tomato seems not very different from a lot of the other black varieties, but for me it differed in taste. These have that very rich taste of the black tomato family, but with a bit more complexity than most. A really good experience on sandwiches, when eaten fresh and even sliced in salads. This is one beefsteak that I will definitely grow again. Great choice for market vendors too. Production is good and disease resistance excellent, sturdy plants!
  • Easily one of my favorite dwarf varieties in 2018, Dwarf Shadow Boxing tomato thrilled me from start to finish. I really loved the foliage on these babies. Plants produced 2 inch long plum shaped fruits were a bit late to ripen. When they finally started to turn, the most beautiful tri-colored antho fruits emerged.  They were firm and plump with a good, sweet and balanced taste. I Made some really great salsa with them. These will work great for garnishing, cooking, dehydrating, canning and more. The best part of all, is that plants are prolific and indeterminate, so you will have plenty tomatoes until the end of the growing season. Must grow these!


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