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Large Heirloom Tomatoes That You Would Love

There are so many heirloom tomato varieties out there that I sometimes wonder exactly how many there are. I also know that there are many that are not as popular as others and some that are yet to be discovered. When I discover a good tasting heirloom tomato, the first thing that comes to mind is saving seed. Doing so had landed me with some of the best tasting tomatoes. Being a huge fan of bigger varieties, here are some large heirloom tomatoes that you would love.  These are on my priority list and ones that I have grown, and plan on growing for a long time to come.

Hoy Tomato .

I discovered Hoy tomato in 2015 and first grew it out in 2017. This is a very large tomato that has excellent taste and plenty of meat. It averages about 1.5 pounds but many are much larger. Hoy is not too juicy, making it a great candidate for sandwiches also. This is definitely one that I will grow every year.


Gold Medal Tomato

Large Gold Medal TomatoAlways on my best tomato list,  Gold Medal tomato is one of the most consistent producers that you will find. I will not have a tomato garden without at least having a few plants. Plants have great disease resistance too! Fruits can easily reach two pounds. Gold medal is meaty, tasty and has great texture. I LOVE them on sandwiches. My biggest gold Medal tomatoes have been around 2.5 pounds. Most are above 1.5 and many have easily exceeded the 2 pound mark.


Pink Brandywine Tomato

A long time favorite, Pink Brandywine tomato can easily be considered the ultimate beefsteak. Most fruits are around 1.5 pounds but many do reach and exceed 2 pounds. Flesh is medium firm and not too juicy. This tomato packs a really fine, old fashioned tomato flavor. you can’t go wrong with Pink Brandywine

Jazz Tomato

Jazz Tomato 2017Jazz tomato is another one that I recently discovered. I am in love with this tomato and know, that without a doubt, I will be growing this one for a long time. Bi-color fruits are around 1.5 -2 pounds.  Exceptionally tasty and aromatic. Do you love sandwiches and sauces? You can count on Jazz! You too will love this one.

Pepe’s Gigante

Before you complete your grow-out list, add this one. I am so happy that I grew Pepe’s Gigante tomato in 2017. Huge tasty beefsteaks that remind me of some older varieties, have exceptional balance and will keep you coming back for more. Pepe’s Gigante is not just a sandwich tomato, it makes some killer sauce too. Plants also produce a lot. Our fruits averaged 1.5- 2 pounds. Grow this one, PLEASE!


Delicious (Hunt Strain)

My new favorite in the last 5 years or so, Delicious (Hunt Strain) is perhaps the most consistently large variety that we have grown. Most fruits are between 1.5 and 3 pounds. Flesh is sweet and flavorful. I ind this variety to yield a good amount of fruits for such large fruits. This tomato is different to Delicious, which is also a large fruit, but raw Hunt Strain version is consistently much larger.

Cleota Pink Tomato

Cleota Pink tomato is a very large beefsteak that are borne on potato leafed plants. In 2017 we grew many 2 pound fruits. What really draws me to Cleota Pink is its taste. This giant is so good that it can easily be one of the best beefsteaks that I have grown in the last 20 years. Plants are not super prolific but they are not wimpy either. Our vines each produced about one dozen huge fruits. Totally worth it. Great sandwich tomato! Recommended!


Striped German Tomato

Striped-German-Tomato-2017Expect many two pound fruits when growing Striped German. This one will not disappoint you in any way! It’s tasty, hardy and consistent. Striped German tomato vines produces a good amount of fruits that can weigh up to 3 pounds. Our fruits are usually between 1.5 and 2.5 pounds. Very fruity, sweet and sandwich ready. Vines always display great disease resistance.


Green Giant Tomato

I had to throw in a green tomato in the list. Green Giant tomato is not the biggest fruit that we have grown, but they do get pretty large. our fruits average 1.5 pounds with  a few weighing a little more or less. What makes this tomato a stand out is its taste. Very, very tasty. Close your eyes and you will certainly think that you are eating an old fashioned red fruit. one of the best green tomatoes.


Now that you have seen my list of large heirloom tomatoes that you will love, I hope that you try a few and let me know what you think. Thanks for reading.