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Dwarf Tomatoes For New And Old Gardeners

When I first discovered dwarf tomatoes, honestly, I thought that growing them would only be a waste of my precious time. Many years later, I humbly admit hat I was so very wrong! Without even considering the true benefits of just growing anything, I jumped to conclusions that somehow a dwarf tomato isn’t a real tomato. Now that I have been growing them for quite a few years, I would like to talk about some of the benefits of growing dwarf tomatoes for new and old gardeners.

Growing Dwarf Tomatoes Beneficial for The Elderly

The first benefit that I would like to mention, is growing dwarf tomatoes in instances such as in the case  and accessibility for seniors. My friend is a coordinator of a senior citizen home. After introducing her to micro dwarf and dwarf tomatoes, she decided to introduce them to her patients. That was a huge hit! There were some seniors that could not get around enough to garden outdoors, so they grew micro dwarf  in an indoor attached greenhouse. Sometimes, a few of them took the micro plants to their rooms as decorations. I think that this is a huge benefit to a senior person’s quality of life.

For others who were more mobile and still wanted to exercise, they planted in outdoor raised beds. One person in particular, wanted larger tomatoes. So he grew New Big Dwarf and Summer Sweet Gold dwarf tomatoes in buckets. She was absolutely thrilled with the results. The smile on her face was just precious! Little work, big tomatoes and hugely rewarding.

Dwarf Tomatoes For New Growers

Some first time tomato growers can be intimidated by tall and bushy vines. Personally, I know that they can really turn into a lot of work. Dwarf tomatoes are perfect replacements in such instances. Unlike the Micro dwarf varieties, dwarf tomatoes come in many different sizes. So those seeking cherries or perhaps bigger beefsteaks, can benefit from growing the appropriate varieties. For the new gardener, dwarf tomato varieties can be the perfect introduction into the world of bigger and better things. Then again,  growing primarily dwarf tomatoes can be a great place to be!

Dwarf Tomatoes Are Perfect For Small Garden Spaces

Whether someone is old or young, a new or old tomato grower, sometimes garden space is limited. This is where growing dwarf or even micro dwarfs can be a great advantage. Micro dwarf tomato plants make a great border, so there is the potential to grow them almost anywhere. In the right situation, they can also be grown in the ground. Dwarf tomatoes are also not wide spreading or tall growing. My tallest dwarf tomato plants have been around 4.5 feet and required minimal staking. That in itself, makes dwarf tomatoes the perfect replacement for non dwarf varieties.

Whether you grow Dwarf or Micro dwarf varieties or both, one thing remains true. Both will produce excellent tomatoes for you. Try growing a mixture of colors and sizes, in pots and in the ground. You will have a blast during the process and even more pleasure once you’ve started eating them. Don’t forget to introduce some to gardening whenever you have a chance. It could change that person’s lice.  Go for it!!