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Two Smallest Micro Dwarf Tomato Varieties

If you are a tomato grower and have never grown micro dwarf tomatoes, I am living proof that you can possibly get hooked once you have tried them. Yes, they are very addicting! This article gives some insight and advice about growing the two smallest micro dwarf tomato varieties.

Micro dwarf tomatoes are cultivars that usually do not grow more than 8-10 inches tall. In some cases they do not even break 3 or four inches. I have grown about 25 different varieties, and all of them have been rewarding. Most of my grow-outs were between 6-10 inches tall at maturity. But if you are looking for the smallest dwarf tomato varieties, I will point you in the right direction and give you a breakdown on each.

The two smallest dwarf tomato varieties that I have grown, are Baby and Micro Tom. Both are no taller than 3 or 4 inches and produce well for their diminutive sizes.

Baby Micro Dwarf Tomato

Baby Micro Dwarf is a 3 inch plant that can perform well in small containers. My favorite size containers is  half gallon. Baby plants can  spread to 3 or 4 inches across, covering the soil with its pretty leaves. I have had some that bloomed and produced reasonably well in two inch pots. They really flourish in half gallon pots though. A larger sized container is really not necessary! Baby produces small, firm bright red tomatoes that are intense and on the tart side. They just pop in your mouth. These are excellent for salads and munching right from the plant. Also a great selection for some nice tomato jam. This variety is early ripening, producing its first ripened fruits around 65-70 days.

Micro Tom Tomato

Micro Tom tomato is perhaps the more popular of the two and perhaps even a smaller plant than it’s fore-mentioned cousin. Its plats grow more outwards than up. I have never really measured these but at maturity, it rarely crosses 3 inches tall. It’s just an amazing thing to see! Its fruits are not as tart as Baby and some are slightly heart shaped. These can also be grown in half gallon sized containers for best results. Bright red pea sized fruits begin to ripen about 70 ays after transplant.

Growing Micro Dwarf Tomatoes In Window Boxes.

Both Micro Tom and Baby micro dwarf varieties can also successfully be grown in window boxes. I grow four plants in a 2 foot long window box. When growing indoors you may need an additional lighting source. Even Baby and Micro Tom are the two smallest Micro Dwarf varieties that I have grown, there could possibly be smaller cultivars that I am yet to discover. If you know of any, it would be sweet if you pointed me to them!

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