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Micro Dwarf Tomatoes Yellow VS Red

Micro Dwarf tomatoes yellow vs red, make your pick!  When it comes to color, I have found that there are distinct differences in taste between the yellow and red varieties of micro dwarf tomatoes. Since I have been asked a few times about what my choice would be,  I thought that I would explain why I came to my decision. Personally, I have an affinity to red tomatoes. That may be so because I grew up on reds. Don’t get me wrong, some of the most excellent tomatoes that I have tasted are yellow. But naturally, I tend to look to the reds first when I want to make a good tomato sandwich. I am working on changing that!

My Observation About Red Micro Dwarf Tomatoes

To this point in my grow-outs, most red Micro Dwarf tomatoes have really nice taste and totally worth growing. But to me, their range of taste is not as diverse as yellows. My favorite red micro dwarf tomato thus far, is Vilma. It is excellent! But Florida Petite, Mohamed, Red Robin, Micro Tom and others have some very good flavors that keep me growing them. Although I eat many right off the plants, I like the reds better for salsa and salads. The yellows I enjoy better just snacking. That’s just me, though!!

Yellow Micro Dwarf Tomatoes

Out of the varieties of micro dwarfs that I have grown, I tend to like the yellows more. I think that they have a wider range of taste. One thing remains true! Reds or yellows, they all have me sucked in!! Thus far, my favorite yellows are Pinocchio Orange, Yellow Canary, Yellow Dwarf and Orange Hat.

Get Ready For A Micro Dwarf Tomato Treat.

If you are considering growing micro dwarf, indoors or out, I am here to say that it’s totally worth it!  Try staggering a few plants of different colors. That way you will have fresh tomatoes for an extended period and your salads would be more colorful!  Now that I have said that, I will say this. Yellows are my favorites thus far!  Both red and yellow micro dwarf tomato varieties are great for whatever you want to use them for and I encourage you to try them all. Micro Dwarf tomatoes are easy to grow and, for the most part, problem free. They are also addicting and very rewarding!