• Ananas Bleue Tomato

    A nicely colored antho tomato, Ananas Bleue is a real head turner! Regular leafed, five-six feet tall plants produce abundantly and showed good disease resistance for us. Fruits are mild with some sweetness and overall, have a good flavor. Our first ripened fruits were about 70 days after transplant. These may do good in containers too with regular feeding. Try dehydrating these or using them on a pretty platter. Try a few in the garden too!
  • Large American Flag Leek

    Large Flag American Leek is is noted for its large leaves and stems. Here in the USA, this variety is really cold tolerant and does well in zones 2-11. It has a light/mild onion flavor that works well in cuisines. I have used in soups, salads, seasonings. It's perfect when seasoning meats and fish. It's also commonly called Scotch Flag leek. 15-18 inches tall and non-bulbing.
  • Fat Frog Micro Dwarf Tomato

    I'll get straight to the point! Fat Frog micro dwarf tomato is really good. Ripening green, with mildly sweet flavor and some mild fruity undertones, this micro gem is a recommended grow. Plants are between 10 and 14 inches tall with thick stems and by micro standards, produce some of the largest fruits. These grow nicely in 6 inch-1 gallon pots. I did not see any difference in plant size or production using either of these sizes. Production is good but not prolific. It's definitely worth adding to your micro dwarf tomato collection. Check out my pictures, they are so beautiful.
  • Tiny Totem Micro Dwarf Tomato

    Don't let its name fool you.!  To date, Tiny Totem micro dwarf plants actually produce the largest fruits of all the micros. 12-14 inch plants produce nice sized little slicers, far bigger than you would expect plants that size to produce. Fruits are sweet and delicious with few seeds. Not super prolific, these still produce a good amount of fruits that make great snacks. Ours grew well in 6 inch and one gallon sized pots, without much difference in size or production from one size pot to the other. These are bigger than Florida Petite. A joy to grow, especially indoors.
  • Julia Child Tomato

    A very delicious heirloom tomato named after French Chef Julia Child, this one is hard to beat! Potato leafed plants produce nicely and begin to ripen their fruits around mid-season. This tomato has s good old time, sweet and juicy flavor that fits perfectly on sandwiches or for slicing on a platter. Superb texture. Our plants displayed good disease resistance and were hard workers. A great choice for any tomato garden. Stake well!
  • Aker's West Virginia Tomato

    A really nice beefsteak, Aker's West Virginia tomato has it all. Its flavor, size, disease resistance and production will make this an easy draw for tomato gardeners . If you like large beefsteak tomatoes with great flavor, this is definitely one for you to try.. Tall, regular leafed plants produce plenty 10-20 ounce fruits that begin to ripen around mid-season. Texture is smooth, rich and old timey. This one makes a great sandwich companion. On the sweeter side too!
  • Black Early Tomato


    Black Early Tomato

    A dark chocolate colored beefsteak tomato that tends to ripen a bit earlier than most blacks. Tomatoes are between 10-14 0unces. Regular leafed plants produce plenty fruits that tend to have a rich, sweet but smoky flavor. You will have plenty of these to share with your friends and family. A must for market vendors. Great for sandwiches and more!!
  • Looking for a producer of big pink beefsteaks with superb flavor? Try Todd County Amish tomato. Large potato leafed plants produce big crops of desirable fruits. These are perfect sandwich makers. Taste is very old fashioned. Superb aroma when fully ripened. Not very seedy. You can expect your first ripened fruits about 80 days after transplant. I found my plants to be good with diseases, with no signs of early or late blight. One of my new favorites! Steak these well!
  • Joe's Pink Oxheart Tomato

    A really smooth oxheart tomato experience is how I would describe Joe's Pink tomato. This one slices really nicely and makes a really good compliment for tomato sandwiches. its taste is sweeter and mild with a really good texture. Nice for sauces too! I like this tomato a lot. Plants are tall and have regular leaves that are not too wispy. Production is heavy, but a little later in the season. Your wait will be well worth it! Fruits are between 8 and 20 ounces Really nice aroma when fully ripened. Stake well! I love.....
  • In 2021, I grew three variegated leafed dwarf varieties. They were Pico's Pride, Elsie's Fancy and this, Walter's Fancy. All three were good producers, with Pico's Pride producing the smallest fruits of them all. Walter's Fancy and Elsie's Fancy I totally enjoyed. Pico's Pride I never got a chance to taste so I probably wouldn't offer them until I have a chance to do so. Walter's Fancy is a sweeter and mild fruit, this one was very pleasing to me and I often snacked on a few in the garden. Perfect slicing tomatoes that will work well in containers also. Plants are about 3 feet tall and have beautiful leaves of green and white. A true sight to see! Mid season ripening.
  • One of the most prolific dwarf varieties that I have grown, Dwarf Amy's Ohio is a winner. 3 feet tall plants produce beautiful green when ripened fruits, some of which have pinkish blossom ends. When sliced, you will find a pretty and inviting lime green. These are perfect little slicers with sweet and complex flavors. Fruits up to 6 ounces.  Perfect for container gardening or raised beds.
  • Dwarf Purple Heartthrob Tomato

    Beautifully heart shaped tomatoes with very distinct stripes of purple. Dwarf Purple Heartthrob tomato is a keeper for us. 3 feet tall, rugose leafed plants produced plenty of 4-10 ounce fruits that are very eye-catching. In 2021, these always turned heads in our garden. Taste is forward and excellent, with some complexity to its overall flavor. I love these. Easily among one of the most interesting dwarfs that we have grown. Should do well in larger containers.  Limited seed supply!
  • Kenneth's Piennolo Tomato

    There's a lot that I can say about Kenneth's Piennolo tomato. For one, skinny potato leafed plants are very hardy.  Another thing is that these start ripening relatively early in the season. Continuing on, these have very good, sweet flavor and make great garden snacks. Perhaps the most outstanding quality of this variety is that it has exceptional shelf life. Here's my story. I hadn't realized that I left some of these in a plastic shopping bag on the south side of my house. About 6 weeks later when I was doing some cleaning, I discovered the bag and opened it up. Every tomato was in excellent shape! This, to me, took this tomato from a good tomato to an excellent variety for storing, especially after the season has ended. It makes great sauce and is even great when dehydrated. Cooking, salsas and more will all benefit from Kenneth's Piennolo. Give these a try.!!
  • Mc Murray #10 Tomato

    Mc Murray #10 Tomato is a Dan McMurray selection grown out of F2's, this indeterminate potato leaved plants plants are productive. A wonderful slicer for sandwiches etc, that my friend says it reminds him bacon, lol. Not a very popular variety, fruits can reach more than one pound and begins to ripen around mid-season. Old time flavor that always keeps me coming back! Try these!
  • Indiana Red Tomato

    Indiana Red tomato is a very, very nice tasting oxheart. Clean and crack-free fruits weigh about 8-16 ounces and are borne on tall wispy leafed plants. Our fruits began to ripen about 78 days from transplant into the garden. These have excellent texture, well balanced taste that reminds me of the tomatoes or yesteryear. I will definitely be growing these again. Additionally, our plants showed really god disease resistance. Plants produced nicely and fruits were consistent in shape. If you love oxhearts, or old timey tasting tomatoes, try this one and make yourself some fine sauces and sandwiches! Few Seeds!
  • Big Mack Tomato


    Big Mack Tomato

    If your aim is to have a perfectly sized sandwich tomato that can easily hold its own, you may want to try Big Mack tomato. Also known as Mac's Pride, this one is packed full of delicious texture, this one is definitely a keeper. 10-16 ounce fruits are borne on potato leafed plants that are productive and hardy. This heirloom is said to be over one hundred years old. Ripened fruits are a beautiful pink, with slightly yellowish shoulder, with appealing aroma and inviting appearance. Plants are taller and need staking. A real keeper!
  • Varsovia Tomato

    Varsovia is a dark purple tomato that originates in Poland. Seeds were given to my friend Terry at Secret Seed Cartel in France, she then shared some with me. I grew them out in 2021. This variety has tremendous appeal and is a very beautiful fruit when fully ripened. You'll definitely be able to differentiate between other purples/blacks because it's one of the darkest fruits. Plants produce plentifully and fruits begin ripening around mid-season. Very eye pleasing variety that has a rich, earthy taste that is complete. Try these, you'll love them.  
  • Dwarf Speckled Heart Tomato

    A high producer, you will be very pleased with Dwarf Speckled Heart tomato. Short 3 feet tall plants have regular and rugose leaves. They produce perfectly heart shaped, red and yellowish 3-6 ounce fruits. These need to be staked or tied up because plants get very heavy with fruits. Taste is on the sweet but milder side with good texture. Very beautiful head turners that would work well in containers, with care. 70 days to first ripened fruits.
  • False Sunflower

    False Sunflower, Heliopsis 'Ballerina', is a perennial flower that blooms in its first year. 3-4 inch diameter flowers that blooms from mid season onwards. These are great cut flowers, butterfly attractors. Easy to grow and very hardy in zones 3-9. Ours lived through every storm, intense heat and humidity in their first year, 2021. Easy to start from seed and will come back every year. Very eye-catching and beautiful in the garden. 3-4 feet when mature.
  • (Torch) Mexican Sunflower  is a fiery orange variety that booms heavily from early summer to fall. This annual works excellently as a cut flower and as a be, butterfly and humming bird attractor. Plants can reach 6 feet tall with several off-shot branches, each loaded with beautiful blooms. These light up the garden wherever they are planted. Full sun is its preference but will do ok in part shade. Beautiful green foliage and distinct growing habit. Every flower garden should have some!
  • Karmen Pepper

    My favorite sweet variety of 2021, Karmen sweet pepper was a real hit with everyone here. Perfectly sized fruits grew on 2.5-3 feet tall plants and ripened a little later in the season. I found that the wait was totally worth it. A very prolific variety, these were so sweet and and fruity, that I was taken by surprise. Needless to say, I ate many in the garden. Crunchy, thick fleshed and has a multiplicity of uses. Cut these up for your fresh salads, have them as a stand-alone snack, use them in your cooking or for plating. Nice rich red color when fully ripened. You'd love these!
  • Relleno Pepper

    If you are a serious pepper grower you should never go without Relleno Peppers in your garden. This pepper has the perfect heat for anything cooking, flakes or powder. Vibrant and prolific plants are hard workers. Low heat fruits are perfect for frying, grilling, cooking, fresh salsa and more. Chop up and sprinkle fresh on your meals, delicious. Great stand alone pepper for any meal in which you desire low heat!
  • Caribbean Red Pepper

    As a Caribbean man, I have many stories about this pepper that I can tell. Along with some scorpion types and Trinidad 7 Pot Yellow, this one is a favorite of the Caribbean people. In Trinidad, which is I am from originally,  Caribbean Red pepper is one of our favorite peppers for cooking, hot sauces and more. There, it's just a very accessible and highly used variety. One of my favorite ways to use it is to sit it gently on top of any cooking meal and let its flavor seep in, without the pepper being torn or ripped open. Using this method, almost anything that you cook with this pepper turns out great! Heat is medium, flavor is delicious, aroma undeniable! Prolific plants produce all season long!
  • Purira Pepper


    Purira Pepper

    Purira pepper is a hot pepper that has many superb uses. Plants for this ornamental variety can reach 2.5-3 feet and produce prolifically. It's a superb pepper for drying or canning. Makes great flakes and powder. Green peppers start of sort of purple before eventually turning turning bright red when ready. Heat is about 50,000 - 100,000 SHU, so it has some fire. Slightly fruity taste and smell. Great choice for containers!
  • Hangjiao 7 Super Nova Pepper

    Also known as Space Pepper, Super Nova Pepper has somewhat of an interesting story. In 1987 a Chinese scientist, Jiang Xingcun,  discovered that sending seeds to satellites in space for a while created greater chances for mutations. These variations manifested themselves in  the forms of  bigger fruit sizes, yields and much increased nutritional values. This this pepper is as a result of one of his experiments. Measuring about 5000 SHU, Super Nova pepper is just about as hot as a Jalapeno. This makes it a medium heat variety. Great for drying, cooking, flakes and powders. Very nice for seasoning and cooking. 2.5 feet tall plants.
  • My 80 year old mother, a lifelong pepperholic spent the 2021 summer with me. We made lots of hot-sauce dried a lot of peppers for flakes and powder. Most of all, we used a lot of fresh hot peppers in our daily culinary adventures. Chocolate Habanero pepper has and still is her favorite pepper for cooking and sauces. In fact, I still had some crushed flakes from her visit 3 years ago. Upon her arrival, she immediately used it up and prompted me to make fresh batches. I especially love this variety for sauces. Use them alone for some dark colored feisty sauce or mix them with other varieties for interesting complex heat. It's hot, so watch out if your pepper tolerance is low. In my family we chop these up into small pieces and have at least one piece with each spoon-full  of food. The greatest fire in the world. Heavy producing 3 feet tall plants!
  • A little firecracker is how I would describe Tiny Samoa Dwarf Pepper. 1.5 feet tall plants produce so many peppers that you wouldn't believe your eyes. These are medium to very hot and perfect for canning, pepper flakes, powder, cooking and more. Perfect for container growing. Plants ripen their first peppers , which turn from green to red, around mid season. From that point they just continue going. Also perfect for small garden spaces!
  • Blot Pepper

    OUT OF STOCK, SORRY! To me, Blot pepper is one of the prettiest big fruits that I have seen. What's more, it's a very tasty sweet pepper. Peppers emerge with different shades of blotted purple, sometimes getting darker before ripening stage. As they begin to ripen, they turn light yellow, then yellowish orange, while keeping some to the purple blotting. This is a great stuffing pepper or it can be used as you would any sweet pepper. Plants produce a good amount of fruits that ripens from mid-season onwards. I real eye catcher for this multipurpose variety! Try them on a platter, mmmmm, delicious and pretty!


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