• Looking for a producer of big pink beefsteaks with superb flavor? Try Todd County Amish tomato. Large potato leafed plants produce big crops of desirable fruits. These are perfect sandwich makers. Taste is very old fashioned. Superb aroma when fully ripened. Not very seedy. You can expect your first ripened fruits about 80 days after transplant. I found my plants to be good with diseases, with no signs of early or late blight. One of my new favorites! Steak these well!
  • Karmen Pepper

    My favorite sweet variety of 2021, Karmen sweet pepper was a real hit with everyone here. Perfectly sized fruits grew on 2.5-3 feet tall plants and ripened a little later in the season. I found that the wait was totally worth it. A very prolific variety, these were so sweet and and fruity, that I was taken by surprise. Needless to say, I ate many in the garden. Crunchy, thick fleshed and has a multiplicity of uses. Cut these up for your fresh salads, have them as a stand-alone snack, use them in your cooking or for plating. Nice rich red color when fully ripened. You'd love these!
  • A little firecracker is how I would describe Tiny Samoa Dwarf Pepper. 1.5 feet tall plants produce so many peppers that you wouldn't believe your eyes. These are medium to very hot and perfect for canning, pepper flakes, powder, cooking and more. Perfect for container growing. Plants ripen their first peppers , which turn from green to red, around mid season. From that point they just continue going. Also perfect for small garden spaces!
  • Relleno Pepper

    If you are a serious pepper grower you should never go without Relleno Peppers in your garden. This pepper has the perfect heat for anything cooking, flakes or powder. Vibrant and prolific plants are hard workers. Low heat fruits are perfect for frying, grilling, cooking, fresh salsa and more. Chop up and sprinkle fresh on your meals, delicious. Great stand alone pepper for any meal in which you desire low heat!
  • (Torch) Mexican Sunflower  is a fiery orange variety that booms heavily from early summer to fall. This annual works excellently as a cut flower and as a be, butterfly and humming bird attractor. Plants can reach 6 feet tall with several off-shot branches, each loaded with beautiful blooms. These light up the garden wherever they are planted. Full sun is its preference but will do ok in part shade. Beautiful green foliage and distinct growing habit. Every flower garden should have some!
  • Indiana Red Tomato

    Indiana Red tomato is a very, very nice tasting oxheart. Clean and crack-free fruits weigh about 8-16 ounces and are borne on tall wispy leafed plants. Our fruits began to ripen about 78 days from transplant into the garden. These have excellent texture, well balanced taste that reminds me of the tomatoes or yesteryear. I will definitely be growing these again. Additionally, our plants showed really god disease resistance. Plants produced nicely and fruits were consistent in shape. If you love oxhearts, or old timey tasting tomatoes, try this one and make yourself some fine sauces and sandwiches! Few Seeds!
  • Purple Coneflower

    Also known as Echinacea, I first discovered Purple Cone Flower about 20 years ago when I moved to Indiana. Since then, it's been a part of my gardens. A hardy perennial, this beauty comes alive around mid June, just about two months after last frost. Apart from its burst of color in mid spring/early summer, parts of this plant also has very significant medicinal uses. Among the biggest uses is as a pain reliever. When started from seed, you can expect these to bloom in their second year, with a larger core of plants each year. This is not a heavy reseeding variety, but each you will notice a difference that your main plants are increasing in diameter and amount of blooms they put out. Very nice and effective cut flower. Beautiful in any garden!
  • Tomahawk Pepper


    Tomahawk Pepper

    Tomahawk pepper is a productive chili that's perfect for flakes, sauces, drying and cooking. Personally, these were some of my favorite peppers to grow in 2020. A very visually beautiful fruit, our plants were prolific and really lit up towards the middle of the growing season. Although I didn't make sauce with these, I have no doubt that these will make wonderful hot sauce and powder. Try making a hot sauce  mix with some other varieties, especially milder kinds and you will have a great experience. Plants are a little tall. Green peppers are purple before turning red when fully ripened. I will be growing again in 2022.
  • In 2021, I grew three variegated leafed dwarf varieties. They were Pico's Pride, Elsie's Fancy and this, Walter's Fancy. All three were good producers, with Pico's Pride producing the smallest fruits of them all. Walter's Fancy and Elsie's Fancy I totally enjoyed. Pico's Pride I never got a chance to taste so I probably wouldn't offer them until I have a chance to do so. Walter's Fancy is a sweeter and mild fruit, this one was very pleasing to me and I often snacked on a few in the garden. Perfect slicing tomatoes that will work well in containers also. Plants are about 3 feet tall and have beautiful leaves of green and white. A true sight to see! Mid season ripening.
  • Variegated rugose leaves of green and white is what you will experience when you grow out Dwarf Elsie's Fancy tomato plants. I never really got a chance to take pictures of plants but they are very beautiful and unique. Fruits are smooth and tasty, with hints of the tropics. I loved its production in 2021 and found it to be a very good little slicer. Taste is sweet, fruity with some acids in there too. For us, this wasn't a very mild tomato and it was very, very good. Our 3feet tall plants had an indeterminate growth habit and produced nicely all season long and until first frost. These will work wonderfully in containers too. NOTE: You must grow these and check out the beautiful green and white leaves!
  • Julia Child Tomato

    A very delicious heirloom tomato named after French Chef Julia Child, this one is hard to beat! Potato leafed plants produce nicely and begin to ripen their fruits around mid-season. This tomato has s good old time, sweet and juicy flavor that fits perfectly on sandwiches or for slicing on a platter. Superb texture. Our plants displayed good disease resistance and were hard workers. A great choice for any tomato garden. Stake well!
  • Mc Murray #10 Tomato

    Mc Murray #10 Tomato is a Dan McMurray selection grown out of F2's, this indeterminate potato leaved plants plants are productive. A wonderful slicer for sandwiches etc, that my friend says it reminds him bacon, lol. Not a very popular variety, fruits can reach more than one pound and begins to ripen around mid-season. Old time flavor that always keeps me coming back! Try these!
  • Trinidad 7 Pot Yellow pepper is another favorite of Caribbean cooks. As a Trinidad native, I have many stories I could tell about this one. For one thing, I cut my pepper teeth on 7 Pot. Once my uncle showed me how to bite tiny pieces of with each mouthful of food, there was no turning back. This pepper has good heat and even though back in the day I thought it was very hot, it's not the hottest thing out there, especially since my heat tolerance has increased . 7 Pot pepper has some fruitiness, is ideal for flavorful hot sauce, cooking, seasoning and more. Productive 3 feet tall plants light up with yellow fruits around late August. So about 85-90 days to begin ripening. Great for pickled hot peppers, flakes, powders...  
  • My 80 year old mother, a lifelong pepperholic spent the 2021 summer with me. We made lots of hot-sauce dried a lot of peppers for flakes and powder. Most of all, we used a lot of fresh hot peppers in our daily culinary adventures. Chocolate Habanero pepper has and still is her favorite pepper for cooking and sauces. In fact, I still had some crushed flakes from her visit 3 years ago. Upon her arrival, she immediately used it up and prompted me to make fresh batches. I especially love this variety for sauces. Use them alone for some dark colored feisty sauce or mix them with other varieties for interesting complex heat. It's hot, so watch out if your pepper tolerance is low. In my family we chop these up into small pieces and have at least one piece with each spoon-full  of food. The greatest fire in the world. Heavy producing 3 feet tall plants!
  • Python Pepper

    By its name you would think that Python is a super hot pepper. If fact, it's not. Python (Piton) is a tasty sweet pepper that is most commonly used for drying, then making flakes or powder for incorporating with soups, pizza etc. It has a very strikingly intense flavor, especially when dehydrated. About 2.5 feet tall plants produce 6 inch or longer fruits that ripens from green to red and curl and twirl like a python. These are early and heavy producing. Real eye-catcher this one is. Use them whole when fresh for sprucing up your dishes, or chop them up for toppings in soups, meats etc, what a treat!
  • One of the most prolific dwarf varieties that I have grown, Dwarf Amy's Ohio is a winner. 3 feet tall plants produce beautiful green when ripened fruits, some of which have pinkish blossom ends. When sliced, you will find a pretty and inviting lime green. These are perfect little slicers with sweet and complex flavors. Fruits up to 6 ounces.  Perfect for container gardening or raised beds.
  • Caribbean Red Pepper

    As a Caribbean man, I have many stories about this pepper that I can tell. Along with some scorpion types and Trinidad 7 Pot Yellow, this one is a favorite of the Caribbean people. In Trinidad, which is I am from originally,  Caribbean Red pepper is one of our favorite peppers for cooking, hot sauces and more. There, it's just a very accessible and highly used variety. One of my favorite ways to use it is to sit it gently on top of any cooking meal and let its flavor seep in, without the pepper being torn or ripped open. Using this method, almost anything that you cook with this pepper turns out great! Heat is medium, flavor is delicious, aroma undeniable! Prolific plants produce all season long!
  • Blot Pepper

    OUT OF STOCK, SORRY! To me, Blot pepper is one of the prettiest big fruits that I have seen. What's more, it's a very tasty sweet pepper. Peppers emerge with different shades of blotted purple, sometimes getting darker before ripening stage. As they begin to ripen, they turn light yellow, then yellowish orange, while keeping some to the purple blotting. This is a great stuffing pepper or it can be used as you would any sweet pepper. Plants produce a good amount of fruits that ripens from mid-season onwards. I real eye catcher for this multipurpose variety! Try them on a platter, mmmmm, delicious and pretty!
  • Aji Fantasy Pepper

    To me, Aji Fantasy pepper is one of the most useful peppers that I have grown in years. It's has perfect heat and flavor for a multiplicity of things.  I use these a lot for seasoning and cooking. This canary yellow fruit has an interesting shape which I have hardships describing, so I will leave that up to you. Plants are super productive so you will get many many fruits. Also a perfect variety for vendors. Nice mild to medium heat with sweetish flesh and super aroma. nice pickling variety. Great for mild sauces, flakes and powders. A real find if you are pepper lover!
  • Big Mack Tomato


    Big Mack Tomato

    If your aim is to have a perfectly sized sandwich tomato that can easily hold its own, you may want to try Big Mack tomato. Also known as Mac's Pride, this one is packed full of delicious texture, this one is definitely a keeper. 10-16 ounce fruits are borne on potato leafed plants that are productive and hardy. This heirloom is said to be over one hundred years old. Ripened fruits are a beautiful pink, with slightly yellowish shoulder, with appealing aroma and inviting appearance. Plants are taller and need staking. A real keeper!
  • Lopatinskie Tomato

    Lopatinskie tomato is a really nice beefsteak that is productive and consistent. Taste is sweetish and full flavored and kind of old fashion. Perfect for slicing and sandwiches. Plants are tall heavy producers and regular leafed. Ours did quite well with diseases. The came through the intense summer weather with flying colors. Stake these well as production is heavy. Get you bushel baskets ready plenty tomatoes are coming!
  • Fat Frog Micro Dwarf Tomato

    I'll get straight to the point! Fat Frog micro dwarf tomato is really good. Ripening green, with mildly sweet flavor and some mild fruity undertones, this micro gem is a recommended grow. Plants are between 10 and 14 inches tall with thick stems and by micro standards, produce some of the largest fruits. These grow nicely in 6 inch-1 gallon pots. I did not see any difference in plant size or production using either of these sizes. Production is good but not prolific. It's definitely worth adding to your micro dwarf tomato collection. Check out my pictures, they are so beautiful.
  • Texas Star Tomato

    Texas Star tomato is a big beautiful bi-color variety with very pleasing taste. I especially like its fruity undertones. Large plants produce 1-2 pound, sweet fruits that remind me of the Caribbean. These were some of the last to remain in the garden as it got colder. Texture is superb! Great sandwich or garnish tomato. Great for fresh salsa. Add some chopped mango, cilantro, garlic, a pinch of lime juice, chopped onions and let it sit for about 20 minutes before you devour the entire thing in one minute. Whatever you choose to do with Texas Star tomato, it's certainly a worthy grow!
  • Turnip-Purple Top White Globe is just as its name says. Round roots turn purple on top and white at the bottom. These can reach between 4-6 inches but are best when they are a bit smaller. Mildly sweet when baked boiled or roasted.  Great in soups and stews too!!
  • Opopeo Amaranth

    Opopeo Amaranth has large red/purple flower heads and  greenish brown/bronze leaves that are, when tender, edible and delicious. In your flower garden, these will stand tall and erect, creating a spectacle du jour. Your gardens will never be dull with these and you will have fresh greens all summer long. These start blooming about 65 days after germination, which is best done via direct seeding. These do well when transplanted too. If you are into milling, Opopeo produces plenty seeds for your mill. Makes great flour!
  • NOT FOR THE NOVICE!! Packed with heat, Apocalypse Scorpion Chocolate pepper made me some of the best hot sauce in 2021. I planted 6 plants and they never stopped producing. Very prolific, so you will get many peppers if you take care of them. These bumpy chocolate beauties measure about  1,400,000 SHU. As a comparison, so you would know how hot these are, Jalapenos measure 5,000-10,000 SHU. So if you want fire, you've got it right here!  Apocalypse Scorpion Chocolate is not just heat. There's a very nice flavor behind the heat. If you can stand the burn then you will get to the flavor! Great for sauces, hot pepper flakes and powders. I have made so much sauce with these and shared much with my three sisters and mom. We are all fire-breathers! lol.
  • Chinese 5 Color Pepper

    Chinese 5 Color Pepper is a uniquely colored variety that literally changes to 4 different colors before fully ripening to its final 5th color, red. Have a look at my images and you will see the beauty of this pepper as it goes through its stages. A tasty variety, it packs medium heat and would be perfect for cooking in soups and stews. Would also make great pepper powder or flakes. Plants have dark /purple colored foliage and production is good. Be patient, as these are a little bit, with plants taking a little longer to mature. Once they start producing, they never stop. It's almost November here and these are literally loaded with peppers of all different
  • Aji Charapita Pepper

    Don't let the small size of  Aji Charapita Pepper fool you. This thing is pack full of heat, measuring about 30,000 to 50,000 Scoville heat units (SHU) ! The smallest pepper that I have ever grown, these are very nice for cooking and drying. When dried, they can be used as flakes, powder or whole. Just think that a Jalapeno pepper measures about 2,500-10,000 SHU. That means that one Charapita is almost 10-15 times hotter that one jalapeno. Ask me, I had to eat them to prove my point. They are hot! Great little pepper for garnish etc. It is said that they are very popular with chefs in South America. I am elated to have this variety on my website!


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