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Rose Tomato

Rose Tomato

Rose Tomato

If you have been looking for a really good Amish beefsteak tomato that not too many gardeners grow, Rose tomato would be the one.  In fact, it’s so good that many people have said that it stands up very well to Brandywine, one of the most popular tomatoes on the planet.  I too, am here to tell you that it is every bit as good!  I actually like Rose more than I do Brandywine, a tomato that I will never stop growing because of its taste appeal.  That is saying a lot!

Rose Tomato Plants

I have seen Rose tomato vines that were about 6 feet or taller.  Whenever we have grown them, though, they always max out at about 5 feet.  Vines bear a good amount of beautiful, 10 to 12 ounce deep pink fruits that are, for the most part, blemish free.  This is an excellent variety for market vendors or farmers who supply restaurants.  This is an indeterminate vine, so you can expect really nice sized tomatoes all the way until frost.

Rose Tomato Taste

Rose tomato is sweet, juicy, meaty, tasty and has just the right amount of tang to perfectly balance everything out.  Believe me when I tell you that it is a very desirable tomato!   I just love slicing them for sandwiches.  They make really great tomato sauce too.  Rose will brighten up your salads and salsa also. Try sautéing some down, then dipping your bread in it.  What a treat!  Package Contains 10 Seeds  Item : B-M-R-2

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