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Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes With Great Taste

I have noticed that heirloom cherry tomatoes not as popular as beefsteaks and slicers. I am not sure why, but this may be due to the misconception that cherry tomatoes are for snacking and salads only. If my suspicion is true, I am here to say that nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, I have used cherry tomatoes to make some really great sauce, pickles, stews and especially as dehydrates for tomato powder or flakes and even jams and jellies. In addition, there are other advantages to growing cherries. One is earliness. Most cherries will ripen earlier than beefsteaks or slicers. This allows us the opportunity to make great, fresh tomato dishes earlier in the season while we wait for the bigger fruits to ripen. Now that I have stated my case, here are a few heirloom cherry tomatoes with great taste. If you haven’t already done so, I hope you will consider trying some.

Chocolate Cherry Tomato

If you have never tasted a really good heirloom or open pollinated cherry tomato, Chocolate Cherry would be a great way to start. Sweet and tart with a great burst of tomato flavor, this dark beauty should be a must in every garden. In addition, vines are very prolific and show great disease resistance. Additionally, they begin to ripen pretty early.

Snow White Cherry Tomato

Don’t let the color of this tender white beauty fool you. I promise you, that you’ll be surprised with your very first bite. Perfect for snacking, salads and more, Snow White Cherry tomato is fruity, intense and satisfying. They you can literally do anything tomato with this one. Not to be over-looked!


Pink Bumblebee Tomato

Pink Bumblebee tomato is another one of my favorite cherries. I love everything about this tomato. Production is high, fruits are beautiful, taste is tremendous and more like a tropical fruit, shelf life is good and disease resistance is there too. It’s also one of my go-to market sales varieties. I highly depend on Pink Bumblebee for the success of our daily tomato dealings here.

Black Cherry Tomato

Black Cherry tomato is a bigger version of Chocolate Cherry. Some say it’s better, while others say it’s more dependable. I think they are different but alike in some ways too. Fruits are intense and juicy. Plants are prolific, hardy and dependable. Sweet and fruity with great tomato flavor. This one will reel you in!!

Sandy’s Sweet Cherry Tomato

A new discovery for me in 2017, Sandy’s Sweet Cherry will blow you away. This tomato is so good that it’s now on my favorite cherry list. Firm and meaty fruits explode in a rush of fruity, sweet juice that will keep you eating and eating. Great selection for market sales, jams, jellies, salads and literally anything tomato. Please don’t plant just one vine!

So there you have it. 5 of my favorite heirloom cherry tomatoes with great taste. Each one of these iw versatile in their own way and any of these can easily be the one that easily pulls your tomato garden together. Enjoy!