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10 Varieties Of Miniature Dwarf Tomatoes Under 8 Inches Tall

I have written quite a few articles about Miniature Dwarf/micro dwarf tomatoes. They have become one of my favorite past-time. This is so because they are easy to grow, most are great tasting and can easily be grown anywhere and any time. I grow half of my crops in the winter, indoors and under lights. The other half I grow outdoors during the hotter months. So I keep a year round growing operation, just to get some fresh tomatoes in the winter. Totally worth it! Though I love them all and most are under 10 inches tall, I will share with you my favorite 10 varieties of Miniature Dwarf  tomatoes under 8 inches tall.

      1. Andrin
      2. Pinocchio Orange
      3. Orange Hat
      4. Vilma
      5. Yellow Canary
      6. Hahms Gelbe Topftomate
      7. Mohamed
      8. Florida Petite
      9. Yellow Dwarf
      10. Baby

Some of the other varieties, such as Minibel and Gold Pearl(12 inches tall) are also awesome, but can reach 8-12 inches tall. So although they are still very short and perfect for small containers and spaces, they and would not qualify as selections for this topic.

Just to clear the air, miniature dwarf and micro dwarf tomatoes are the same thing. They both refer to cultivars that that are very low growing, usually under 1 foot tall. In the images below I have measured some mature miniature dwarf plants just for reference. Thanks for reading and happy planting!